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I signed up for a free class of Queenie, a dancer from Belgium who I've met a couple of times during events and weeklong intensives. She is a gorgeous dancer, both as a person and technique wise. the class was in December and I couldn't make it to the live spot.

Instead I downloaded the practice flow and no (almost one month later) I had time to work with the one hour practice flow. I like how she structures things: A warm-up with dance moves, then into a couple of combinations, strung together at the end. A lot of dancing flowing from one section into the other, just the way I like it!

It had about four combinations that contained fresh and exciting material for me. After dancing for so long I tend to fall back into my own 'familiar' moves. It is really exciting to work with the 'dance language' from someone else and see where my body resists, or what moves feel unnatural to me.

Aside from the mental side effect of my brain going:'She's amazing! Why am I not that amazing? I must suck!, Wait, no I don't, I just have a different dance style'I had a blast. Going to belly dance class is just what I need. I am now contemplating buying the whole bundle and scheduling a weekly class in my own studio once it is done. And while I'm at it, I'd also love to take more online classes with Khalida, purchase the bundle and see where it gets me.

One thing is sure: I need to do each class at least a couple of times to get the movement into my muscle memory. Then incorporate it into a choreography so I get to practice it even more. It takes me 6-12 months to get new movement patterns firmly into my muscle memory and to gain access to when improvising. I wouldn't recommend following classes over wi-fi or streamin. Tried it before with Cairo Bellydance and my computer got stuck every 4-5 minutes which was very annoying. But downloadable classes work fine. I don't mind lower production quality (taped at home) as long as the content it good.
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