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The festival was called 'At the Circus' and we were booked to perform two sets plus a mini workshop.

We planned on filling the sets with duo performances from Joyce and Yennie, a solo performance from me and two of our oriental repertoire pieces with the three of us.

What really happened is that we showed up at four 'o clock and they cancelled our first set. Laudie was livid on account of the amount of preparation going into our sets. We decied to skip one and instead do our oriental set plus the workshop at 4.45.

For the record, this was a paid performance and we billed the event for the amount we agreed upon for two sets. We'll see how this ends.

It was rainy and cold (ah, Dutch summer!) and we opted for wearing our black and silver outfits. Since I had outgrown mine, I wore my silver skirt with a single layer black chiffon circle skirt. Laudie had a stretchy black top with black sequins on the front that matched, and three hipscarves with holographic silver sequins.

We looked good together, oriental but suited to the chilly air and looming rainclouds. We all brought our blinged out coer-ups and wrapped our silk veils around our neck for extra warmth. We looked rather stylish, if I may say so.

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I did many, many things in the past couple of days so I am going to make it as short as possible.

1. Thursday: Open stage finale
Fakyma performed at the open stage finale and we didn't win because all the other acts were awesome too. A stretchy dancer with a hoop dance act took away the audience's vote. However, it was good practice for us to be on such a big stage and we had fun doing this.

2. Friday: beer festival
I usually don't drink beer but my coworker send an open invitation to our department for anyone who was willing to join. Out of sixty people, him and me went. It was fun and way more tasty than I expected. He is sort of my mentor/coach at work and we were later joined by his wife and adult son who were good fun to hang out with. We scored some awesome Mexican for at Popocatepetl which is bad if you want to lose weight. It tasted SO GOOD.

3. Saturday: Fakyma photoshoot
I had the pleasure of meeting my lovely dance friends for the third time that week for a photoshoot at the theatre. It was TFP and we brought way too many costume changes. The photographer (Tessa) is the graphic designer of the theater and she wanted to experiment with some other concepts. And I don't mean the usual 'picture with your top off' that a lot of male photographers like to suggest but rather the more artistic things like working with shadows and strange poses to create an estranging effect. We were willing to oblige and I will share the results when they are available. We have a couple of good shots for promo pictures, solo pictures and us having fun.

4. Sunday: Working in the garden and a visit to a retired goldsmith
Remember the jungle that was our garden and our selfimposed goal of finishing the pavement in the backyard before May 24th? The weather was warm and dry, we got up early on sunday (ugh) to first carry a lot of sand into the backyard to heighten and even it out. We started paving together but E. had to play a Schubert concert so I did a bit of paving on my own and totally took credit for it on facebook. When E. returned we had some fun about it as he did most of the work with carrying sand and evening things out. Also, he can pave three times as fast as I because he is much stronger. Curse my frail spaghetti arms!

In the evening we visited Albert and Vera, who are retired goldsmiths. Albert happens to be a hunter too and was a student of E. We sat in their backyard, talked, admired his garage-turned-into-goldsmith-workplace and in the end settled on plain golden wedding bands with a little diamond in mine. E.s wedding band is broader, and Albert is going to make them and stamp it with his masterstamp. Pretty cool all in all.

Bonus! Wedding invitations nightmare
The graphic designer that Eduard knows send us a proof and I hate it. Except that I didn't know how much I hated it until I had vivid nightmares about it on Saturday. See, it's a traditional card with a couple kissing underneath a willow and swans to the side. It is nothing like the examples that I send in. I was way too kind in my first reaction becase I want to send this thing our at the end of May and need to schedule a meeting so we can sit together and discuss/draw. I seem to be turning into a sort of bridezilla despite my best efforts not to.
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1. My left foot had an unfortunatel meeting with the side of the door. My ringtoe looks like a huge purple blueberry and I am sort of hopping instead of walking/dancing. I made it through yesterday's dance rehearsal and will adjust my lesson plan tonight to upper body movement.

