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Roos Belinfante posted the pictures and video's of the studentrecital from two weeks ago. It was a SUnday afternoon well-spent, with gorgeous performances and a good atmosphere. If you want to experience some of that good atmosphere yourself, check out Roos's website for her mini summer workshops. If you want to make some good memroies, go to 'Bellydance on the Beach', an event on august 24th in Utrecht with an outdoor  workshop and performances.

For the  student recital I did a spanish-arabic skirt dance to Ya Ghanilek from the cd ' A rough guide to Spanish-Arabic Music'. IT's a really nice song with some intersting variations in the music. I made a choreo for my students during the last semester of classes that I decided to use as a skeleton choreography for my own performance. Mostly improv, with some nice poses thrown in all over the place. Maybe I should make a full blown choreography out of this one and add it to my permanent repertoire.

The costume is my gold/multicolor bella, with an extra double layer pink chiffon skirt on top. I pulled the specially requested streamers with multicolor leafs over the outer skirt for an extra color accent. The layers work well well on stage, the bella skirt is also two layers so there is this big fluffy bunch of chiffon moving around with every spin.

Drama, I HAZ IT!!:
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I wanted to photograph my new costumes this weekend, but my infra red remote control ran out of power and it appears that I have lost my touch on taking pictures with the timer. I can't focus the camera when I'm pressing the button of the camera so all pictures came out blurry.

However, I can understand the need for eye candy, especially on monday.
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If you don't mind the blur, I also have pictures of me wearing my Eman mermaid costume. Hope to find a new battery for my remote soon so I can take decent pictures
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Some of you might remember that I custom ordered a Bella while I was in istanbul in August. I just received word that the costume is coming my way, shipped from their store in Gent!

Short story: Ozma and I went to see madame Bella, who decided having her 20+ cats in her costume shop was too much. We didn't see the famous cats: instead we went int the appartment and turned right to the show room. Ozma was lucky and found a gorgeous lace costume in moss green and champagne. It only needed shortening of the skirt and she looked like a moss covered goddess rising from the depths of the ocean. Totally hot, awesome costume, as you have seen on her lj/fb. I turned out to be too tall and too big in te hips to fit into off the rack but it didn't stop me from trying all the costumes 

*insert hyperbole and a half reference:*

OMFG it was amazing to be there and try stuff on.

I spotted an amazing costume, mainly warm gold beading and multi color sequins. The bra was a perfect fit, but the skirt with attached belt didn't work for me. I ordered a matching seperate belt, skirt and accesoiries. It has a ton of cut-outs, mesh netting and swarovski crystals. It's also over the top Turkish in the sense that it's one big cut-out. I plan on wearing it for my performance on the 14th of December, maybe also with the live band on October 21th.

Just to share you what type of communication Bella uses in her email, I will copy/paste her full email to me:

subject: re
Hello Kyria,
we will sent your costume from our Belgium Shop soon and we will advice you the tracking no. also
Best regards.

I have full confidence that I will receive my costume and it will be amazing, but I thought that for a 900 euro costume she could write slightly more elaborate emails to ease my mind. I'm still on my diet of braed and water untill I pay off my debt as it is terribly, horendously expensive. Her costumes are worth it. Hey, I am worth it! I am also very close to my new Eman Zaki costume, Eman is bringing it with her to the Asli Sharqi weekend, which starts right about now. I will post pictures ASAP.
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 Amulya asked about a post to gather all the costume entries for the Pink Turkish costume. It is also an excellent opportunity to show you pictures of the finished costume. I have worn this costume six times since I finished it and it is holding up great. I'm a little bit concerned about the holographic foil print turning silver over time, but so far, so good. I haven't written about making the accessoiries: there is a matching upper arm band and a triangular hand decoration. They were fairly easy: I used a paisley medallion, added to a strip of fabric and edged in beads/sequins. The necklace is my multi-color butterfly necklace that also matches my Pharaonix butterfly. Come to think of it, it matches most of my costumes as it is multi-color. I highly recommend investing in a multi-color jewelry, as it creates an extra bit of visual interest. Rhinestone jewelry just didn't cut it for this costume.

This is a picture of our duet. Hadyr is wearing the Bella I sold her earlier this year, which was the reason why I needed a costume to match it's magnificent blingy-ness. Picture by Merijn van der Vliet:

And here's a close-up from a later show in Bussum. Picture by Michael van Schijndel:

And here is a rather dark video of our duet, taken at a hafla in Wageningen. 

The history:

1 - feb 20th: The materials
2 - feb 21th: belt pattern and base
3 - feb 22th: covering the belt base
4 - feb 24th: rhinestones everywhere
5 - feb 25th: paisley medallions
6 - feb 26th: Vanilla glitter
7 - mar 7th: a whole lot of bling
8 - mar 22th: Fringe!
9 - mar 24th: help me pick a skirt
10 - mar 29th: the bra base
11 - mar 31th: covering the bra
12 - april 7th: beading and fringe on the bra
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 I've been offline yesterday because I went on an a road trip with Isandria and Hadyr to Bella. And I know you guys are dying to know what the Bella store looks like and if we bought something once you'd know about the road trip, so I've been keeping it quiet. I've only been to Bella once, with RakkasahBarbara, three or four years ago and have never bought a new Bella. Click on the link for the really long story! 

