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Apr. 5th, 2016 10:49 am
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We are the people/family you can't invite into your house because something will brake or be damaged. During our visit on Easter Monday E went upstairs to fetch some stuff from storage. Noushka followed him upstairs for a minute. In that minute she managed to poo on one of the upstairs beds (my mother in law doesn't go upstairs any more, so they are not in use). This was discovered yesterday when my sister in law was cleaning the house.

With us having to move out of our own house for about four weeks later this year, we're looking for places to stay. Our kid isn't much of a problem, but the dog might be problematic. E's brother told us flat out that we were welcome but the dog not. Because the dog is used to lying on the couch and is in general very good at ignoring us despite our best efforts. Will our kids be the same when they grow up? I hope not!

Never thought that pets would be so complicated to find a temporary home for. I love her to bits and we don't want to put her in a pension for four weeks, so the only other option is finding a holiday bungalow where dogs are allowed.
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1. Our of the leash dog parks houses a wide variety of animals, including ducks, geese and rabbits

2. Said rabbits are nesting early this year

3. Our dog has a keen sense of smell and a natural hunting instinct

4. Our dog can eat a whole baby rabbit in three bites

5. Seeing the head of a babyrabit role over the tarmac right before my dog guzzled it up was slightly surreal

Considerate as I am, I called E to inform him that our dog won't be suitable for retrieving rabbits anymore. Once the dog has experienced catching and eating an animal, the chances that it'll retrieve it without nibbling are slim.
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It's been rainy and cold all week and though I made lots of plans for Friday, I just hang out on the couch and read 'Bevallen en opstaa' (Rough translation: delivery and getting back up). It was interesting and most of what I read will be forgotten within three months because of pregnancy dementia. It is quite soothing to read about other people's birth experience as it's a mixed bag.

Today E got invited for a damage control hunt, meaning he got up at 5 am and came back home at 11 am. Noushka and I had a relaxed morning, I woke her up around 9, fed her and went for a walk and then we both chilled on the couch. Having a dog is so much easier nowadays as I am more at ease and she is more mature. She loves to hug and huddle up on the couch, so I can feel her jerky movements when she's dreaming of chasing birds and running over open grassland. I love her and can't imagine my life without her. I wonder if something similar will happen with our baby.

Once E returned, I drove my bike to the local annexe of the public library. I am a huge fan of the public library and even though I've been living here for 18 months, up until now I always drove to the city center for a visit. The local annexe is about 500 meters/ 546 yards from my house by the way. It's small but they have a little bit of everything, plus a subscription to Knip, a Dutch monthly magazine with sewing patterns (They include about 50 patterns in each issue). I borrowed one issue that looked promising with the idea of making some maternity clothes from the knitted fabric I have lying around. I left my bike at the bike repair shop as it is in need of a new mudguard on the front wheel and found out that they register bikes per address, and this bike wasn't registered yet. E bought his electric bike at the shop, I had my folding bike in for repairs but this bike managed to drive around unregistered. No longer! I walked home, I thought that we really did a great job at choosing where to live. In a radius of 500 meter, we have a small shopping center (like, six shops), a grocery store, a couple of restaurants and a bus stop. The ice cream shop on the corner sells delicious home made ice cream and our street is quiet, green and has a children's playground next to it.

On Sunday we had a barbecue at the place where E teaches hunting horn. He started teahing there seventeen ear go and cently deided that he wants to stop teaching there, due to life changes,the long commute and the low pay (he receives 25 euro for one hour of class. For his other class he receives 55 euro for one hour). Since it's a hunting lodge type of thing in someone's backyard, Jaap made a tiny shooting range for airguns. I shot an airgunb for the first time and I wasn't half bad at it. Since guns are uncommon in The Netherlands, I didn't take pictures. It's hard enough to navigate through the nunting debate because E is a damage control hunter.

They thanked E for all the years of trying to teach them how to play the horn, candidly joking about their lack of talent and love of hanging out and having a drink. It's more about meeting other guys to hang out with as their musical skills are shaky at best.The barbecue was nice and I drove back home, very, very tired. It was a good weekend.
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E went to the vet with our dog, and the vet confirmed that she is very likely have a false pregnancy. Or at most just one puppy, she couldn't feel it clearly because the dogg gets fed in themorning and her stomach was full. Phew. We're getting an appointment to have her sterilized in October, and that'll be that.

Being a dog owner is fun but also stressful.I will be so sad when it's her time to go, she is such a nice companion.

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The vet suspected a urinary track infection or a uaterus infection. The dog is on antibiotics and we have to keep a close eye on her. The last couple of days E has been busy with finishing the rooms in the attic. We have friends coming over this Thursday for a barbecue and he wants to proudly show our house and how organized *cough* we are. Meaning we want to put the stuff we don't use back in th attic and close the door. He also wants our guests to have a decent seat, which I agree with. We looked into lounge sets but those things are expensive, plus they take up a lot of space all year round. I suggested getting four expensive folding chairs (for comfort and to make sure our heavier guests can sit without fear of falling through) and four cheaper folding chairs. It's a difference of, say, 1000 euro. Because we don't have 1000 euro to spend on a loungeset that, albeit comfortable and pretty, is not something that we'll be using for the rest of the year.

