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 We survived the weekend! I spent two days on the market promoting bellydance and had fun with my friends, dancing and performing. Ho is!

didn't dare to look at the video yet, on account of looking fat and hating my hunched shoulders right now. Let's see if we can find four more paying students to get my home studio class going. Oh, and the mall is built like a modern version of a French castle so we have pointy towers in the background of some of the pictures. Dutch architecture at it's best. Did notice how the other three dance school targeed at tern girls put their thirteen year olds in sexy schoolgirl outfits and had them dance to a Britney Spears mix that included a song abkut having threesomes and included gyrating and suggestive facial expressions. Glad that I am a bellydancer
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We woke up with the sound of big machines, announcing the start building the side annex. I realized we will move out of our house this weekend and I'll be living with my mother in law for the next four weeks.

Cue stress.

I have a new job on March 1th when have just moved back to our house.

More stress!!

After we move back we'll be using the studio as living room so they can finish up the real living room. We expect to move back into the house at the end of March, and we need to do a lot of stuff like flooring, curtains, etc. to make it a a home.

On top of that.... I have a nice prototype of the Belly Dance practice Dice, I got all the quotes together and turns out starting up is going to cost me 3000. It took me some time to process this. I still want to go ahead with the project and I need at least 1500 euro to cover half of the start up cost. But... kickstarter takes roughly 12%, taxes are 21% and shipping cost also go into your goal, thus making it entirely possible that I need to kickstart it at 3000 and that sounds unattainable. The preview link for the kickstarter is here:

In the next four weeks I want to finish the prototypes, hand-outs and booklet so I can take decent, high res pictures plus create a project video. I wanted to go life at the end of February.

Should I let it go? Should I stick to it? I love to hear your thoughts on this one, as I am starting to feel overwhelemed with home, work and family.
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I signed up for a free class of Queenie, a dancer from Belgium who I've met a couple of times during events and weeklong intensives. She is a gorgeous dancer, both as a person and technique wise. the class was in December and I couldn't make it to the live spot.

Instead I downloaded the practice flow and no (almost one month later) I had time to work with the one hour practice flow. I like how she structures things: A warm-up with dance moves, then into a couple of combinations, strung together at the end. A lot of dancing flowing from one section into the other, just the way I like it!

It had about four combinations that contained fresh and exciting material for me. After dancing for so long I tend to fall back into my own 'familiar' moves. It is really exciting to work with the 'dance language' from someone else and see where my body resists, or what moves feel unnatural to me.

Aside from the mental side effect of my brain going:'She's amazing! Why am I not that amazing? I must suck!, Wait, no I don't, I just have a different dance style'I had a blast. Going to belly dance class is just what I need. I am now contemplating buying the whole bundle and scheduling a weekly class in my own studio once it is done. And while I'm at it, I'd also love to take more online classes with Khalida, purchase the bundle and see where it gets me.

One thing is sure: I need to do each class at least a couple of times to get the movement into my muscle memory. Then incorporate it into a choreography so I get to practice it even more. It takes me 6-12 months to get new movement patterns firmly into my muscle memory and to gain access to when improvising. I wouldn't recommend following classes over wi-fi or streamin. Tried it before with Cairo Bellydance and my computer got stuck every 4-5 minutes which was very annoying. But downloadable classes work fine. I don't mind lower production quality (taped at home) as long as the content it good.
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That's just how I feel, but I am dragging myself through the day with the thought that things will get better. We've been cleaning out the garage and shed in the last couple of weeks, because next Monday is D-Day. Demolition day, that is. Builders will show up on our doorstep at an inconvenient hour (before 7 am) and start demolishing the garage. They have one week to take it all down, dig out the concrete foundation and (I presume) while they're at it dig some more to prepare for the new concrete foundation. Don't worry, I'll take before and after pics and post stuff on facebook, because building projects are fascinating to follow. They are not as much fun when you're stuck in the middle but I'm trying to be positive. It's going to be gorgeous! And they'll be done with the studio before Christmas break, so we'll actually have a break. After Christmas they'll start on the living room, due to be finished in April/May.

