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Im cross posting from Dreamwidth'as well, just in case. I have a life long account at LJ and I am a bit sorry that I am resorting to LJ now, but everything has to end. The Russians will probably keep LJ alive for another decade but my Cyrrilic reading skills are not up to par.

Thank you, flisties who added me and granted me access!

This weekend I taught a bachelorette's workshop, we had some friends over for dinner and we enjoyed the luxury of having a seperate dining area. We originally planned o keep the dining table in the livingroom but now that it's in the gardenroom, the livingroom really opens op. Plus Eliza can play in the empty area before the French doors and we can keep an eye on her from the kitchen or the couch. The donwside of having so many windows is that we're missing the curtains/ blinds, and window washing is slightly more work.

Speaking of Eliza, she's a Cheeky little monkey and getting more talkative every day. She can walk short distances outside and doesn't want to be in the stroller any more. When she's tired she wants me to carry her. She weighs 20 pounds and in attepemt to save my back I wrestled her into the stroller under heavy protest. Otherwise she's pretty happy :-)

The goats in the petting zoo have baby goats and they are uber adorable. It is very amusing to see a chicken run towards us, and the Guinea Fowl has a funny kind of skip-hop gallop when she's in a hurry. Turkey eggs are delicious (they keep on laying). We used one for pancakes and they were extra creamy.

Next weekend is Easter and I look forward to having family time and spending time outside. I'm ignoring the disaster zone that our garden is right now. We're making plans to improve things, but we really need a thrid party to remove a 60 feet tree and dig out a whole bunch of trees and bushes.

I wish we had enough money to let someone else do our garden instead of doing it ourself. I know how happy we'll be once everything is done. I just want to go outside and sit in the sun , watch Eliza play in the sandbox.


Mar. 28th, 2017 02:39 pm
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Remember when I said the house is almost done? Well... whatever the builders were doing is done. It is now up to us to finish the rest and the list is getting longer and more expensive every time I think about it.

1. Get curtain rods up
2. decide what curtains we want, order them/buy them
3. put hearth back into the living room
4. put furniture back.
5. build temporary tv cabinet out of boxes and a shelf
6. E wants to build the bookcases by himself. Meaning four weeks of MDF, screws, painting, etc.
7. get Eliza's toys out of storage
8. buy more outlet protectors. Those things are way too interesting for Eliza
9. Get the paint splashes off the windows/tiles
10. Wash windows. Ugh.
11. clean everything AGAIN. Lots of dust coming from unexpected places
12. order new garden fence.
13. order new fence for side of the house for privacy reasons (Bay window gives excellent view from the street)
14. buy or make flowerbed for the garden
15. Buy sand for the garden, redo all the tiling
16. Wait for plants to grow through thick layer of construction debris, or get shuffle and start digging
17. buy new plants anyway, put them in flowerbeds on top of debris. Fixed it.
18. teach dog to not open doors to garden by herself. Fail. Drink wine
19. Be sad about the state of chaos in our house. drink more wine.
20. peek inside other people's houses while walking the dog to get ideas for interior design
21. decide that having furntiure and curtains in the first place is more important
22. Pet the dog. She's such a sweet girl. Reprimand dog for begging while Eliza's eating in her high chair
23. Hope that Elia will sleep through the night tonight
24. Mourn the loss of havign a clean and put togehter house, outfit, make-up and meals. Celebrate hugs, licks, pets, first steps, new words and lots of love from my family

Wait, what was I saying? Oh right, we'll have to get down to business and start cracking on the to-to list. And drink wine.
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Nothing exceptionally bad happened this week but it has been rough nonetheless. I used to think that I was pretty good at managing my life, scheduling appointments, going on work on time, that kind of thing. Since Eliza was born, my whole life feels like an complicated math problem that I have to solve with too little time.

We have four family members (Me, E, Eliza and the Dog) living at our house (H). During the day, we each have our various activities and places to go to: MeWork, EWork, ElizaDaycare and DogDaycare. To get to our destination, we have modes of transport: Walk, Car, Bicycle, Public Transportation.


