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I apparently made it to the full nine months in relative good shape. The midwife commented today that I carry my baby quite close to my body, compared to other pregnant women at this stage. What might help is that I am tall, have a anterior tilted uterus and despite lack of intensive exercise, quite a decent set of abs.

The good news is that baby is doing fine, she's app. 3400 grams which is close to six and a half pounds. This is a good weight: not too big, not too small. There is a big chance that I will go into labor in the next week, and I can have a home birth like I was hoping for.

The bad news is that if she hasn't arrived around week 41, we have a couple of days and visits to the hospital ahead of us and the almost inevitable hospital birth. I feel like they take good care of me, both the midwife and the hospital (we chose the hospital that also did the d&c after the missed abortion).

One way or the other, our daughter will be born somewhere in the next couple of weeks. Eep!

Since I am all done with baby preparations, I took out an old Eman from my costuming stash and I'm refurbishing it. Still selling bits and pieces from my bellydance stash, which is also nice. E and I did the math and it looks like I won't be able to afford buying costumes for the next five years, I might as well get cracking with the projects I have lying around. I am so cglad that most of my costumes can be adjusted to different sizes and are fairly timeless with regards to fashion. Plus Laudie has a huge closet filled with Pharaonix costumes that she's not wearing, meaning our Fakyma group will probably be well dressed by wearing her costumes in the next years.
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I wrote about the costumes that A. gave to me and this is the post where I can actually show you what they look like. First I will rant a little about the quality of my mobile phone camera. I am going through my archives and I am going to use a lot of the pictures that I took in the past decade with my fance schmanzy SLR camera (which is by today's standards, is very low at pixels with 6 million). Those pictures are great quality. I can cut and edit to my hearts content. The iphone pictures? Nope, often a bit blurry, doesn't work well with bad light, can't edit much because of the file format. In the past year I took most of my pictures with my phone, but I don't want to use blurry pictures on my websites and in my printed photo albums (oldfashioned, I am). But soooo convenient and easy to carry with me. I have to find a way to combine the two.
using a cut because of lots of costume pictures )
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I posted a couple of pictures on buz and facebook but I felt nostalgic and want to write more about the proces on LJ. Hi, my name is Kyria and I'm a costuming addict. It's been almost a year since my last costuming project. And the last projects didn't count, as they were small repairs like lining a coin bra and fixing a beaded applique. I made a red satin dress for a bellydance-burlesque performance  in december 2013 but that wasn't really bellydance.

Time for a new costume! I did a fabric swap with Bea a while back. She sent me the remnants of turquoize lycra that she used for beledi dresses. I sent her red lycra I think, can't remember exactly. Bea included the leftover beads and I neatly put all of this away in my fabric stash. That must have been two years ago. about a year ago I bought two Dina style bra bases through facebook (can't remember the seller) and once again, put it neatly in my stash. Now that I am rekindling my activity in the dance community I want to wear something new and I am starting with this.

First time working with this type of bra base. Observations: it holds it shape very well yet is easy to penetrate with a needle (something I worried about). I give it a thumbs up and intend to buy more bra bases. I took the bra straps off to cover the base. The straps are very basic. I'll keep the neck straps but I'm not sure about the ribcage straps. They are made of covered elastic and after two years, they are probably losing elasticity. It would be a shame if the straps would not give sufficient support once I am finished.

The second epiphany was that Bea sent me large seed beads with large holes. This is awesome. I've worked with Gutermann seed beads before and even the larger beads have TINY holes, causing needles to get stuck and such. Big seed beads means that rope beading the edge takes less time, one more reason to break out a bottle of red wine and celebrate. The contrast fabric is printed lycra from my local fabric market. I got a lot of this with the idea that it could be used for troupe costuming which I totally should not do. For my december production, I bought 60 meters of a lighter turquoize chiffon with a subtle paillette and a lurex thread in the fabric. It is gorgeous and doesn't match the lycra. Go figure.

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I realized that I don't have a golden era costume for the hafla on the 19th so I was going through my stuff wondering if I'd be able to make something in time. But...

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I am continuing to go through my 'small sewing chores' pile. I bought a white costume in 2008 on bhuz which had two straps going across the belly. To keep everything in place, the previous owner added a gold beaded applique in the center. The applique was in bad shape when I bought the costume because it had no backing.

Removing the applique from the costume was easy as it was practically falling apart. I added white felt to the back and stitched the beads and sequins to the felt, then reattached to the costume. One more chore is done!

I am contemplating my next sewing chore and I feel like doing a full costume. Fromt he top of my head, my options are:

1. I have some lovely blue lycra that Bea send to me two years ago and a contrast lycra that looks fresh and vibrant together. It would be a modern Egyptian style assymetrical design

2.I have a black velvet and purple/lilac mesh pants costume that has been lying in my closet since 2004. It is close to completion but I wouldn't have an occassion to wear it. It doesn't have enough bling for performances and is too showy for regular classes. However, the design is nice and sleek, assymetrical lines and drapes, strass buckles and nice beading.

