Dec. 21st, 2016

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The official deadline dor finishing the studio is december 23th. The painter is doing the inside and outside the week after Christmas but everything else should be done.

Today the tiles are placed in the bathroom, the lightsockets and ceiling spots are in place and ready to connect. On the outside the mortar between the ricks got it's final layer and the ally behind the house is back in use for our neighbors. Some of them complained about the boose of the workers, how they place stuf om the sidewalk and how they asked one of our neighbors for electricity and water (huh?). We called the contractpr but I will also get some Christmas flower pieces to give to them as a token of our appreciation.

During the Christmas break we get cracking on the bicycle shed: storage units need to be placed plus we really need to unclutter our garden tools. Week 2+3 are dedicated to packing up and moving our livingroom stuff intomthe studio. If the weather permits, the builders start working on the side extension plus lovingroom floor in week 3. At that time we are relocating our family to my mother in law in Katwijk, where we will stay for 4-5 weeks

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