Think I talked some sense into him. Probably because I listed the expenses we have to make to finish the attic, like curtains window decoration, light fixtures, the laminate flooring and paint for the walls and woodwork. I even talked some sense into myself and I am sorting through stuff and trying to downsize a bit while I can. Ugh. I did this four and a half years ago as break up therapy and I thought I had most bases covered, but ugh. 
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As usual, I wake up after pushing the snooze button too often, go downstairs, grab my bag and some breakfast and let the dog out of the kennel while I go outside to get my bike. Usually the dog groggily stretches his way out of the kennel in a perfectly performed downward facing dog, and wanders off into the garden to sniff out what the wildlife's been up to during the night.

This time, she stalked a turtledove who was minding it's own business walking along the fence. The dog likes watching and stalking birds, though she has never succeeded in catching one. The dove didn't see the dog in time to make a run for it, and she ended up being cornered by a very exciting dog that tried to eat her tail feathers and crush her with it's paws. I called E. because I had to catch my train but the dog was not listening to his commands or bringing the dove to his feet, as a good hunting dog is supposed to do. She was so excited she couldn't stop wagging her tail. E. later told me the dove didn't make it and the dog is probably going to break out of the kennel at the dog daycare to hunt for more birds.

It might be hard to get her to correctly retrieve birds after this incident.
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Yesterday was our last monday night rehearsal. Next Sunday is our dress rehearsal and then it'll be SHOWTIME! All five shows are completely sold out. That's right, I didn't believe it myself either. The cultural center hired me to provide the bellydance part of the program in the bar. There will be a theatre show in the music room. Don't be fooled by Jane Austin's idea about a music room. This is not a nicely decorated room where people have tea, play the clavecimble and hope to meet their future husband. The music room is where the big student orchestra rehearses, essentially a high school gym room.

There will be modern dance and jazz dance. There will be short performance in the piano cabins (the practice cabins with piano's). And most importantly (to me!) there will be bellydance. This really is a dream project for me: we'll do a drum solo and part of us will be drumming. We'll perform some classic raqs sharqi (I am amazed how most students want to dance a magency, or a pop choreography, or anything that is classic bellydance), my Gulf inspired choreography which is simple but tons of fun. We have a cheesy introduction to Arabian Nights from the soundtrack of Aladdin. My Dalla Dream Dance friends will join us on Saturday to perform shamadan and saaidi. I will videotape the hell out of it and probably not get into editing in the next two years or so.

I imagine myself in fifty years to be old and holding on to all the good memories. I am pretty sure that this show will be an epic memory that I will enjoy for a very long time.

I am tired and will be glad when this project is over, but I am also very happy that I got to do this. The center asked me to send in my bill now to make sure we get paid before Christmas and the prospect of having the payment in my bank account before the end of the year is also very nice. The only thing that worries me is that E. is off to a hunting trip for the next eight days or so. It is ridiculous how much I love him and want to talk to him about silly non essential stuff and cuddle with him on the couch. On the other hand, life is not going to end and I have several fun things planned. We (dog and me) will be fine. I am getting better at being a dog owner every day and I miss her when she's not around.
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WE're having a social weekend filled with meetings with friends and family. Yesterday we had dinner at my mother's house. She made Indonesian Sottoh whcih I really like and she thought that I might not be able to eat the more spicier stuff due to my upset stomach so she made an extra sidedish with vegetables. Yummy. It was great to see her and Little Brother again. Mum was sad because Big Brother didn't show up. He apparently is having double glazed windows placed in his appartment next week and he needed this weekend to pack stuff up and clear way for the workmen.

To which I say: wow, that's something you could have anticipated and prepared for! So you could have said you were unavailable and we would have rescheduled the family dinner. *sigh*

On the upside, E. is wonderful with my family and friends and this means that a family visit is very relaxing, instead of tense. We took a walk in the forest close to my old home where dogs are allowed off the leash and Noushka loved running around in the heavy layers of autumn leaves. It is ridiculous how happy a dog can be, ALL THE TIME. We permanently switched her diet on Tuesday from kibbel to raw meat and she's been even happier ever since. Her fur is softer, her eyes brighter and she is less whiny when she has to go for a number two.

Her list of favorite things include:
1. seeing E. Even when she just turned around and turns back
2. seeing me. even when I am sleepy and walking down the stairs like a zombie
3. all her chew toys. She is getting more and more raw bones and she is enjoying every bite of it
4. running around the house or garden, trying to keep an eye on everything
5. Sitting in front of the window when she has to stay inside while we work in the garden, keeping an eye on things
6. Sleeping.
7. Trying to bury her bones in the livingroom, despite there being no place to bury them. She tries to bury them between the couch cushions instead, covered up with loose pillows and plaids
8. Playing with other dogs. She has a lot of opportunity to play with other dogs, as she is at the dogsitter two days a week and E takes her to meetings with his hunting palls who also bring their dogs
9. Going for a walk with one boss. because there are treats and interesting odeurs and probably other dogs to sniff
10. Pack walk! Going for a walk with both her humans, meaning the whole pack. Because she can keep an eye on all her humans AND get to sniff everything.

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