3. I bought a worn down gold Eman costume with gold metal mesh. I need to make a new skirt/bra base and transfer the metal mesh parts. I am not very excited about this one, as it is a refurbish instead of an original creation. But I can't sell it as is, have worn it twice with a veil to cover up the part where the holographic print is worn away. Sell as is, or refurbish.

4.I bought a whole bunch of small round mirrors with the idea of making a mirror costume, probably on a teal holographic lycra background. You can guess how long the mirrors have been in my possession. This would be a great costume, a bit heavy and prone to damage, but the gluing of the mirrors shouldn't be as time consuming as doing a full blown out beading.

What project would you love to see me do next?
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I wanted to photograph my new costumes this weekend, but my infra red remote control ran out of power and it appears that I have lost my touch on taking pictures with the timer. I can't focus the camera when I'm pressing the button of the camera so all pictures came out blurry.

However, I can understand the need for eye candy, especially on monday.
Two pictures to give a general impression )
If you don't mind the blur, I also have pictures of me wearing my Eman mermaid costume. Hope to find a new battery for my remote soon so I can take decent pictures
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Some of you might remember that I custom ordered a Bella while I was in istanbul in August. I just received word that the costume is coming my way, shipped from their store in Gent!

Short story: Ozma and I went to see madame Bella, who decided having her 20+ cats in her costume shop was too much. We didn't see the famous cats: instead we went int the appartment and turned right to the show room. Ozma was lucky and found a gorgeous lace costume in moss green and champagne. It only needed shortening of the skirt and she looked like a moss covered goddess rising from the depths of the ocean. Totally hot, awesome costume, as you have seen on her lj/fb. I turned out to be too tall and too big in te hips to fit into off the rack but it didn't stop me from trying all the costumes 

*insert hyperbole and a half reference:*

OMFG it was amazing to be there and try stuff on.

I spotted an amazing costume, mainly warm gold beading and multi color sequins. The bra was a perfect fit, but the skirt with attached belt didn't work for me. I ordered a matching seperate belt, skirt and accesoiries. It has a ton of cut-outs, mesh netting and swarovski crystals. It's also over the top Turkish in the sense that it's one big cut-out. I plan on wearing it for my performance on the 14th of December, maybe also with the live band on October 21th.

Just to share you what type of communication Bella uses in her email, I will copy/paste her full email to me:

subject: re
Hello Kyria,
we will sent your costume from our Belgium Shop soon and we will advice you the tracking no. also
Best regards.

I have full confidence that I will receive my costume and it will be amazing, but I thought that for a 900 euro costume she could write slightly more elaborate emails to ease my mind. I'm still on my diet of braed and water untill I pay off my debt as it is terribly, horendously expensive. Her costumes are worth it. Hey, I am worth it! I am also very close to my new Eman Zaki costume, Eman is bringing it with her to the Asli Sharqi weekend, which starts right about now. I will post pictures ASAP.
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An image says more than a thousand words and this is especially true for dancers. Okay, moving images are even more eloquent, but you need recent and fresh promotion pictures for your website, flyers, business cards, facebook and all the other media. I haven't written much about the business side of belly dance as I'm currently focusing more on my day job but the december/january photo shoot is a tradition that I simply can't miss. There's nothing like kicking off a new year by looking at some nice glamour shots of yourself, preferably while you have a hangover and are still in your pj's with crazy out of bed hair. 

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 I've been offline yesterday because I went on an a road trip with Isandria and Hadyr to Bella. And I know you guys are dying to know what the Bella store looks like and if we bought something once you'd know about the road trip, so I've been keeping it quiet. I've only been to Bella once, with RakkasahBarbara, three or four years ago and have never bought a new Bella. Click on the link for the really long story! 

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 The financial situation over here is not looking too bright, hoping I can sell stuff before going to Egypt. On the other hand, who needs food when you can get a custom made Eman?


*I want a mermaid costume. Badly. Is it wrong of me? Thought maybe Eman had ideas on making something more suitable to my complexion, as I'm not a pale redhead.
*maybe a sahar or an eman, something sleek in a bold print. Maybe both.
*Pharonix: she has an all crystal bra/belt set I had my eyes on for years. Don't know if she still makes them, but I'd love one of those. 
* shamadan (big plans on expanding my dance vocabulary. And if it doesn't work out, I can always use it as a chandelier)

I'm good to go on the following items, if you're with me in Cairo please remind me that I don't need:
-Folkloric stuff (have melaya, saidi and baladi stuff)
-hipscarves (though I need an all beads one for teaching purpose. ONE hipscarf, no more)
-beaded fringe or more costuming supplies. Except if I can find huge sew on stones or crystals.
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Remember the red dress I'm working on? I attached the red chiffon to the bottom part of the dress. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but it'll do. Read more... )


Dec. 20th, 2009 01:36 pm
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Swas, you're cards got here on time, thank you! I was delighted by the extra glittery stars :) Will see you next teausday at Sellie's place, I'll be there around 16.00. The last two days we did a lot of cleaning to get ready for the party. Jeoffrey baked four batches of quiche, I baked Dutch apple pie and we got way too much stuff into the pantry just in case.