DogDaycare can only be reached by Car after 8.30. Elizadaycare can be reached with all modes of transportation before 8.30. EWork can be reached by Bicycle or Car between 8.30-9.00. MeWork can be reached by Bicycle or Car between 8.30-9.00. This usually works out fine because I am home on Monday with Eliza, E on Thursday and my mum on Friday. I am not even mentioning the times at which we have to pick up Eliza and Dog from daycare or how Eliza needs her dinner before 18.00, plus our various evening activities. It's just too much.

if ElizaSick, no daycare.

Eliza got a fever on Monday and she stayed at home on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. It threw me off guard as I am in my second week at NewJob and I really didn't want to be late or take a day off. Both of these things happened and it made me feel bad. Like silently crying in the car-bad. The upside is, that since I am not sitting in a train I can now bawl my eyes out in private. To add insult to injury, I made a mistake on Wednesday and drove to the wrong place for our 9 am meeting. In my defence, naming our meeting rooms Streetname + Number in Utrecht while the whole building is in Utrecht, is probably not the cleverest idea. I showed up at the real address instead of the meeting room. *facepalm*

On Thursday I had a meeting in The Hague (Public transportation) and afterwards I visited the Lundia store because the guy that took measurements for the mirror wall/closet in the studio told me I needed to go there for the interior. The sales person in the store got really angry at me because I followed the online procedure and selected the local pick-up place instead of his store (Uh, didn't say that anywhere on the website?), basically called me freeloading scum looking for a cheap deal taking advantages of his store and ordering somewhere else and asked me to leave. Which I did. I get where he is coming from but I didn't know all that and it made me feel awful again.

And now it is Friday. Eliza is well and no longer running a fever. I am in a half empty office, getting some work done. The dreary weather is finally giving in to clear blue skies and Spring Sunshine. I hope that this week at least has a nice ending to it.
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It was good. The Chief IT operations is youngish (like, forty?) and recently started there. We had a good conversation about the pros and cons. The next two talks are on Tuesday. I had to reschedule a meeting and I hope people are not getting a whiff of my plans before they are confirmed on paper. The more I think about it, the more I want this job. I notice how I get more agitated by regular annoying things at work. As my fellow ISO is leaving at the end of December and the Privacy Officer is leaving on December 8th, all of the work would have fallen on my shoulders. Except that I probably won't be there. this includes the student who is doing his graduating thesis on privacy at the HHs. Who will be left without anyone to supervise him.

I did warn Paul that I can't take over due to too much work but he went ahead any way. Sigh.

I am about to leave for my meeting at the other company, which is also interesting. Maybe they don't need me right now and I think I need to wisen up a bit on the technical part but it sounds amazing to work there. Afterwards I'll go to the University of Utrecht because Little Brother is defending his theses today, so after successfully completing his sitting he will get his Bachelors degree. WOOt! He is now 31 years old and tried 5 studies before he found his switch for pulling through when his study got hard. I am very proud of him!

The builders are working on the pipework and cables today, things are looking up. I am hoping things stay this positive for a while, all this good news is making em wonder when things will turn sour.

Baby talk

Oct. 20th, 2016 11:06 am
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Eliza is closing in on eleven months and some major things happened.

Breastfeeding - I have been breastfeeding since her birth but I am slowly quitting. The last month she got her morning and midnight feeding from me and the other moments she got a bottle with formula. It doesn't really matter to her, she grabs the bottle just as easy as holding onto me while breastfeeding. I already quit pumping around her ninth month as I hated it. Breastfeeding her past the six month mark makes me a 'long time breast feeder'. I feel like I should get some sort of medal or pin as a memento, to celebrate hanging in there for so long. Yesterday I quit completely and gave her a bottle. She was taking ages and I felt my production is too low to satisfy her as she would finish angry.

Walking - She is walking with support. Standing is one of her favorite activities. She can stand up for twenty minutes, leaning on the edge of the coffee table and eating her sandwich. Her sandwich is a slice of bread with a small amount of baby approved topping BTW, nothing fancy. We are eagerly awaiting her to start walking without support. Any day now.... And then we have to get her some decent shoes. OMG, the world of baby shoes is a complete mystery to me. Super adorable, super expensive. I have to trace her feet on a piece of paper and get ourselves to a shoe store. That by itself sounds like a major undertaking.