Fun fact: E and I met three and a half year ago. We took two vacations (two weeks to France/Italy, and a weekend to Antwerp. The last one was our honeymoon). We have successfully finished two remodeling projects on time and within budget and this will be the last big one for a while. During our relationship, we've spent 12 weeks on remodeling and two and a half on going on holiday. We are crazy. The upside is that I am decluttering as stress management plus I haven't fitted into a size S for over three years so I might as well let it go. after letting go, I will allow myself to go out and buy some new clothes that make me feel pretty. Huzzah!

My belly dance classes are okay, with the difference that I feel my intermediate classes are doing better compared to my beginners. I am running inside and being scatterbrained during my beginners class, which is Not Helpful. Eliza is having her first molars coming through and s a result she is in a lot of pain. She is an absolute delight the rest of the time, making up for it in playing, talking and reacting. I can ask her where a specific toy is and she will look at it and retrieve it for me. It's amazing how much conceptual thinking is going on inside that tiny head of hers. Sleeping is currently not going to well and as a result we are not as sparkly and happy as we could be with five hours of undisturbed sleep.


Sep. 6th, 2016 03:22 pm
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Open class yesterday was a blast, had fourteen ladies who enjoyed the class and wanted to sign up. Except they couldn't because both my classes are full. And I even extended the capacity, from 10 people per class to 13 for the beginners and 12 for the intermediates/advanced.

Now I have twenty five people every week that expect me to teach a good class. Eep!! The good thing is that during this open class, I noticed how I improved in structuring my classes, cueing, connecting with the students and making sure the class contains enough material to feel like they worked without being overwhelming. It's hard for me because I am an unstructured person who likes to add stuff every ten minutes. Because I am so excited! And this other thing is also really cool! Notice!

My plan is to totally rock this semester. Beginners are getting a beledi with assaya for starters and a Turkish classical song to give them a feel for Egyptian versus Turkish. The intermediates/advanced are getting a drum solo with lots of layering (that's what we're doing the first 7 weeks) and a fan veil choreography that is fun and flashy last. First bellydance hafla is set on October 5th, that's one month away. I am doing Kermit arms right now on account of having so much to do.

It's all good though.
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I've been on a roll with preparing for the new season. My class program is roughly halfway, and I need to add some extra background information. I am sure that classes will be awesome this semester!

This time I started using Canva (On for creating digital promo material. It's fast, it's free, and it can be done on the go. What else are daily commutes for? I recommend working with canva, but on the go the app is easier. The options on the website are more divers though. It took me about twenty minuts to create something I liked and save it to my computer. So far I got this:

This weekend I am teaching my first workshop 'Bellydance during pregnancy' to non-bellydancers. I am rather excited about it, as I plan on teaching these workshops and maybe short class sessions in our home studio next year. This is a nice way to try if it works and how to tweak it. I made a powerpoint presentation to structure the information, and I'm printing a couple of flyers out in case they like the workshop and want to tell other people about it. This is the BD for pregnancy flyer:

Have you used Canva or another online editor before? What do you recommend? I still use photoshop but a lot less. Most of the time, a good picture tells most of the story. I am leaning more towards using pictures with a lot of smiling faces on it to draw people in. The 'pretty dancer' pictures are useful for many things, but I have to get the local students and soon to be moms to sign up and I guess they like seeing images of women they can relate to.


Jul. 28th, 2016 10:03 am
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Praise my accountant!! Can't say he's my new accountant because I never had one before, but I met up with him last week for the first time and decided he should declare my quarterly taxes for my business.

I send in all my bills and receipts and such. For a measly 35 euro he worked his magic with his tax program, send it in to the tax department (I got an email conformation) and it so happens that I have to pay 0 euro in taxes this time because he know about a special rule for small business owners and he put the remaining income underneath that post.

Huzzah! Should have done this years ago. The big whopper is that the cost for remodeling of the garage into a dance studio is tax deductible, meaning we'll get the 21% of taxes we pay on the remodeling back straight away, plus we can deduct an amount every year as business costs. Everything we save or get back this way will go into paying for the extra mortgage. But it gives a lot of extra breathing room.

