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I've been downsizing my consumption of o so delicious but probably not very nutritious stuff* for the past seven weeks and I'm starting to see results. Unfortunately I am not shrinking back to my pre pregnancy proportions as my belly is still more dominant than it was, but at least size wise I can now wear the size 40 treggings I bought. Seven weeks ago, they were too tight and uncomfortable. I lost 7 pounds, approximately half a clothing size. Haven't used the measuring tape yet but my other jeans also have a bit of room in the upper thigh area that wasn't there before.

This makes clothe shopping much more fun! As a way to handle stress I have been internet shopping on the Dutch Craigslist. Got me some real nice deals on real leather boots from my favrotire brand, that looked brand new when they arrived. They retail for 130-150 euro each and I got one pair for 30 and one pair for 15 euro. They have a 6 cm/2" heel, making me feel super tall.

I also got me a couple of cute tunics and dresses as a back to work wardrobe. Wearing pretty clothes make me feel confident and in control, good things when starting a new job. Yay!

*alcohol, chocolate, cheese snacks, crisps, nuts, liquorice (big thing in the Netherlands), fried stuff, cookies
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This post is prompted by Misspotsit's post about appropriate wedding atire for guests. In 2013, three of my friends are getting married. Each occassion is different and requires a different dress style so I thought it would be nice to ponder a bit on my clothing options.

1st wedding: Marleen, may 2013
A spring wedding from a highschool friend. This will be an easy one: no dress code, so I go with this dress:

and a vest or jacket on top, paired with nice heels and jewelry

2d wedding: Annelies, august 2013
One of my intermediate students/friends, who is having her wedding in the backyard of her fathe rin law and is doing everything low key. no heels for me, probably a nice cotton dress + flats

3th wedding: Ikaiya, September 2013
I am her best men and one of the mistresses of ceremony, meaning that I need something practical to run around in inbetwen things, and a victorian gown in red and purple for the ceremony and party. Chances are that I have to drive a car and lots of practical things, a nice dress and comfy shoes for that occassion. For the victorian dress I need to sketch a design and plan the making off, have to finish it in june/july because august is probably stuffed to the brim.

Bonus!! Pictures of pretty dresses!

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H&M has the spring collection out with the cutest leopard dress. I went shopping with a friend who introduced me to the idea of having more then one handbag and showed me the cutest flowerprint leather bag.

Who knew, I might be turning into a real woman one day.

Here's the dress:

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I've been writing and asking questions about appropriate workplace clothes for three years now. I consider my clothes an important part of my professional image, and writing posts about my wardrobe strategies and shoe collection satisfy my borderline OCD side. However, lately I'm faced with the cleavage conundrum.  We live in a society where low cut necklines are a common clothing option, while at the same time women of all shapes and sizes tell us that cleavage is a Bad Thing in the workplace, especially for higher educated women. I quote:

"At a certain point, exposed cleavage stops making a woman more appealing and persuasive, and starts detracting and distracting from her professionalism. You can't be flashing those boobs all over the place if you want to be taken seriously."

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Ofcourse, clothes are just part of your professional image. Knowledge, communication skills and experience are the reason why they hire you. But your nonverbal communication and personal style are why they are glad they hired you instead of the ten other people who were also applying for the job.

And yes, I'm fully taking advantage of the fact that I'm a women in my current workplace, wearing knee length skirts and form fitting jackets and I'm just as good at kicking ass as my male coworkers.

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