Teeth - her first molars are poking through and she's quite uncomfortable. We notice it when she has a lack of appetite. It also takes ages for the buggers to come out, so we're waiting it out. She has a hard time sleeping, eating and enjoying herself when her molars bother her. Once she got those, she'll eat even more solid stuff!

Eating - we started with solids around month six and by now she wolves down rice crackers and dinner like a pro. We cook extra potatoes and vegetables from our own dinner and mash it together with baby approved meat (no salt, additives etc). On a good day she eats 250 grams. She is also a big fan of home made apple sauce and banana's.

Character - she is now at a point where she can predict what's happening next. She gets super excited playing games of peek-a-boo, and super sad and angry when it's time for mum or dad to leave. The same goes for sleeping: gone are the days when she would go to bed, play a bit and fall asleep. Bedtime is now sad time. She usually falls asleep between 20.00-21.00, leaving us with two hours to watch a movie, talk about how cute she is and snuggle on the couch. Woohoo!! She is trying out different tactics and behavior, very amusing and sometimes frustrating for us. Daddy is her favorite, as he plays the games with throwing her n the air and holding her upside down. I am a close second :-)
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Our new living room will be ready in march or april next year but I am already googling my eyes out over living room ideas. When we moved in we took all our old furniture and threw it together. We did get new red curtains and laminate flooring but it doesn't tie in all that well together.

I started out by mapping the living space into designated areas. The dining area, sitting area, kids corner and the work space/hobby area. I then jotted down the functionality of that area and our wishes. And by our, I mean my. as far as E is concerned, we first have so many big things to worry about that he doesn't see the point of worrying about details. He is right, that's why I'm on it. I believe E can cover the big stuff like overseeing the building activities while I figure out what our style is and how to tie it together.

I keep ending up with grey tones and off white, with an accent color. Some interesting terms I googled:

-family command center/family control center (I want one!)
-couch console storage
-living room wall collage
-zenza lamp (this is for the dining area, gives a lovely effect when on. plus it's a touch of the middle east)
-tv furniture sliding doors (we probably need to make this ourselves, but it would be great to have a display part of the tv closet plus slide the door, and there's the telly!)
-french doors curtains/blinds (we'll have three sets of French doors when the remodeling is finished. They better get nice window dressing)
-kids area living room

So many choices! Let's dive in :-)
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Because it's been to long
She recently started playing with her feet, utterly adorable. This is during a bus trip, she doesn't know what to make of this weird shaking noisy thing

She loves crawling into the kitchen and we're using a chair to stop her

Okay, she's not sitting all by herself but she can sit up and lean on stuff and look smug doing so

My mom stole another kid's walking cart so she could walk with Eliza. Grandmothers are a special kind of crazy. She gave the cart back afterwards, in case you're wondering

Playing outside with Noushka lying next to the playpen. Those two are up to no good together.
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Last week I was home with the flu, and this week I am returning to a nearly empty building. No students, most of my coworkers are on holiday. In short, it's summer at the university!. This allows me to catch up with certain tasks and then get some preparation done for my next semester of classes. Plus I am teaching a workshop 'bellydance during pregnancy' on Sunday the 31th to two ladies and it's the first time that I am teaching it to non bellydancers. I need to go over my material and add stuff. Ideally, when the home studio is done, I'd be able to offer this workshop and maybe short courses on a regular base. It would be interesting to reach mostly non-bellydancers. I will do my best to make them go 'I really like to keep on dancing, this is so much fun!'.

Eliza is a bit bothered by the heat (it's between 25-30 degrees celcius). She has trouble sleeping, I ended up taking her sleeping bag off and putting her in her bed covered in a loosely woven cotton cloth. She then promptly slept between 23.45-05.45. Huzzah! We are slowly getting closer to her sleeping through the night. She has some mosquito bites that look really uncomfortable, Eduard is making screens for the windows to keep mosquito's out. I fervently hate mosquito's (who doesn't) and I have a hard time falling asleep if there's still something in the dark buzzing around.