The only catch? This only works as long as I stay in business. It's a good thing I am so motivated this year to work on dance stuff.
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I finally went to a workshop by prof dr dr Hassan Khallil, who is 79 but happened to be in the Reda Troupe in 1956 and has been coasting on his reputation ever since.

I thought that I should expose myself to his pressence at least once, considering that I've been bellydancing for sixteen years now and have managed to avoid him all these years. Plus I am eager to get out there and network a bit, meet new people and dance.

I travelled to Vught (small town near Den Bosch) and took Hannan Sultan's workshop called skillful and slinky hips. Got aome good ideas about what exercises to use to level the hipwork and avoid injury. I hated how she let us drill in a different tempo compared to the music she put on. I cannot ignore a beat and dance in a different tempo. It's also a bit moot considering the teacher picking the music for class. Would be easier to pick something the right tempo instead of making the students go off beat. She is one hard working woman, I respect that.

The second workshop was the long awaited prof dr dr etc. Yes, he uses his titles all the time. I suspect once he bought them, he wanted to use them to get his money's worth. Mr khallil arrived late, and all the ladies stared to applaud when he entered. Little did I know that applauding was mandatory and expected at almost every instant he opened his mouth. He is very charismatic and positive, joking around, hugging women (he's an old dog, he is) and smiling. Can't help but like the guy.

We started 30 min late and Hassan explained that we were doing bellydance theater. An hommage to Cleopatra and het tragic story. He proceeded by showing us the most dramatic overacting ever. It included pining, sighing, yearning, reaching with the arms and putting on an obstipated face.

I was okay with it, saying to myself 'it's only three hours'. But when he told us to lie on the floor and wiggle like a snake, I reached my limit. That was right after he saw me yawn, walked up to me and said:'you should sleep at night'. I replied:'my baby won't let me', making him laugh out loud. 'Baby girl' I added, and he buggerrd off.

After a badly edited zar song attached to Mohammed Abdel Wahab, we pounced the floor with our fist, crawled on fours, picked up a small sized snake and theatrically dropping it in our shirt, the workshop was over. An hour early.

Let me get this straight: 25 people paid 75 euro to attend this three hour workshop. That is 1875 euro. Let's say 1/3 is going to the hostess, that leaves us with 1200 ish. He arrived 30 min late and we finished 1 hour early. For one and a half hour of prancing around, he made 1200ish euro. Tell me again that the bellydance market sucks and people are not willing to pay for workshops.

To be fair, One and a half hour of this was more than enough for me. Once, but never again. I did get to experience prof dr dr first hand and polished my snake writhing skills. Ozma, it reminded me of our floorwork workshop with Princess Banu in Istanbul. Good to know the crazy is equally distributed among teachers globally
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With all the serious stuff going on like burials and talks about taxes, prenupts and testaments, I haven't written about the vellydance events in the past couple if weeks.

June 5th: annual student recital at the cultural center. We presented our performances in the theater room, which added a lot to the overall atmosphere and intensity of the performance. Super proud that my internediates pulled off a classic ATS improvisation after ten classes of ATS technique. The beginners were adorable with a short veil performance and our group dance blew people away. Next semester I want to do a group dance together as well: having many people on the stage looks good and really brings out the formation changes. I was inspired this semester and four of the beginners are now hooked. Weehee! I also noticed how I am teaching differently towards beginners compared to the intermediates. It might be beneficial if I treated my intermediates like I treat my beginners on account of keeping a fresh perspective.

On June 11th, Gerie threw a bellydance party at the cultural center where she teaches. It was so nice, lovely line up and my students did well with the group performance. It was a very intense day, with me running from a bachelorette party of a friend to the hafla and then back home. All by train and bus, while holding a whipped cream pie in one hand and lugging my suitcase with me, and pumping milk during the day.
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It's been a while but I got back on the bellydance workshop horse. With two days of Sadie's Raqs Flow, travelling to Breda (a city to the East, about an hour away by car and two hours by train).

