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The official deadline dor finishing the studio is december 23th. The painter is doing the inside and outside the week after Christmas but everything else should be done.

Today the tiles are placed in the bathroom, the lightsockets and ceiling spots are in place and ready to connect. On the outside the mortar between the ricks got it's final layer and the ally behind the house is back in use for our neighbors. Some of them complained about the boose of the workers, how they place stuf om the sidewalk and how they asked one of our neighbors for electricity and water (huh?). We called the contractpr but I will also get some Christmas flower pieces to give to them as a token of our appreciation.

During the Christmas break we get cracking on the bicycle shed: storage units need to be placed plus we really need to unclutter our garden tools. Week 2+3 are dedicated to packing up and moving our livingroom stuff intomthe studio. If the weather permits, the builders start working on the side extension plus lovingroom floor in week 3. At that time we are relocating our family to my mother in law in Katwijk, where we will stay for 4-5 weeks
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Trying to send a vopy of my ID to my new employer. Used the app made by our government to create a 'safe and watermarked copy'. Turns out copy is unreadable and unusable.

Breaks head over how to use a safe method of transportation, then gives up and sends it directly to new boss through whatsapp (encrypted).

If I needed confirmation that I am in the right workfield, being worked up about how hard it is to safely share information should be enough.

I want to go for the CISP exam but it is six hours, the exammalone costs 550$ and I need to read a book that is 6" thick. Still want to do it. I must be more of a masochist than I thought I was
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It was to be expected that work would go crazy in the last weeks for Christmas. i've had several emergency meetings this week, all of them planned early in the day. Stressing the night before about being in time is something I really hate, but neccesary with so much distance to travel to work.

I am going to verbally hit a supplier on the head for not patching his servers or renewing his security certificate. Yesterday I had a meeting where someone exploded because the DMS/RMS apparently won't manage documents. Plus the people who said we should use structure A that is compliant are now saying we should use a totally random structure that they are going to come up with on Tuesday.

Their work? 'business and compliancy'. Facepalm.

Intried sending a copy of my passport to my new employer in a safe way but the app of the ministry of interior affairs creates copies that are unusable. Ironic, as the organisation I'm going to work for is also a government agency.

I gave a presentation on safe work practices and managed to turn forty women into paranoid conspiracy theory thinkers. Then they applauded and gave me flowers.

Last but not least, I had an exit talk with my manager who told me that he has a hard time finding a new ISO. The more he thinks of the things I do, the harder it seems to find someone who can navigate the University and it's various cultures. He asked if I could give a management summary on cultural change and things that should be addressed by the next ISO.

One more week to go before our two week Christmas Holiday. And then seven weeks to go before I start on my new job.
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It appears to be a thing when people clean out bellydance stuff, try to sell it for a couple of years and then give up and give it to me. The good thing is that there is substantial fun stuff that I use to dress up my students thhs year, like the cheap baladi dresses and sequin hipscarfs from Laudie.

I am also very happy with the everyday dresses that Laudie gave to me, as I am updating my wardrobe and she has the same taste.

I visited Arya to see her newborn and she gave me skirts that she made for her student recital six years ago. Four silver grey satin circle skirts with matching tops, they look so nice and sophisticated. I gave them new waistbands and rehemmed them.

My mind goes:'everyone can make a waistband and make a nice rolled hem'. Reality for most people who rarely sew:'no, that shit is hard! Let's sew the elastic straight onto the fabric, and fold the hem inwards and straight stitch it into place!'

There was also a lot of sheer peach pink fabric, something that I would never buy but it is pretty and will work fine for single layer circle skirts. It has been in storage for years and it smelled... dingy. Musty. Like fungus.

And that is why I am doing a lot of washing this weekend and putting it up to line dry outside. It is december but I will not tolerate iffy smelling clothes and fabric.
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I finally ordered something on fiver: a premium package for a logo for Bellydance Resources. It's the new website that I've been working on, where I plan to sell the practice dice and other bellydance tools and booklets.

The logo will be in use for the website, business cards, printed on velvet dice bags, flyers, etc. I haven't picked a color scheme yet. I paid 20 bucks for a premium package and they send me the first four designs. I can ask for changes and edits on all four. What do you think?

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Only three more weeks to go before Christmas, the deadline for finishing construction on the dance studio is drawing near.

The past couple of week the weather got cold with more rain but the progress went as planned. We are really happy with our contracter so far.
In the second week the concrete foundation was laid, providing a nice, clean canvas

The window frames arrived and look huge. They are drom bottom to the top so fairly large. The entrance will be on the left, the frame in the middle are French doors from the dance studio towards the garden.

