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We woke up with the sound of big machines, announcing the start building the side annex. I realized we will move out of our house this weekend and I'll be living with my mother in law for the next four weeks.

Cue stress.

I have a new job on March 1th when have just moved back to our house.

More stress!!

After we move back we'll be using the studio as living room so they can finish up the real living room. We expect to move back into the house at the end of March, and we need to do a lot of stuff like flooring, curtains, etc. to make it a a home.

On top of that.... I have a nice prototype of the Belly Dance practice Dice, I got all the quotes together and turns out starting up is going to cost me 3000. It took me some time to process this. I still want to go ahead with the project and I need at least 1500 euro to cover half of the start up cost. But... kickstarter takes roughly 12%, taxes are 21% and shipping cost also go into your goal, thus making it entirely possible that I need to kickstart it at 3000 and that sounds unattainable. The preview link for the kickstarter is here:

In the next four weeks I want to finish the prototypes, hand-outs and booklet so I can take decent, high res pictures plus create a project video. I wanted to go life at the end of February.

Should I let it go? Should I stick to it? I love to hear your thoughts on this one, as I am starting to feel overwhelemed with home, work and family.
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