Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I've been downsizing my consumption of o so delicious but probably not very nutritious stuff* for the past seven weeks and I'm starting to see results. Unfortunately I am not shrinking back to my pre pregnancy proportions as my belly is still more dominant than it was, but at least size wise I can now wear the size 40 treggings I bought. Seven weeks ago, they were too tight and uncomfortable. I lost 7 pounds, approximately half a clothing size. Haven't used the measuring tape yet but my other jeans also have a bit of room in the upper thigh area that wasn't there before.

This makes clothe shopping much more fun! As a way to handle stress I have been internet shopping on the Dutch Craigslist. Got me some real nice deals on real leather boots from my favrotire brand, that looked brand new when they arrived. They retail for 130-150 euro each and I got one pair for 30 and one pair for 15 euro. They have a 6 cm/2" heel, making me feel super tall.

I also got me a couple of cute tunics and dresses as a back to work wardrobe. Wearing pretty clothes make me feel confident and in control, good things when starting a new job. Yay!

*alcohol, chocolate, cheese snacks, crisps, nuts, liquorice (big thing in the Netherlands), fried stuff, cookies

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