The mason build the inner walls. Due to pur climate being cold and wet, building regulations are strict and we are going all the way with double brick walls and insulation

Like, this insulation that stocks to the outside of the internal walls

As it is dark when we wake up and dark when I get home after work, it is hard to take a picture every day. The builders start at 07.00 and they bring artificial light. They placed the beams and the roof

When I got home yesterday, the skylight was installed. It's starting to look like a real building!
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The holiday season is upon us. I am not celebrating my birthday, we're not doing Sinterklaas presents and we're also not doing Chirstmas presents. But I am still looking at cool stuff online because I like looking at stuff!!

How about circuit board fabric? It would satisfy my geeky side plus it's another excuse to use my sewing machine

There's a Star Trek TNG Bluetooth communicator pin.

I have my eye on this cargo bike. It would be ideal for grocery shopping, bringing Eliza and Noushka to day care and driving to work.

A MacBook Air would be nice, but they are ridiculously overpriced

New job!

Nov. 21st, 2016 09:15 am
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I'll start on March 1th as the higher education has a three month period for giving notice. I told my manager last Thursday who was happy for me, even though this puts him in a rough spot. The other ISO's contract ends in December. The privacy officer's ccobtract ends on December 8th. The general idea was that I was taking over their work but I an glad I am not.

I am secretly glad that I am on until March 1th because I want to transfer my work to the next ISO. Chances are they won't find anyone for what they pay and they are stuck without.

As a result of all the changes I am clearing out my wardrobe and buying second hand clothes online to build a new wardrobe. I am still in denial about my size, which seems to be a eu size 40. In my head I am a size 38.
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It was good. The Chief IT operations is youngish (like, forty?) and recently started there. We had a good conversation about the pros and cons. The next two talks are on Tuesday. I had to reschedule a meeting and I hope people are not getting a whiff of my plans before they are confirmed on paper. The more I think about it, the more I want this job. I notice how I get more agitated by regular annoying things at work. As my fellow ISO is leaving at the end of December and the Privacy Officer is leaving on December 8th, all of the work would have fallen on my shoulders. Except that I probably won't be there. this includes the student who is doing his graduating thesis on privacy at the HHs. Who will be left without anyone to supervise him.

I did warn Paul that I can't take over due to too much work but he went ahead any way. Sigh.

I am about to leave for my meeting at the other company, which is also interesting. Maybe they don't need me right now and I think I need to wisen up a bit on the technical part but it sounds amazing to work there. Afterwards I'll go to the University of Utrecht because Little Brother is defending his theses today, so after successfully completing his sitting he will get his Bachelors degree. WOOt! He is now 31 years old and tried 5 studies before he found his switch for pulling through when his study got hard. I am very proud of him!

The builders are working on the pipework and cables today, things are looking up. I am hoping things stay this positive for a while, all this good news is making em wonder when things will turn sour.
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We are impressed with the precision and care of the builders that work onnour house. There are remarkable few people at work but they are fast and progress is being made.

Day 1 was the removal of the old building
Day 2 was digging out a moat like hole for the fundament
Day 3 +4 was one guy placing the 'bekisting', wooden stakes and planks as a mold for the concrete.

This Monday the concrete foundation will be done and then they can start building.


Nov. 3rd, 2016 05:26 pm
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I've been content at work, but I also feel like I need a new challenge. having tenure is a very comfortable situation, but I am still travelling quite a distance every time I go to work. Several things happened in the past weeks leading up to a change.

A recruiter cobtacted me through LinkedIn. Most of the times they match me with something that's completely unrelated to what my skills are. Like saying I would be great as an application manager for example. This time the match was near perfect so I called her to inquire. After the inquiry it still sounded interesting. Now I have a job interview next Wednesday for the position of information security officer at a semi-governance organisation. Eep!

At the same time I told my coworker about my plans and he recommended that I talk with his consultancy firm. That's what I am doing Friday in a week. Double eep!

In the mean time I am emotionally and rationally starting to detach myself from the university. It's hard as I have so many fond memories and good coworkers in the university. But it is time for a change after working there for five and a half years.
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Nothing happened on Monday, except for a builder showing up in our backyard, talking on the phone and doing a frowny face. We shook hands and he told me they were taking everything down on Tuesday.

Tuesday was a bit hectic: I took Eliza to the GP for a possible ear infection and worked from hone afterwards. No treatment for Eliza as the infection is small. When I got home there was a huge kick ass excavator in our back yard. It is fasinating to see how fast and precise experienced builders can remove a building. Granted, our garage is rather cheap and poorly built in the seventees, but still.