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 Several anxious dancers asked me on april the third if I had finished the costume on time. I did finish it on time, I put the lining in on Friday. What I might not have mentioned yet is that I was the event organizer for the show, together with the lovely Arya. In addition to organizing the event I was also performing three song in the show: a solo, a duet and a group performance. 

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 In my last costume update, you've seen the bra base. In order to make those funky shaped cut-outs keep their shape, I needed to add metal wire to the bra cups. I prefer to cover the bra base first, and stitch the metal wire on later.
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That's all for today, tomorrow I'll post the pictures on the beading and adding the  paisley appliqué's (the same one as the center medallion on the bra).

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 When people commented on the pictures of the belt, one of the most often asked questions was: 'will you do cut-out on the bra too?'. In this post I'll show you how I converted a basic bra into a bra base and made a couple of cut-outs in the bra cup. My lack of posting the past couple of days is because I've been practicing my ass off for the show next Sunday. I can't wear a pretty costume when my dancing is not up to par.

be prepared for LOTS of pictures )

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll post pictures of the process of covering the base with fashion fabric. In case your wondering: this costume needs to be finished for the weekend and my lj posts are behind ont he facts. So rest asure, this costume will be ready on time in all it's shiny glory :)
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 My hands have not been idle in the past weeks. I spent 20 hours on making the beaded fringe for the belt and after that I needed a couple of days to put the belt in my living room so I could stare at it in awe. It's so pretty and sparkly!  It also helps me to keep me motivated, as it will take a lot of hours to make/finish the matching bra. That's what I'm going to work on the next couple of days, stay tuned for more costuming posts. 

you know the drill, here be pictures )

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Other events had me occupied last week so I didn't write much about the costuming project. My hands have not been idle though:  I've spent 13 hours on beading the belt.

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I'm currently busy with beading the fringe, another tedious and long winded process. I can bead about 5 cm of fringe per hour and the whole belt is app. 110 cm long. It might be a while before I post the update of the finished fringe. Lucky for me I have tons of movies and series to watch while beading :)
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 No pictures today, but a bit of contemplating about yesterdays poll about chosing colors. And for me a chance to take three of my favorite things and mix them together, the three things being chocolate, glitters and costumes :)

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That's all folks, regular costume posts will continue soon.
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 I promised to give you guys a peek of the belt with the rhinestones, and here we go.
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An update on the resources: the sequins arrived in Tuesday and the beads arrived today. Those hot pink beads? They are not matching the sequins and fabric. Lucky for me, the supposedly purple beads are a perfect match, so I'm going to use those. I also realized that I needed more gold bugle beads and purple bugle beads then I expected, if I want to make the fringe too. I ordered those today but expect that it will take another 5 days before they arrive. 

Tomorrows post is all about the paisley front closure that isn't pictured in the above update.  

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 Covering the belt base seemed like an impossible task. With all the cut-outs, curls and corners, I was not looking forward to the process. Today I'll show you how I covered the swirly part of the design.
Read more... )Covering the complete belt took me 3 hours, but it is very satisfying to see how the project is advancing. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the whole belt covered in fashion fabric, and the first rhinestones will make an appearance :)
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I made a sketch for the belt, and turned it into four pattern pieces. Do not imagine anything fancy going on here, I used my basic belt pattern, modeled one after a Bella belt that I liked and used a pen to fill in the curls and stuff. The catch is that I wanted the belt to have a lot of cut-outs, creating peek a boo holes to the skirt worn underneath. This will allow the costume to be very versatile, depending on the skirt worn with the bra/belt.

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For a duo performance on April the third, we've been practicing and choreographing a song from Asena's 2005 cd. We didn't decide on costuming yet, but I assumed we'd wear old school Turkish bra and belt sets. I still have my first pro costume, an ancient Bella bra/belt that I bought second hand from my teacher. However, something unexpected happen: I had a Bella costume that didn't fit me, and my fellow dancer fell in love with the costume and bought it from me. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bella costumes: she creates beautiful costumes, using high quality crystals and holographic sequins. Her bead work is amazing, made into almost lattice like curls and shapes. In short, my fellow dancer had a kick-ass modern style Bella costume and asked me if she could wear it for the show. We agreed that she could, but I sort of forgot that I haven't got anything similar in style or bling to match.

That's when I decided I should make a modern Turkish style costume that would look good on stage next to a Bella. To make matters more complicated, I'm on a rather tight budget (that's why buying a costume was not an option). I do have a lot of time on my hands and that is a real advantage in this case! I plan to finish this costume in four weeks, and will update often on the progress and problems I run in. Today part 1: the materials.

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That's it for now, more on the belt pattern tomorrow!
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The photoshoot yesterday was okay, though I don't expect the pictures to make it to my website, save for a couple of veil pics. Will post more later!

When I got home yestarday around 17.00 I had 60 minutes before going out to catch the train to Ermelo and I was still wearing my make-up. I did a short livingroom shoot with two costumes that I worked on but that we didn't shoot with the photographer. This post is brought to you from the land of dangerously high splitted skirts.
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I bought this Bella from a fellow Dutch dancer a coupl eof months ago, but it ended up being on the short side. I bought sequined fabric on the fabricmarket yesterday, laid the skirt out, cut an underskirt and stitched it to the belt ont he inside. tadaa!
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