Dad and Marjan arrvide around three. He had a special request for me: he asked if I could do a belly dance performance on his 60th birthday. He rented a local cultural facility for his special birthday party. I told him that I'd be delighted to do a short performance, if he agreed to salsa with me. He recently started with salsa classes and he and Marjan looked really cute trying to explain the steps they learned sofar. Is it a good idea? I do not know. But it will be fun nonetheless. The party is on the 5th of february.

After that, people dropped in. Like Sellie, little brother, J.'s friends and parents, fellow trainees, Ikaiya, my mother and aunt, three belly dancers from our local get together group, and then some. Ikaiya brought her chocolate fountain,it was a big hit with the women. I've been spoiled rotten by all the nice and thoughtful presents! Jeoffrey's parents got us cutlery, now we have six of each and they all match. I've been drinking tea all night so despite going to bed around 4 am I'm lucid enough to clean up and surf the webs.

The pink sim is on it's way to a new owner in Germany. I was sad to see that amazing crystal studded costume go, but its a good decision since it was too short for me. I'm once more eying the white Hanan on the swapmeet, decided that I should finish the red dress first. Ah, two weeks of holiday to look forward too :-)
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I won an ebay auction with this sewing project

"The former owner cut off the red chiffon on the bottm because it was way too long on her. I received the dress and the cut-off chiffon and spend most of my sunday on trying to make it work. WiIl update later this week if I'm sucesful! It was a great deal, the beading is well done and contains holographic sequins, high glitter factor!
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The photoshoot yesterday was okay, though I don't expect the pictures to make it to my website, save for a couple of veil pics. Will post more later!

When I got home yestarday around 17.00 I had 60 minutes before going out to catch the train to Ermelo and I was still wearing my make-up. I did a short livingroom shoot with two costumes that I worked on but that we didn't shoot with the photographer. This post is brought to you from the land of dangerously high splitted skirts.
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I bought this Bella from a fellow Dutch dancer a coupl eof months ago, but it ended up being on the short side. I bought sequined fabric on the fabricmarket yesterday, laid the skirt out, cut an underskirt and stitched it to the belt ont he inside. tadaa!
cut for pics )
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I should sell a couple of costumes before considering buying new ones!! Not to mention wearing my costumes in general, far too little performances lately to justify having so many.
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I'm catching up on bhuz after a week without time to surf, and the swapmeet is temtping me. For instance:

I love this red dress.It's my size and only 265 usd, but I already have several red costumes (the fringy set, the metal mirror/coins set). But I like dresses because they look hawt on me and they sort of cover the extra tummy bit. Then again, performances have been slow lately so I really don't need more costumes. I need to sell a couple of costumes before thinking about getting something new.

This diva range bella is awsome. And way too expensive, though still cheaper then going to Ghent and buy one in the Bella store. Lucky for me, it's on hold!

Light blue eman with pharaonic feel to it. Light blue wouldn't work for me,  this design is detailed and flattering.Love the ruching!

Other dance news: I handwashed the blue baladi dress yesterday. Was a bit worried about the sequins bleading on the fabric or losing color, but after dipping it in lukewarm water, rinsing with cold water and laying it out to dry on a towel, the dress looks perfect. The white cotton towel has blue smudges all over. Oops!

I'm trying to organize my costumes and bellydance stuff, trying to determine what to sell. Since I don't teach, ten belly dance canes in my closet are a bit too much. But selling them would be a hassle. I already sold my gold isis wings. I tried to get into the goddessy mood and did isis wings a couple of times for general public, but I can't help but feel like I'm flapping around instead of dancing.  Then on to the costumes: R. might ask me to cover for a couple of restaurant performances during the summer, but I'm not counting on it. However, now is not the best time to sell. I'm expecting the economy to slightly recover during the year, maybe people will have a bit more money to spend during november/december. At work we expect the worst: unemployment will rise frorm 5% to 11%, mainly people with higher education. I have nothing to fear, fortunately.
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I haven't been on bhuz much lately, but prices on the swapmeet are going down and there are some real lovelies out there. For example:

red pantherprint bling bling costume for 225 usd (150 euro)
But I already have too many red costumes....

peach pharaonix 350 usd (230 euro)
love this one, but two inchesw too short. Great price for a pharaonix though, some one need to buy this

fitted assuit dress M/L 100 usd (70 euro)
I have a split front assuit dress/coat and I love it. Great price for this one.

Interesting article about wanting to be thin
The accumulated knowledge of Bhuz. The gift that keeps on giving

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Will x-post to bellydance community after this post. The quest for decluttering continues, so here are two bellydance costumes that I need to unload. First of all because I have too many red costumes, the second one because the skirt is too short. I promis you that more will folow once I have sold these.
red two piece costume 150 euro )


Champagne costume 150  )
If you're interested or have any questions, send an email to kyriascloset (at) gmail (dot) com. I live in the Netherlands and prefer European sellers because shipping is easier within the EU. I take international bank transfer and paypal. Since I'm unable to check LJ at work, reaching me through email is faster.

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