Health wise I am trying to cut down on snacks. Due to breastfeeding, I have been snacking a lot in the past eight months and it is a habit that has to stop. I haven't gained weight because the extra energy is going into making milk, but it is unhealthy for my body plus Eliza is drinking less and will sooner or later stop drinking altogether. So far, so good: it's been roughly one and a half week and it is doable. I am still eating cookies or chocolate, but I stop at one portion. As compensation I eat more vegetables and fruit during the day to keep me feeling full. After a couple of days, my body started to send me hunger signals at mealtimes again. It is good to feel this again, instead of eating all the time and not feeling much difference between before and after eating.

Eduard is teaching a private class in hunting horn to a man who works with biological produce. Instead of paying in cash, he pays with whatever is available that week. Yesterday we ate garden beans, he brought some biological apple/pear juice and I've experimented with beets. Eduard would love to try and go all organic, with the meat being provided from the hunt and the vegetables and fruit from our kitchen garden. That's not really an option as we don't spend enough time on both activities to create enough to sustain us. But this option with receiving biological vegetables and fruit plus Eduard going hunting once a week and bringing home the geese is a nice middle way. I can now identify five different types of geese plus I am getting more and more creative with vegetables and fruit that are uncommon in the super market. It is fun to work with food in this way.

We started to clear out the garden in anticipation of planning permission. We have a stack of wood that Eduard moved to the other side of the garden and on Monday night we lighted a campfire to burn the smaller twigs and branches plus wood that is unsuitable for burning inside. Eliza went to sleep around 21.30 so we had an hour of sitting outside, roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs and huddling on a woolen blanket. Noushka was a bit weirded out but ended up huddling with us so it was all very cosy and nice. As we're not going on holiday, we're going to make the most of our house and garden while we can.
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There I was, feeling all smug about not getting ill since Eliza was born. And then the snotteritus hit, some nasty cold/flu version that includes all the extra fun features like a fever, mucus running down my nose, throat ache.

Eliza got it first and is now over it. Eduard was the second one to go down: he spend Monday and Tuesday with a fever. I started on Tuesday but managed to go through a visit of the free university in Amsterdam with the help of paracetamol. And then everything went black and I got het fever too. Yesterday I stayed home while everyone else was out. Couldn't sleep so I worked on the moon goddess costume. Added lining, moved closures, made the intended flowy sleeve plus an upper arm band. Couldn't stand up because I was woozy.

Today I'm at home, I cancelled all my appointments plus I am sending out email that is due. Because it's summer holiday, some of my coworkers won't be there the next couple of weeks and I need to finish a couple of things before they leave. The good news is that we have taking care of Eliza and Noushka covered: Eduard is home on Thursday and he's downstairs with Eliza. I am upstairs working from home and I'm going to breastfeed her around noon before I go back to bed. The crisis is under control but is extra inconvenient because stuff still needs to get done (cleaning, groceries, cooking).

Let's hope things get better and I can shake this bug off within a couple of days.
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Slowly we're making progress on the remodeling plans. The contractor is making the drawings for submitting to planning permission. We're having a meeting in a week or two to discuss the plans, and then he can submit them. In another 6-8 weeks we'll have a go or no go. Building will probably start in October but right now the planning is a bit up in the air. It's making me anxious as I foresee a very stressful time for us as a family. It's true what they say: having a baby is a strain on your relationship. We're good, but both tired plus we both have our extra activities that take up time away from the family. I can only imagine the added stress of taking the whole family to another town/house/living with my mother or mother in law.

I like our house. I like our routine. I like knowing where everything is. My limit to accepting changes is getting lower as I age and this is a lot of change in a relative short timeframe. I hope that construction will be done on November 25th, on Eliza's first birthday.