Regardless of the workshops, I am patting my back for having the guts and making an effort in going. Eliza is still waking up a couple of times each night and I am still breastfeeding. being tired and pumping milk on lunchbreaks, then walking to the employees kitchen and store the mill in their utterly gross fridge adds an extra dimension to the whole experience.

But let's talk about the workshops! Sadie was relaxed and happy to explain why she developed her program. I did not ask her many of the questions that went through my head, like why create a certification program when there are so many out there, what do you think of other certification programs, what are the requierements to stay certified, and why isn't this information online if you've been teaching Raqs Flow for three years now. Somewhere along the way I turned into the critical thinker party pooper and it's not good to be that person when the rest of the people in the room are gushing over how much they adore Sadie.

I like Sadie. She is a technically strong dancer and this program showed how she is starting to develop more as an emotional and expressive dancer, which is good. I wouldn't call her my mentor though.

The program itself has a solid foundation in bellydance techniques: hip up/down, hip forward/back, and hiprolls which is a different way to say camel and reversed camel. All of this combined with five basic arm positions and working with weighted/unweighted leg. That kept us busy for 3/4 of the time. The pther quarter was filled with her husband coming over and playing and explaining the beledi, saaidi and maqsum rhythm. Coincidently I covered that in class last Monday so I was on top of my game.

Then Sadie talked us through the written questions on the exam, which were from the top of my head:
What would you call our danceform and why, what are some common terms to refer to our dance?

In what century did the Romani travel from India towards the Middle East?

Are Flamenco and bellydance connected, and if so, how?

What are the names of bellydancers in Turkey, male and female?

Write down one of the rhythms we talked about, in name and with dums and teks

How did the word bellydance evolve?

We finished with a short and rather cute choreography to a classic version of Habeena. It incorporated all the material of the past two days, which was nice. I really liked how she took her time to explain background details.

I also had a flashback to Suhaila's level 1 program with all the drills. We drilled a lot with Sadie as well in pretty much the same way. Part of what I didn't like was the emphasis on some ballet technique (she had us do tendu's without a barre and chainee turns across the floor) while she admitted to not being qualified to teach ballet. For the people who never had ballet, this is possibly harmful and most certainly out of context. Let me add that after taking classes for six years I still suck at ballet. But if I wanted to learn ballet I rather go to ballet class.

The second thing I didn't like was the amount of general strengthening and pilates exercises. I have to minds about this: I do these exercises in my regular exercise program and I believe core strengthening is essential for improving technique and training the muscles. But once more: of I wanted to plank, I could do so on my own.

It's good that she put it in the program. I didn't stay for certification because I had a bus to catch and I wanted to be home before 20.30 so I could have dinner with E and my mum, and see Eliza. Certification was between 18.15-19.15 and was moved to that time last minute. Had I known this before, I might have reconsidered and stay for the certification. That would have meant being home after 22.00 and I don't think I could have stayed awake for so long. Honestly, I was totally knackered for the next three days. Not being able to have a full nights rest is killing for recouperation. Plus my student recital was this Sunday, no rest for the wicked but it sure was a lot of fun!
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It seems that there suddenly are plenty of performance opportunities for my students and for me, on student recital/hafla like events. Part of this is because Parnassos, the center where I teach, has to make more money to keep afloat. Throwing bellydance nights draws in extra people who buy drinks. Drinks are ridiculous cheap though, like 1 euro for non alchoholic beverages and 2 euro for wine/beer.

I am getting paid to throw these halfa's, prepare and teach a public workshop for who ever shows up (so... both beginners and advanced should appreciate the workshop). I program a short performance slot (three performances) and I create the playlist for bopping around afterwards. I probably make more money this way compared to throwing a hafla myself. The basic reason being that I don't have to rent a venue, I don't have to promote the event, I don't have to sell tickets (admission is free) and I don't have to dress up the bar.

