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I wrote about the costumes that A. gave to me and this is the post where I can actually show you what they look like. First I will rant a little about the quality of my mobile phone camera. I am going through my archives and I am going to use a lot of the pictures that I took in the past decade with my fance schmanzy SLR camera (which is by today's standards, is very low at pixels with 6 million). Those pictures are great quality. I can cut and edit to my hearts content. The iphone pictures? Nope, often a bit blurry, doesn't work well with bad light, can't edit much because of the file format. In the past year I took most of my pictures with my phone, but I don't want to use blurry pictures on my websites and in my printed photo albums (oldfashioned, I am). But soooo convenient and easy to carry with me. I have to find a way to combine the two.
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The photoshoot yesterday was okay, though I don't expect the pictures to make it to my website, save for a couple of veil pics. Will post more later!

When I got home yestarday around 17.00 I had 60 minutes before going out to catch the train to Ermelo and I was still wearing my make-up. I did a short livingroom shoot with two costumes that I worked on but that we didn't shoot with the photographer. This post is brought to you from the land of dangerously high splitted skirts.
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Since I screwed up on the dress I might as well do something fun with the leftovers. I designed a modern caïro costume from the leftovers and I think I can make it if I scrape everything together. This is the belt sofar:

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Skirt in picture is a piece of burned velvet pinned at the waist, so I think I want to make a pink skirt out of it. Any suggestions?
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first post about the striped corset. I'm trying Butterick pattern 4254. I prewashed the fabric last night, so I'm hanging it out to dry and want to start cutting the pieces tomorrow. For now I have pictures of the mock-up. I used hook and eye closure tape in the back, and I made the hip part in size 14 to accomodate my 40 inch hips. Turns out it fits fine in the original shape, I only need to make the corset a little bit smaller otherwise there will be no chinching.

mock up pictures )

and the back, slightly better picture despite trying to take a picture with my back turned to the mirror:

I wish that the neckline was more 'sweetheart-like'  but I'll leave it like this. Boob curves are hard to get right with the three layers of fabric. No boning added in the mock up,  it'll straighten out the fold around the waistline. Love the way it swoops down in the back, like it's begging for a bustle :) 

I'm having a fight with the rich text editor: why is there a gray background in the lj-cut text? It's ugly!

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the two shirts that I made today:
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TFP shoot

Oct. 18th, 2006 10:28 am
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Instead of sewing I went to an appointment with a photographer that I made three weeks ago before realizing how busy I would be this week with preperations for OM. Another TFT shoot (I love freebies) and this photographer actually gave me all the original files so I could choose which ones he would photoshop, permission to use it wherever I want to and he was really nice to start with.

I always think that when a male photographer does TFT shoots he's probably hoping you want to take your top of. I choose him because he has extensive experience as a photographer (so more 'pro' feeling to the pictures) ad he had a lot of postitive reactions from TFT models.

a lot of pictures )

other remarks made by photographer:
"you look younger in RL "(he estimated me at age 18)
"your face looks broader in pictures" (yep, it does. So I'm not this big headed in RL)
"could you do wild? you're so lady like, you look sweet on most pictures that I made."

Pictures where taking in studio environment with a huge soft lightbox and a Canon EOS didigal camera didn't catch the number), 24-70 lens, camera flash and downloaded on Mac for viewing and burning on cd.
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And this is what the black dress looks like. I have a dilemma when it comes to the mesh, please have a look and comment
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Work that I did on this costume included replacing the zipper, removing godawful beaded fringe (I've replaced some of it with clusters of beaded fringe, but it isn't done yet), shortening straps, redoing stitching on the upper edge in the back to create slightly more room so there would be less stress on the zipper.
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The idea of this costume came to me when I was digging through the piles of fabric that I have in my fabric stash. About 6 years ago I bought heavy, luxurious black stretch velvet and started making a catsuit out of it, but never finished it. The catsuit is still almost done, so I'm going to use the bottom part as pants for this costume. I also bought purple/pink/black iridiscent fabric two years ago, because it's so shiny and I wanted it. the rhinestone chain came into view when I vistited a local craft store who sells expensive sewing stuff. I decided to go for the minimalistic look, mainly because the fabric is so lush. The rhinestones really stand out (there is a strand in the draped part too, but it don't show well in the picture). The bra is almost finished by now.

meow! )Working on this one got me some more ideas in my head. The bra is progressing faster then I expected, when I made the drawing I expected that it would take much longer. This cossie needs a sleek choreo with a lot of fast, snakelike move, leaning towards modern dance, or something with arabic pop.

the rest of the costume )
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It's been a while since I posted something about costumes with pictrues. Since I had the evening off and fixed my urban tribal/gothic pants, I decided to dress up and take some pictures in the livingroom. yay for tripods and timers!
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