Speaking of Eliza, our little girl is working very hard on growing up. She managed to pull herself to a standing position yesterday at day care, followed by panicking because she has no idea about sitting back down yet. She has six teeth and we're expecting the next two. Based on hw she's sleeping (not much) they are due any day now. E. swears that she's saying mama, dada and Noushka but it's all a bit random babbling around which is delightful. As is the smile on her face when she sees me and recognizes me.

I installed the maxi-cosy carrier on the back of my bike and she loves hanging out in the back and looking around. Once she can walk, we'll have to keep an eye on her all the time! My plan was to get her a necklace or armband with a gps tracker, just in case. Does that make me an over caring parent?
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It went down like this:
Saturday we received word that our uncle is in the hospital, with unlikely chance of waking up. I offered to call Big Brother on account of him probably wanting to know these things.

1. After the news, he was most concerned about what reaction wpuld be appropriate given that he hadn't seen or spoken to them for over three years. He was suprised when I told him we visited them a couple of times and they visited us.

2. It soon escalated into him turning into a whiney version of himself, telling me he would be a hypocrit to show up for small talk if he still had big issues. I then asked what these issues were, he couldn't tell me. So my douchebag brother turned a conversation about a dying family member into a conversation all about him.

3. I mentioned that not showing up when we invited him was kind of odd, if he wanted to have more contact. He told me he doesn't want contact, he is doing it because I told him I missed him. Which he find highly suspicious and btw I suck at contacting him because I never come around or call him.

After this tiredsome phonecall I decided that the brother that I missed died twenty years ago. I don't recognize or like this paranoid, selfish and hurtful guy on the other side of the line. And if he doesn't want contact, why should I keep trying? I have a wonderful life without him. I don't need all this negativity bringing me down.
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I am now capable of recognizing when Eliza is tired and need to take a nap. I can walk upstairs, sing her a song and put her to bed. And she protests but I then pat her back, turn on her music box (twinkle twinkle little star) and walk out of the room.

And when I'm downstairs, she's sound asleep. I am currently sitting downstairs, stunned and wondering what to do with the free time I now have on my hands.

Funny thing is that in the past six months I was unable to recognize her signals and get the timing right for her to sleep. Ending up with an overtired baby and an exhausted me. And overnight, I suddenly get it. It is the weirdest experience in ages. Now that I get it, I don't understand why I didn't get it before. It's so obvious now.

Have to do something with this in class today.
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In the past couple of weeks, Eliza started to wake up more frequently during the night. After her 5am wake up moment, she'd have a hard time getting back to sleep. I put her inbetween us because that seemed to help with her getting back to sleep, but she would wake up around 7am waving her arns around and kicking me in the ribs. She is a very strong baby, for sure! Her crib is getting too small for her (awwwww) so I decided it was time to have her sleep in her own room.


That obviously was a great idea! It took us longer to get her to sleep, she's falling asleep at 10 or 11 pm. But when she sleeps, she only wakes up once around 4am for feeding, then goes back to sleep with minimal effort until 8.30. Eight friggin thirty. I feel like we hit the jackpot.

Bonus is that we feel more rested because it is quiet in our bedroom and we have the bed to ourselves. We use the babyphone during the night as well, even though her room is next to us I don't want to miss the early signs of her waking up. When we get to her early she goes back to sleep easily after her feeding.

I am slightly sad that my baby is getting bigger and she is further away during the night. But... SLEEP. Awesomesauce.
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Four more days to go and Eliza will be five months old. I've silently been counting towards the six month mark because that's when most of the early problems with regards to feeding, the digestive system and sleeping are getting easier. Before getting pregnant I decided that I wanted to breastfeed if possible for at least six months. Now that the six month mark is getting in sight, I have to ask myself what I want with regards to feeding.

Before actually trying to breastfeed, I didn't understand how hard it is. I always thought that it was kind of a natural, peaceful and pain free process where the baby latched on. In the first week I soon learned that this was not true.

Things I did not know about breastfeeding

1. It hurts (at first). It feels like your nipple is being attacked by piranha's while being fixated in a vice. Not fun. For some people, the pain subsides after a couple of days. It took me five weeks, after which feeding is mostly pain free.

