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Nothing exceptionally bad happened this week but it has been rough nonetheless. I used to think that I was pretty good at managing my life, scheduling appointments, going on work on time, that kind of thing. Since Eliza was born, my whole life feels like an complicated math problem that I have to solve with too little time.

We have four family members (Me, E, Eliza and the Dog) living at our house (H). During the day, we each have our various activities and places to go to: MeWork, EWork, ElizaDaycare and DogDaycare. To get to our destination, we have modes of transport: Walk, Car, Bicycle, Public Transportation.


DogDaycare can only be reached by Car after 8.30. Elizadaycare can be reached with all modes of transportation before 8.30. EWork can be reached by Bicycle or Car between 8.30-9.00. MeWork can be reached by Bicycle or Car between 8.30-9.00. This usually works out fine because I am home on Monday with Eliza, E on Thursday and my mum on Friday. I am not even mentioning the times at which we have to pick up Eliza and Dog from daycare or how Eliza needs her dinner before 18.00, plus our various evening activities. It's just too much.

if ElizaSick, no daycare.

Eliza got a fever on Monday and she stayed at home on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. It threw me off guard as I am in my second week at NewJob and I really didn't want to be late or take a day off. Both of these things happened and it made me feel bad. Like silently crying in the car-bad. The upside is, that since I am not sitting in a train I can now bawl my eyes out in private. To add insult to injury, I made a mistake on Wednesday and drove to the wrong place for our 9 am meeting. In my defence, naming our meeting rooms Streetname + Number in Utrecht while the whole building is in Utrecht, is probably not the cleverest idea. I showed up at the real address instead of the meeting room. *facepalm*

On Thursday I had a meeting in The Hague (Public transportation) and afterwards I visited the Lundia store because the guy that took measurements for the mirror wall/closet in the studio told me I needed to go there for the interior. The sales person in the store got really angry at me because I followed the online procedure and selected the local pick-up place instead of his store (Uh, didn't say that anywhere on the website?), basically called me freeloading scum looking for a cheap deal taking advantages of his store and ordering somewhere else and asked me to leave. Which I did. I get where he is coming from but I didn't know all that and it made me feel awful again.

And now it is Friday. Eliza is well and no longer running a fever. I am in a half empty office, getting some work done. The dreary weather is finally giving in to clear blue skies and Spring Sunshine. I hope that this week at least has a nice ending to it.

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