This leaves me running around the house packing stuff during the day, trying to fit into a costume (My multicolor Bella bra cups are too small now! Noooooo!!!!), creating playlists and doing various other stuff. My students trickled in one by one and we got down to practicing. They did the choreo to Teggi Ezzay, which looks good now on the students that practiced and showed up on time.

The hafla was a success: roughly 40 people showed up for the workshop, everyone participated and had fun. Even the group of young guys who started out giggling. One of the performances was cancelled last minute because Roos has an injury but three was a good number. I faffed around with a veil (seriously, nothing of my prepared chore stuck), Brenda did a fusion piece to Evanescence and my students closed with the group performance.

Dancing afterwards was fun, but around 22.00 people started pouring in from other events, killing the bellydance buzz. Something our event scheduler should have been aware of, but I didn't put the blame on her. She'll probably check twice next time, it's a bit odd to advertise bellydance party and having 'regular' customers coming in half way.

Me time!

Apr. 20th, 2016 03:57 pm
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Today is my first me-time day in a month. The dog and Eliza are at day care and I am home alone. It is kind of sad that most of my day consists of errands that I want to get done, it's so much faster to do stuff when I don't have to watch Eliza or the dog. On the other hand, I did squeeze in some dance 😄

Eight hours of me time are filled with:

1,5 hours for pumping breastmilk
1 hour for laundry
1 hour of gardening (planting, potting and rearranging)
0,5 hour sitting in the sun having lunch
0,5 hour grocerie shopping
1,5 hours costuming and fixing the buttons on my spring coat
1 hour loitering around on facebook and writing a blog
1 hour of bellydance veil practice

Man, I love me-time. Can't help myself but it feels too quiet around the house and I feel a bit lost without our happy little girl and up to no good dog.
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Last weekend was our annual hafla in Zeist, also known as the coziest ('meest gezellige') bellydance party in the Netherlands. Two years ago the theme was 'red', last year the theme was 'blue', so what would this year's theme be? Well, 'Rainbow', ofcourse! Because we all enjoy dressing up and this allowed us to get everything out of the closet and swap and switch between us. We all got to wear something that felt new to us without breaking the bank.

The first part of the show was a series of performances that showed the different phases in the life of a woman. I was 'birth', to the music of celtic harpplayer Marieke Lesparre.

I'm not sure if I classify this as fusion wankery or heartfelt oriental improv. I feel good about the first half of the performance, then I lost it for a bit. I got some really nice feedback on this piece so the audience overall liked it.

Our group, Sense of Bellydance, did 'Habibi I love you' together. They performed this song at our wedding in 2014 and have since improved and build on the first version. I like how this performance evolved and Germaine's daughter Veerle is super cute. Veerle danced the song about childhood, with wings, to a Tinkerbell song. It doesn't get much cuter and I am pretty sure that all moms were silently crying while watching her.

Overall the first part went well and I am proud that we got this far in the past six years. I am still a little bit frustrated that the only way to get decent video footage of our events is for me to bring a camera, position it correctly, make sure someone checks in every now and then to see if it's still pointed in the right direction, and then I have to edit the video and send it to everyone. So I just edited out the songs I wanted to show and sent the raw footage to Marjan, who promised to make a promo video this weekend.

The second half was separate performances of student groups and a couple of solo performances. I loved Gerie's performance and Nansi's performance, they've gotten more emotional and earthy. Last year they followed the 'Tarab' course from dancer Sena in Rotterdam, which worked with getting more in touch with their emotions and how to translate those emotions on stage. Good for them! My students and I did our pop song choreography that we started this semester. I a pretty pleased with it overall.

Some messing up here and there, but that's okay. We all picked it up rather quickly after screwing up and that's what matters! That, and we kept on smiling. Yay! I missed part of the event because I needed to pump (three times, so that's 1,5 hours) plus I had to attend our table where we were selling second hand stuff. Despite our best efforts, not much sold. The bellydance market is really saturated right now and flooded by cheap Chinese import, making it impossible to sell the more expensive older stuff like Egyptian hipscarves bought for 25-50 usd and oldskool bedlah and skirts. Even so, the stuff from Dunya's inheritance and from Laudie's closet sold, so I have money to give to Dunya's children and to Laudie. Every item that sells is an item that doesn't have to go back home.