2. Then it hurts AGAIN. Feeding is now a matter of keeping a close eye on her: at the end of her feeding she starts to goof around, including nibbling with her razor sharp tiny teeth while smiling. Not fun.

3. No sleep for the wicked. Yes, when she wakes up in the middle of the night I can feed her right away. But I can't miss a feeding. The first months I couldn't miss a feeding because my breast would have exploded, and now I can't miss a feeding because we don't have enough milk stored in the fridge. This means that for the first three months, my day and night consisted of being awake for one hour and being asleep for max two hours. If I was lucky. Now she feeds every four hours and if we're lucky she skips or delays one feeding at night, allowing me to sleep for 4-5 hours.

4. My body isn't mine. With every passing week I feel more and more like myself as a separate entity instead of 'mom'. Which is great! As long as I breastfeed, my body will not be mine.

5. Pumping milk requires massive logistic skills
I have to think before going out of the door if I have the breast pump with me. I have to clean the bottles and breast shield every night and pack them up in the morning. I have to plan a week before going out on how many feedings we should have in the fridge. Arriving an hour early or later might make the difference between missing a feeding or not.

Despite all the negatives, I am a poster girl for breast feeding. Within eight days of giving birth, we worked out the latching problems and my milk production was up to speed. Eliza thrives in her growth and development. I have been pumping four days a week for the past two months and my production is still going strong. All things considered, I am contemplating continuing breastfeeding Eliza up until her first birthday*. After all the hurdles we took, seems like I might as well enjoy the benefits a bit longer.

*the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first two years but that feels like an eternity and a bit overkill for me
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The reorganization at work is coming to an end. I thankfully missed most of it because I was on maternity leave. I popped into the office to show off Eliza have the mandatory placement talk. No surprise there: I got placed as Advisor Risk and Information Security. I am very happy with this because due to the workfield, it is rare to hold the role of Information Security Officer while working part-time. It's the kind of job where you check your Twitter stream for new threats and discover we should be patching some big hole.... on Saturday. Lucky for me, nobody at the University works during the weekend. Or after 17.00. And most people work part-time, so I'm not begrudged by my fellow coworkers.

Work is... old, but also new. My best friend at the office, Projectmanager Miranda, has found a new job on the other end of the country and is leaving in a couple of weeks. I am going to miss her so much, we share the same humor and had really nice conversations about live and everything. Plus we have a shared obsession for tea and chocolate so she was the perfect enabler. I am waiting for the next coworker to find a new job and leave. This summer is my five year anniversary at the University and so much has changed. I am so much more secure in my role as policy advisor and found a niche that I like. I am on my fourth boss: no 1 hired me, no 2 was a gnome-like person who talked too much non sense, no 4 was Alexander the Russian and my current boss, no 4, is Elfred the bald headed astronomer.

It's a good thing, as Elfred has proven to be one of the most sensible and stable coworkers in the past five years. Plus he has a family with four kids and a wife who is also Indo so I can relate to him. He used to say that he comes to work to get some rest and with his home situation I totally believe this. I am enjoying my time at the office too, because I love being able to put my mind at work solving riddles at work, and then coming home to Eliza, Noushka and Eduard.

Every mother has to make her own choices and there is no such thing as a universal rule about what choice is supposed to be the 'one and only' right one. For me, working part-time works great. It forces me to take some perspective on what happens at home, to trust my husband, my mother and the daycare with the care of our daughter (they're all doing great). When Eliza is crying and fussing all day because she's teething, I know that I can go to work the next day so I don't have the outlook of endless days and nights with a crying baby. I can go to work, replenish my battery and get back. I also love how Eduard is taking care of his daughter, playing with her, making up songs, pointing out birds and flowers and proudly showing her off. I'm sure we'll make mistakes but I don't think Eliza will ever have a lack of parental love and hugs.

I am scanning the ultrasounds of Eliza plus her first day as recorded by our nurse and it is adorable to read back. Mostly because I already have very little recollection of the first eight days (thank you, hormones!). The nurse thought we were pretty awesome and we were doing great, and she'd love to work for us again if we have a second child.
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While browsing the baby store I found this book called "I'd really like to eat a child'. It's about a little crocodile who wants to eat a child, while his mother is giving him fruit and vegetables.