2. We had a meeting for the laundry project (the belly dance theater project) on Saturday which we spent telling eachother personal stories. Tears were shed, bonds were made. We'll see where we go from here, next rehearsal is next saurday. Also, we decided to not share any full length clips on youtube because laudie is afraid someone might steal our choreography and Y. and J. are still afraid of having a video out there. Nobody else offered to do the video taping or editing and I am not planning on doing any more editing for FaKyMa for the next year or so. Screw them. Maybe I won't do any video taping either, what's the use of gathering material if everyone else doesn't want to use it?

3. We went to a 60th birthday with a 'Dutch' theme. It was okay, according to my standards of hiding out with the people I like until we left. Big parties are so not my thing. I feel like a mature, smart woman with a good sense of humor when I am in a small company, and an awkward teenager with no stories to tell when I am in a bigger company.

4. Dance rehearsal on Sunday was good, our group number for the hafla on the 12th of april is coming together nicely, within the boundaries of our group. By that I mean that we ain't no BDSS but it's a good hafla performance. Our costuming is consistent and looks good on stage, which also adds up. I just realized that I have not golden era costume for my golden era performance. Cue frantic costuming frenzy in the next ten days.

5. We got our dance agenda's out and June is going to be full.
June 1th: fakyma performs in hellevoetsluis (hafla)
June 2th-14th: E. and I are on holiday!
June 15th: student recital at parnassos
June 22th: Asli Sharqi dans dag, Fakyma performes the first try outs of the laundry project
June 29th: student recital of Roos, I  am invited to perform a solo
I discussed it with E. and since I am taking days off in april to work on the garden, he is okay with me running off every weekend in June. We will have July and August as two months without extra rehearsals, or as E. pointedly remarked:'getting married in august is a very good reason to no plan any rehearsals'.

6. I am very excited that swas, her husband and their adorable son are coming over to our place on Thursday night. She is a dear friend and I miss her. She lives in Germany and we talk through gmail, Telegram and such, but it is not the same as real life catching up.


Feb. 20th, 2014 10:55 am
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We had Fakyma rehearsal last night and it was a good one. However, Laudie proposed to not go to Tunesia in april so we have more time to get to know eachother. This made me sad, because I don't expect to be travelling if I get pregnant so I will probably not go to Tunesia with fakyma in the next couple of years. Laudie joked about how I have to put getting pregnant on hold for one and a half year and I decided to hold my tongue.

We talked about entering the benelux championship, where J. got a bit heated on how not happy she was about our last performance and how she is not going to repeat this. I sort of cut her short by asking her what  criteria we want to focus and how we know that they are up to par. This seemed to smooth stuff out a bit. We practiced the Tunesian dance and our khaleegy, both are getting better. We are performing next Sunday in The Hague and decide afterwards if we sign up. J. said 'well, there will always be other championships we could enroll in' and in my head I said another 'no, there won't'. It is not something that I crave as an accomplishment or recognition. I don't expect us to win first place though I think we should be able to make it to the finals.

I feel like I am running out of time and the rest of the group doesn't feel it like that. I am excited about entering a new phase and I am also sad because it means that I have to leave some activities in the past (or save them for much later). I wonder if in a couple of years, I will write about feeling tied down by my family and having the classic conundrum that every female has: balancing work and social life, trying to do stuff for yourself and with your partner.

I will not be sorry for the choices that I made. I have thought this whole starting a family thing through long enough to know that it is not a fad. I am not making it more romantic than it is: it is hard work. It is difficult. It is hard. But I also believe that it is worth it, and there will be happy moments, first steps, word, conversations, and a lot of good memories too. I also believe that Mr.R. is the right person for me and a good hand to have on board on such a perilous journey.