Thus was my view from the back yard. The building behind the excavator is neighbour's house. To the left is the shed of the other neighbor. For Dutch houses our garden is enormous bur we are the corner house in the street so very close to our side neighbours.

I'll post updates on lj in the next couple of weeks. The funny thing is that it suddenly is very busy with requess for workshops and performances so I am also dealing with afministration, lots of phone calls and extra time being eaten by rehearsals and doing stuff. It's good, we can use the money because after all the work is done we need curtains, a floor and a mirror wall.
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I have so many ideas right now that I need to write them down and prioritize. Writing has been in the back of my mind a lot lately but I can't decide where to start. These are my ideas so far:

I'd focus on the Dutch market as the English/usa market already has several similar books in circulation. Over here? Not so much. Small market but I'd be one of a few in the bellydance world to produce written material in print.

1. Easy idea: bellydance dice. Not very new but a fun, short project. Create three dice templates, a manual and a short video explaining the moves and the game. Each dice has a bellydance move: one die is upper body and arms, second is hips and belly, third is steps and turns. Would be available digitally through gumroad.

2. A book on bellydance games. I have fresh ideas, old ideas, things I picked up along the way. Gather them into a printed book and sell in hard copy. Estimated amount of sales: 150. Wpuld go great with my accompanying workshop.

3. A book on teaching bellydance. Explaining how I structure a class, the business side, emotional side, taxes and book keeping. Estimated sales:200-300. Also is a lot more work.

4. A bellydance reader on styles and props. Basically it's throwing my hand-outs together and publishing it in book form. I already have a lot of material written out from my classes, but this feels a bit random to me. Who needs a book nowadays when we have the internet? Hmmmm.

5. Not writing. Creating a couple of 10-15 minute video classes for beginners. The idea is to draw clients in with a free online taster class and have a package in the website to buy more classes (say, 10€ for three 15 minute classes). I really need an integrated payment button for that one but I think it'll be a good, solid item to have. Once again focussing on the Dutch market. Smaller audience but I'd also have less competition. I am aiming at the midnight couch surfing shoppers who impulse buy. Hoping they get hooked so if this works I'd add more classes.

What project should I do first?

Baby talk

Oct. 20th, 2016 11:06 am
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Eliza is closing in on eleven months and some major things happened.

Breastfeeding - I have been breastfeeding since her birth but I am slowly quitting. The last month she got her morning and midnight feeding from me and the other moments she got a bottle with formula. It doesn't really matter to her, she grabs the bottle just as easy as holding onto me while breastfeeding. I already quit pumping around her ninth month as I hated it. Breastfeeding her past the six month mark makes me a 'long time breast feeder'. I feel like I should get some sort of medal or pin as a memento, to celebrate hanging in there for so long. Yesterday I quit completely and gave her a bottle. She was taking ages and I felt my production is too low to satisfy her as she would finish angry.

Walking - She is walking with support. Standing is one of her favorite activities. She can stand up for twenty minutes, leaning on the edge of the coffee table and eating her sandwich. Her sandwich is a slice of bread with a small amount of baby approved topping BTW, nothing fancy. We are eagerly awaiting her to start walking without support. Any day now.... And then we have to get her some decent shoes. OMG, the world of baby shoes is a complete mystery to me. Super adorable, super expensive. I have to trace her feet on a piece of paper and get ourselves to a shoe store. That by itself sounds like a major undertaking.

Teeth - her first molars are poking through and she's quite uncomfortable. We notice it when she has a lack of appetite. It also takes ages for the buggers to come out, so we're waiting it out. She has a hard time sleeping, eating and enjoying herself when her molars bother her. Once she got those, she'll eat even more solid stuff!

Eating - we started with solids around month six and by now she wolves down rice crackers and dinner like a pro. We cook extra potatoes and vegetables from our own dinner and mash it together with baby approved meat (no salt, additives etc). On a good day she eats 250 grams. She is also a big fan of home made apple sauce and banana's.

Character - she is now at a point where she can predict what's happening next. She gets super excited playing games of peek-a-boo, and super sad and angry when it's time for mum or dad to leave. The same goes for sleeping: gone are the days when she would go to bed, play a bit and fall asleep. Bedtime is now sad time. She usually falls asleep between 20.00-21.00, leaving us with two hours to watch a movie, talk about how cute she is and snuggle on the couch. Woohoo!! She is trying out different tactics and behavior, very amusing and sometimes frustrating for us. Daddy is her favorite, as he plays the games with throwing her n the air and holding her upside down. I am a close second :-)
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We cleared out the garage and called the contracter. Who then told us that the work is starting in week 44 instead of 42. We have two more weeks before they start so we can enjoy a task well done. They still want to finish before Christmas but it's going to be tight.