As Eliza has recently started teething, I am for now calling her my little crocodile :-) She has one lower center tooth, and the incisors on the lower yaw are breaking through. It makes her irritable, she drools a lot and she sometimes has to cry because it hurts. Inbetween she is still her happy, smiley, wriggly self. The consultation office told me that yes, she is moving quite a lot. She is quite strong in her arms and legs, rolling over can happen any day now. As I can relate to moving a lot, I find it good news. It probably means that we'll have to go outside for playing games, walks, dancing around the living room. It's good because those are the kind of activities I enjoy too.

CB also had doubts about her hips so we are going to the local children's hospital for an ultrasound. If she needs correction, she has to wear a special cast for a large amount of the day. I am hoping that the resistant that the pediatrician felt is coming from her muscle strength, not because her hips need correction. Eliza also got her third round of vaccinations, which made her fussy between 16.00-19.00 and made her fall in a deep sleep around 21.00. I got home at 22.00 after teaching, and got to sleep between 23.00-04.50. Woohoo!! It's probably only this one time, but it feels great to be slightly more rested.

She is now 63,5 cm long and weighs 6280 grams. According to the curve, she is slightly below but this is to be expected as she is still breastfeeding. Turns out breast fed babies are a bit lighter at this stage, and they catch up once they eat more solids. Which brings me to...

Her first bite of solid food! We got the green light to play around with bits of fruit and vegetables to get her used to new tastes. Try one item for three days in a row to let her get used to the taste, for one time during the day (not right before feeding her). Yesterday she ate broccoli and she was a bit meh about it. We'll try carrot next, as it is a sweeter vegetable it usually goes over well. I can't believe how fast she's growing. Parenting is demanding, scary and exhausting but overall, I feel we're doing pretty well. Probably because I am very good at not caring about a clean house. We try to stay on top of the dishes, I'm in charge of the laundry and we both make sure there is plenty of healthy food in the pantry. I want the house to be a nice place to live in, plus with Noushka running around we have plenty of hair and dirt every day coming in. We vacuum twice a week and call it good enough. Eduard I better at vacuuming and cleaning, thank god we have a small kitchen and bathroom so we usually clean up at the end of the day. It takes about twenty minutes to get everything back in it's place and the counter and furnace wiped clean and were ready for the next day.

The more Eliza is eating, the more food will get spilled on the floor/wall/table/everywhere. We're expecting Noushka to get really fond of Eliza during meal time on account of throwing food her way.

Oh noes

Apr. 5th, 2016 10:49 am
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We are the people/family you can't invite into your house because something will brake or be damaged. During our visit on Easter Monday E went upstairs to fetch some stuff from storage. Noushka followed him upstairs for a minute. In that minute she managed to poo on one of the upstairs beds (my mother in law doesn't go upstairs any more, so they are not in use). This was discovered yesterday when my sister in law was cleaning the house.

With us having to move out of our own house for about four weeks later this year, we're looking for places to stay. Our kid isn't much of a problem, but the dog might be problematic. E's brother told us flat out that we were welcome but the dog not. Because the dog is used to lying on the couch and is in general very good at ignoring us despite our best efforts. Will our kids be the same when they grow up? I hope not!

Never thought that pets would be so complicated to find a temporary home for. I love her to bits and we don't want to put her in a pension for four weeks, so the only other option is finding a holiday bungalow where dogs are allowed.
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Yesterday I got home late and after the 23.15 feeding I played and hugged a bit with Eliza before putting her to bed. She was tired but not sleeping yet and our government is promoting teaching children to fall asleep by themselves, as research shows that they sleep longer and easier. So I put her in her crib, put my hand on her chest and start telling her the fairytale of the princess, the gold ball and the frog. E. was already in bed and he played the part of the frog/prince with funny voices, I did the rest. It was real fun even though I was sooooo tired. By the end of the story Eliza's eyes were slowly falling shut. I clambered in bed and gave E a hug. That totally felt like a parenting success.

