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We've been biding our time in the last couple of weeks while the painter finished the walls and the woodwork. Noushka ruined part of it by scratching at the doors, trying to open them. Argh!!!

The painter is done, today the electrician is back to finish all the outlets and light switches, and then it's up to us!

E wants to start lying the pvc floor tonight, I have plans for getting the curtains up and after receiving an estimate of the Carpenter of 8500 euro (WTF) we decided to get our bookshelves from IKEA and customize them a bit. If all is well, we will be back in our livingroom within the next week. Huzzah!!

Work is getting better for me, finding my place here. It is time consuming and exhausting though, in a good way. It is still awkward that I rarely have coworkers to eat lunch with, so I crash whoever is sitting down and eating lunch. I tell myself this is a good opportunity to meet more people.

Dance wise Im doing good with my classes and I am preparing a solo performance for april 1th. That's in a week. Cue terror. It's a magency, Tales of the Sahara, with a bit of saaudi, a nice violin taxim and a lot of repetition inbetween. The veil intro is also a lot of fun, I get to do some cool veil moves.

Eliza is taking short walks all by herself and is very sassy. She is entering her 'no' phase, and she really means it when she says no. DOesn't want to wear sweaters or her coat, doesn't want to take off her new shoes, doesn't want to go back inside '('outside!'outside!). Doesn't want to get a diaper change and can throw tantrums like a pro. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time. She still give the best cuddles and kisses, and we can carry short conversations with her which is fun.
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