Nothing left to do except tying ourself to the mast and hoping that the harpies don't get to us.
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Inbetween wedding planning and house searching, FaKyMa made two public appearances in the Hague. The first one was for a cultural sunday in The Hague. Joyce had an injury with her knee so Yennie and me turned it into a duet. We were dancing in the city hall of The Hague, scheduled with other world dance performances of local teachers and performers. It was a lot of fun, never had a stage this big!! We messed up some parts of the choreography but other parts went smoothly. We are slowely becoming more and more of a group that moves as one.

We did a performance at The Regentes Theater last Sunday, because it was Open Monuments Day and the theater (former swimming pool) is a monument. We did three sets, two oriental and one folcloric (Tunesian and Melaya Leff). Here are some rather blurry iphone pictures:
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Tunesian is a lot of fun, with the extra costume items around the hips making us look like those ancient goddess statues. Big white wool belt, milya tucked in and a hipscarf underneath. It much resembles the European style of dress whith the bumroll, except that Tunesian dancers don't wear corsets and doing lots of twisting with the hips.
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Laudie/Ahlem returned from the Theatrical Belly Dance Festival in New York and told us that it was fabulous. She was there to spot potential workshop teachers and performers, and to see if the Dutch have something to offer for next year's festival.

The answer is yes, we have! Tjarda was teaching at the festival too, one of the few Dutch dancers who made it internationally. Her specialty is tribal fusion, leaning toward modern dance. Laudie concluded that Fakyma could develop a special theatrical piece in the next year and participate in the festival next year. We are also looking into Tribal Fusions, a festival in France. Hard work ahead of us, but also a lot of fun! One of the main problems is money: we'll have to find more gigs next year to fund our airplane tickets/costumes/hotel.

More Fakyma news: we ordered some baladi dresses, multicolor melaya's and headscarves for our melaya dance and we look adorable in our melaya outfits. We ran through our oriental set (enchanted gardens + drum solo), Tunesian and the melaya (folkloric set). We lanned the last weekend of August to lock ourselves in a room and work on the concept of the theatrical piece. Things are happening!

On personal news, I decided that my intermediate students would benefit from learning the basics of tribal fusion next semester, I'll be working my butt off in August to get my lesson plan in order. A bit of Rachel, a hint of Zoe, Tjarda ofcourse. I am inspired!!
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All the mushy loveydovey stuff aside, things are getting done! Our FaKyMa shoot was on January 11th and after a complicated negotiation pocess we managed to get 16 pictures for 135 euro, which is a good deal (no photoshopping, just the raw files). It included make-up and hair, we all look a little bit more glamorous than we do in every day life thanks to the hot rollers. I must fnally get my hair cut and start using those rollers, it is like instant magic for your hair.

It was in a small studio in Voorburg at the end of a long work day. Laudie came over for moral support and advice and that women drives a pretty hard bargain. I love watching her haggle, her skills are amazing both with Arabs (Egypt and Tunesia) and Dutch alike. I am so glad that her plan for savign the theater was approved and she can continue to work on making her dream come true. She is also our stage mama :-)

I'll post the group pictures in this post and will return with the solo pictures later. The group was last ont he list so our hair has sort of given up by that time. I give you: FaKyMa! (we are officially The Dalla Dream Dancers)
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FaKyMa (our tiny performance troupe consisting of three hot thirty something kick as women who know how to dance) had a second performance yesterday at a home for the elderly in The Hague.

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In physical news, due to the cold weather and other activities I cut down on ballet/badminton/horseback riding/running for the past couple of weeks. Meaning that I feel sluggish and uncomfortable in my own skin, if I'm home on time tonight I'll do Khalida's Shimmy dvd but in fact I need to get back into regular running, or yoga, or plyometrics, or something that allows me to bounce around. I just don't feel like myself this month and I hate it..
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At our gig last Saturday a photographer took pictures of visitors and cut/pasted them onto a flying euro bill with an oriental backdrop. The party was for an organisation that handles money. Cheesy? Yes! Fun? Yes!

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