This morning we were all very tired. Well, E and I were tired. The dog and the kid have plenty of energy. I made breakfast downstairs, two ricecakes with gouda cheese and a cup of buttermilk. Then I got upstairs to help E with getting Eliza ready. When I got downstairs again, the dog drank half of the buttermilk and ate one of the rice cakes with cheese. She was totally unapologetic, her muzzle was covered in buttermilk as was the table and the floor. It was so funny, it made me miss my train so I got to work late and I am now catching up. OF all the reasons to be late at work, 'the dog ate my breakfast' is probably the funniest one in a long time.
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Every parent will claim that their kid is the cutest thing ever so it will not come as a surprise when I tell you that Eliza is an absolute delight. Okay, she's a baby and she cries when she's hungry, sad, alone or in pain due to air bubbles in her stomach or a bowel movement. And she is still adjusting her sleep/wake pattern and wakes up every couple of hours. And yes, it is a huge responsibility to take care of a tiny helpless human being.


She is such a happy baby! This morning around 7 am she woke up in her crib and I decided to close my eyes and let her play by herself for a while. She wiggled her way up to the sleep sheep* at her head and started babbling incoherently to the sheep for over half an hour. I don't know where she gets it from but she wakes up early in the morning and happy to chat. The kids in daycare love her because she likes to observe and smile at them. She weighs over 6kg (3,5 kg at birth) and is looking healthy and happy. I can't believe how fast she is growing and learning. Her most recent activity is trying to roll over, something that she can almost do. She gets really frustrated that she can't role over her shoulder yet, I bet she'll be a feisty girl when she gets bigger. She doesn't suck on pacifiers, but chooses to suck on her own hand/wrist/lower lip instead. Clever girl, those are things she can get all by herself.

I read an article that a big part of parenting is inherent to how the baby is hardwired. We got lucky with Eliza. I bet she's going to be a handful once she starts crawling/walking/talking but if she maintains her talent of being amazed, amused and entertained all by herself, she'll do great. Before becoming a mom, I was afraid I would not have any of the famous maternal instinct, or that I would not like my kid, or that I would be more sad about what I have to give up for her compared to how happy I'd be with her in my life I can safely say that it all turned out well. I make mistakes (especially when I'm tired) but I love her to bits and I would do anything in my power to keep her safe. Part of why I am happy is because E is a great partner and dad. He loves cuddling with her, reading to her or walking around and looking at things. He keeps an eye out on my well being and tells me to take a nap when I'm too tired. He is working three days now and today is his 'stay at home with Eliza' day, which he loves. He started this morning by carefully picking her outfit, which is a pair of pants with elephants printed on it in a seventies print combined with lilac socks and shirt. The man is a natural at combining outfits.

There are moments that I get frustrated or angry at him, in the middle of the night when I try to get Eliza to sleep and he is happily snoring away. Most of the time I am grateful to be with such a great guy, who loves Eliza to bits and loves and respects me. I hope we can keep it that way, I sure intent to keep putting the effort in our relationship to stay connected .

*the sleep sheep is a friend of the tranquil turtle. I kid you not.

Oh yeah

Mar. 14th, 2016 12:30 pm
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We learned that Eliza sleeps better in the open air. The weather is getting better so we're going out for a walk most days, and when she falls asleep I let her sleep in the baby carrier in the backyard while I have my lunch and enjoy the sunshine.

Plus sides: she sleeps longer, like over an hour. And I have some time to work in the garden or sit and have a cup of tea.

Total parenting win.

I am so going to take advantage of having a garden with our kids. When she's older she can play outside, have her own patch in the garden and go with us when walking the dog.

On the downside, yesterday sucked big time. E went to the Trumpet Party and I stayed with Eliza at his mother's place together with the dog. I didn't have the opportunity to nap and I didn't bring food or eat properly. As a result I was totally wipwd out at 18.00 with heavy headache, nausea, pain in my stomach. That'll teach me to take better care of myself! I slept it off by taking Eliza with me in bed tonight, so she only woke up twice for feeding and went back to sleep after that.

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