We will live somewhere else during week 2-7 in 2017 because our livingroom will be remodelled.

Today was rehearsal for our new theatre show and it went well. We have 15 minutes roughly laid out and need to refine before our first try out on november 27th.

November 26th we celebrate Eliza's first birthday. Mostly to celebrate that we kept her alive and happy for this long.
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That's just how I feel, but I am dragging myself through the day with the thought that things will get better. We've been cleaning out the garage and shed in the last couple of weeks, because next Monday is D-Day. Demolition day, that is. Builders will show up on our doorstep at an inconvenient hour (before 7 am) and start demolishing the garage. They have one week to take it all down, dig out the concrete foundation and (I presume) while they're at it dig some more to prepare for the new concrete foundation. Don't worry, I'll take before and after pics and post stuff on facebook, because building projects are fascinating to follow. They are not as much fun when you're stuck in the middle but I'm trying to be positive. It's going to be gorgeous! And they'll be done with the studio before Christmas break, so we'll actually have a break. After Christmas they'll start on the living room, due to be finished in April/May.

Fun fact: E and I met three and a half year ago. We took two vacations (two weeks to France/Italy, and a weekend to Antwerp. The last one was our honeymoon). We have successfully finished two remodeling projects on time and within budget and this will be the last big one for a while. During our relationship, we've spent 12 weeks on remodeling and two and a half on going on holiday. We are crazy. The upside is that I am decluttering as stress management plus I haven't fitted into a size S for over three years so I might as well let it go. after letting go, I will allow myself to go out and buy some new clothes that make me feel pretty. Huzzah!

My belly dance classes are okay, with the difference that I feel my intermediate classes are doing better compared to my beginners. I am running inside and being scatterbrained during my beginners class, which is Not Helpful. Eliza is having her first molars coming through and s a result she is in a lot of pain. She is an absolute delight the rest of the time, making up for it in playing, talking and reacting. I can ask her where a specific toy is and she will look at it and retrieve it for me. It's amazing how much conceptual thinking is going on inside that tiny head of hers. Sleeping is currently not going to well and as a result we are not as sparkly and happy as we could be with five hours of undisturbed sleep.
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I've been writing for local papers, dance magazines and my own websites for almost three decades, but I don't see myself as a writer.

Yesterday I was trying to work out how gumroad works and I uploaded my costuming book that I published in 2007. Two hours later, someone bought the book!

I enjoyed the feeling that someone paid money to read what I created. It stirred something inside. Now I am wondering if I should dig up stuff I once wrote that could hold value for the world and create more e-books. After writing over 200 articles about bellydance, compiling an e-book feels like a logic and fun next step
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We are trying a new thing which is giving her a big bottle of milk around 11pm. Hopefully she'll sleep until morning after that.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!
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Eliza had a terrible night last Monday, where she woke up around 01.00 and didn't go back to sleep. Like, she wanted to play and was super happy that she was up. We were not. She does this adorable thing like pointing at things and calling it 'doy', 'toif', and 'dah'. Unfortunately this is not what we had in mind during the night and it took us three hours to get her back to bed. This included reading stories, having a steam session in the bathroom, cleaning her nose, rocking her, singing lullaby's for an hour and eventually putting her in her bed and letting her cry for a while. That last one worked and she finally fell asleep.

On the bright side, she had a good night on Tuesday, only waking up at 21.15, 02.20 and 05.40 for her favorite snack (me). Today is my 'day off'with Eliza in daycare and I am making the most of it. So far I've brought my folding bike to the bike repair shop in the city for maintenance, compiled the halloween playlist, cut my song for the halloween hafla (I shortened Black Magic Woman down from 5+ to a more danceable 3.45) and now I'm going to do a daily shred work-out.

Other plans for today include taking a long shower and washing my hair, going to the notar for some legal papers and working on the beledi choreography for the beginners. It's incredible how much more effective I am when I got a good amount of sleep and with my hands free.
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We're doing a one time Halloween themed bellydance party.* I am dancing tribal fusion style to 'black magic woman'.

What the hell should I wear?

*yes, I know that I am hardcore folkloric and very Egyptian and Turkish oriented but I couldn't help myself.

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