I think I'll host a bellydance swap at my place in the summer, so we can all have some new stuff and move items we no longer like or use. After the Zeist hafla, we're now counting down towards Roos's student recital, plus I have a small hafla on May 18th and a student recital on June 5th. During the summer we're hoping for a second edition of Bellydance on the Beach in Wijk aan Zee, with excellent weather and a sleepover of Sense of Bellydance in the cottage at the coast. Lot's of fun things to look forward to!
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It was a nice weekend, with the dress rehearsal of Sense of Bellydance on Friday going smoothly. We're doing performance project based on the phases in a woman's life and I am doing 'birth'. With music from a life Celtic harpist. Wearing all white with a draped multicolor veil, making me feel like a unicorn. Let's hope it turns out to be good fusion!

Second dance-activity was meeting with the Dalla Dream Dancers and taking pictures of Laudie's costume stash. In essence, we played dress up for three hours straight :-) Because we can! On Tuesday night we met again and worked on our Oum Kolthoum- alf Leyla performance. We'd like to perform this piece for cultural events or Arabic audience, as it is really nifty. We're doing some really cool things as a group and it is nice to talk to each other. The bad news is that on my way back home, I got stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident on the highway. This is very unusual at 22.00, we were standing still for almost 45 minutes while police and first aid drove past. I hope nobody got killed. By the time we got moving again, I felt rushed to get home in time for Eliza's 11'o clock feeding.

For next Saturday I need to do some quick costuming, like making a wrap top from two yellow scarfs I found in a dollar bin, and decorating a purple bra so I have an outfit that blends in with my students. I thought I didn't have anything purple but then I remembered Dunya gave me a purple Arabesque skirt/sleeve set, and I borrowed a hipscarf from Roos. Bought a purple bra at the discount store and I fully intend to spice it up with some appliques and trim and wear it with the original bra straps. I spent too many years caring about constructing costumes like brick houses, and I recently noticed that with my hair length I can totally get away with wearing the original straps without anyone noticing. Muwahahah!!!!
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We're at a point that Eliza is starting to settle into a routine: she sleeps at 21.00 and E and I can have a bit of quality time together while doing the dishes/cleaning the kitchen/folding the laundry. In all, having a kid hugely simplified my life because from the moment that I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, the day is filled with all kinds of chores and activities that need to be done. I am not frustrated about it because I always expect the worse in advance plus I enjoy the little things in life. Every now and then I have ten minutes to myself, where I sit on the couch looking around confused, thinking: 'what is happening? What do I do with this ocean of free time?'

The good news is that tonight, Eliza slept a shift of four hours, four hours and three hours. That's the best night we had in weeks. I am optimistic that things will get better, though teething can also make things worse for a while. Anyway, back to bellydance. This weekend is the dress rehearsal for the hafla of april 2th, and I am going to see my Fakyma dance friends for a three hour rehearsal. Thing is, that the rehearsals are in The Hague, which is a commute of about an hour. And frankly, time is one thing I don't have enough off these days. We have rehearsals planned up to the summer holiday, and that's when I also know more about the planning for the house. I will probably quit the Dalla Dream Dancers after the summer holiday. My Sense of Bellydance friends are less demanding time wise, so I will hang on for the occasional hafla or get together. A large part of it is socializing, and I could do with some me-time every now and then :-)

And then what? I've been teaching for ten years now, and I want to continue teaching at Parnassos until the next kid comes along. After that, I want to take a break of 4-5 years. I'll take classes myself, or the occasional workshop, but I don't need the added pressure of preparing and teaching class on a weekly base. It's so weird to consider this, as being a bellydance teacher has been part of my personality for so long.
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this is the choreography that my group is working on this semester, with me taking a couple of artistic liberties because it is a solo performance. The structure is pretty obvious as it's supposed to :-)

What can I say? I can see that I have given birth recently as here is more tummy. Maybe I should lay off the chocolate for a bit and move around a bit more, but when I start work again I will also be riding my bike, taking stairs and running for trains so that should also help. I love, love, love to dance and my smile and relaxed attitude make it look good, and I can have that at any size!
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Teaching requires far more planning and preparation now. I had a bit of an exhaustion enhanced breakdown on Saturday when I asked E to take care of Eliza so I could prep and it didn't happen. E understood so I got to finish my choreography on Sunday.

To make matters worse, there was a storm with lots of wind and rain. Attendance was high despite the awful weather: a nice mix of new and familiar faces. The first class went very well, with two beginners that pick things up quickly, and three intermediates.

The second class I got off with a good start. Warm-up, fast song dance along, slow song dance along and shimmy drill. Some of the newer people had a hard time but they enjoyed it. Then I got overenthousiast and fed them too much choreo. I have to get back in next week and balance it out with technique and some improv exercises.

Overall I had a blast teaching again. I returned home to a house were my husband was having everything under control, with a sleeping baby and a sleeping dog. I was so tired, unfortunately Eliza needed some convincing to go to sleep and she woke up every three hours. Not much rest and this will get worse in March, when I'm going back to work. It feels good to go back to regular life, even if it means saying goodbye to my maternity leave and leaving the adorable and highly emotional first three months with Eliza behind me. She is such a happy baby and a joy to play with.
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This afternoon I drove the fifteen minutes to the prenatal yoga place for a meet up with the other women and their babies. It was great to talk about labour and giving birth with all the gory details because we have all been there.

I have been trying to get my belly muscles back in control while walking around with Eliza on my arm. I did not anticipate having to relearn an omi, but here we are. Next wednesday my fakyma dance group is coming to visit the baby and we're going to get our first dance meeting done.

Next Friday is a rehearsal for the april hafla, including a 'photoshoot' for promo pictures. I haven't taken a good long look in the mirror yet, as long as I engage my abs I look sort of like prepregnancy me. There are a lot of crunches and planks in my near future.

On the 31th, I'm performing in the hafla to honor Dunya, the dancer that passed away one year ago. A week after that, my weekly classes start. So many things to do, so little time! I am jaleous of E who is at a rehearsal tonight and tomorrow. He can walk out of the door and be his old self, while I am physically a changed person and emotionally inclined to all things that remind me of Eliza.

Yet I will try to get my groove back! I have january and Februari to reclaim my bellydance self, and march and april to get my IT security identity back on the road.
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The festival was called 'At the Circus' and we were booked to perform two sets plus a mini workshop.

We planned on filling the sets with duo performances from Joyce and Yennie, a solo performance from me and two of our oriental repertoire pieces with the three of us.

What really happened is that we showed up at four 'o clock and they cancelled our first set. Laudie was livid on account of the amount of preparation going into our sets. We decied to skip one and instead do our oriental set plus the workshop at 4.45.

For the record, this was a paid performance and we billed the event for the amount we agreed upon for two sets. We'll see how this ends.

It was rainy and cold (ah, Dutch summer!) and we opted for wearing our black and silver outfits. Since I had outgrown mine, I wore my silver skirt with a single layer black chiffon circle skirt. Laudie had a stretchy black top with black sequins on the front that matched, and three hipscarves with holographic silver sequins.

We looked good together, oriental but suited to the chilly air and looming rainclouds. We all brought our blinged out coer-ups and wrapped our silk veils around our neck for extra warmth. We looked rather stylish, if I may say so.

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mekyria: (2013 indonesie 2)
After teaching the workshop on bellydance and pregnancy last week, I got home and heaved a sigh of relieve.'So this was the last bellydance related event, right?' said E, and I solemly nodded my head.

Except Laudie texted us a couple of days later that the DDD troupe performance in The Hague which we thought would be cancelled was on again. And I am getting into a size range that is hard to fit into a costume. And we only have one practice session. And I still love going on stage, even though I can't do double turns and I need a week to recouperate afterwards. Will be seven months at the performance, it's a cultural outdoor thing so it is okay to be 'non commercial looking'.

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