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Last week I was home with the flu, and this week I am returning to a nearly empty building. No students, most of my coworkers are on holiday. In short, it's summer at the university!. This allows me to catch up with certain tasks and then get some preparation done for my next semester of classes. Plus I am teaching a workshop 'bellydance during pregnancy' on Sunday the 31th to two ladies and it's the first time that I am teaching it to non bellydancers. I need to go over my material and add stuff. Ideally, when the home studio is done, I'd be able to offer this workshop and maybe short courses on a regular base. It would be interesting to reach mostly non-bellydancers. I will do my best to make them go 'I really like to keep on dancing, this is so much fun!'.

Eliza is a bit bothered by the heat (it's between 25-30 degrees celcius). She has trouble sleeping, I ended up taking her sleeping bag off and putting her in her bed covered in a loosely woven cotton cloth. She then promptly slept between 23.45-05.45. Huzzah! We are slowly getting closer to her sleeping through the night. She has some mosquito bites that look really uncomfortable, Eduard is making screens for the windows to keep mosquito's out. I fervently hate mosquito's (who doesn't) and I have a hard time falling asleep if there's still something in the dark buzzing around.

Health wise I am trying to cut down on snacks. Due to breastfeeding, I have been snacking a lot in the past eight months and it is a habit that has to stop. I haven't gained weight because the extra energy is going into making milk, but it is unhealthy for my body plus Eliza is drinking less and will sooner or later stop drinking altogether. So far, so good: it's been roughly one and a half week and it is doable. I am still eating cookies or chocolate, but I stop at one portion. As compensation I eat more vegetables and fruit during the day to keep me feeling full. After a couple of days, my body started to send me hunger signals at mealtimes again. It is good to feel this again, instead of eating all the time and not feeling much difference between before and after eating.

Eduard is teaching a private class in hunting horn to a man who works with biological produce. Instead of paying in cash, he pays with whatever is available that week. Yesterday we ate garden beans, he brought some biological apple/pear juice and I've experimented with beets. Eduard would love to try and go all organic, with the meat being provided from the hunt and the vegetables and fruit from our kitchen garden. That's not really an option as we don't spend enough time on both activities to create enough to sustain us. But this option with receiving biological vegetables and fruit plus Eduard going hunting once a week and bringing home the geese is a nice middle way. I can now identify five different types of geese plus I am getting more and more creative with vegetables and fruit that are uncommon in the super market. It is fun to work with food in this way.

We started to clear out the garden in anticipation of planning permission. We have a stack of wood that Eduard moved to the other side of the garden and on Monday night we lighted a campfire to burn the smaller twigs and branches plus wood that is unsuitable for burning inside. Eliza went to sleep around 21.30 so we had an hour of sitting outside, roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs and huddling on a woolen blanket. Noushka was a bit weirded out but ended up huddling with us so it was all very cosy and nice. As we're not going on holiday, we're going to make the most of our house and garden while we can.
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There I was, feeling all smug about not getting ill since Eliza was born. And then the snotteritus hit, some nasty cold/flu version that includes all the extra fun features like a fever, mucus running down my nose, throat ache.

Eliza got it first and is now over it. Eduard was the second one to go down: he spend Monday and Tuesday with a fever. I started on Tuesday but managed to go through a visit of the free university in Amsterdam with the help of paracetamol. And then everything went black and I got het fever too. Yesterday I stayed home while everyone else was out. Couldn't sleep so I worked on the moon goddess costume. Added lining, moved closures, made the intended flowy sleeve plus an upper arm band. Couldn't stand up because I was woozy.

Today I'm at home, I cancelled all my appointments plus I am sending out email that is due. Because it's summer holiday, some of my coworkers won't be there the next couple of weeks and I need to finish a couple of things before they leave. The good news is that we have taking care of Eliza and Noushka covered: Eduard is home on Thursday and he's downstairs with Eliza. I am upstairs working from home and I'm going to breastfeed her around noon before I go back to bed. The crisis is under control but is extra inconvenient because stuff still needs to get done (cleaning, groceries, cooking).

Let's hope things get better and I can shake this bug off within a couple of days.
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While browsing the baby store I found this book called "I'd really like to eat a child'. It's about a little crocodile who wants to eat a child, while his mother is giving him fruit and vegetables.

As Eliza has recently started teething, I am for now calling her my little crocodile :-) She has one lower center tooth, and the incisors on the lower yaw are breaking through. It makes her irritable, she drools a lot and she sometimes has to cry because it hurts. Inbetween she is still her happy, smiley, wriggly self. The consultation office told me that yes, she is moving quite a lot. She is quite strong in her arms and legs, rolling over can happen any day now. As I can relate to moving a lot, I find it good news. It probably means that we'll have to go outside for playing games, walks, dancing around the living room. It's good because those are the kind of activities I enjoy too.

CB also had doubts about her hips so we are going to the local children's hospital for an ultrasound. If she needs correction, she has to wear a special cast for a large amount of the day. I am hoping that the resistant that the pediatrician felt is coming from her muscle strength, not because her hips need correction. Eliza also got her third round of vaccinations, which made her fussy between 16.00-19.00 and made her fall in a deep sleep around 21.00. I got home at 22.00 after teaching, and got to sleep between 23.00-04.50. Woohoo!! It's probably only this one time, but it feels great to be slightly more rested.

She is now 63,5 cm long and weighs 6280 grams. According to the curve, she is slightly below but this is to be expected as she is still breastfeeding. Turns out breast fed babies are a bit lighter at this stage, and they catch up once they eat more solids. Which brings me to...

Her first bite of solid food! We got the green light to play around with bits of fruit and vegetables to get her used to new tastes. Try one item for three days in a row to let her get used to the taste, for one time during the day (not right before feeding her). Yesterday she ate broccoli and she was a bit meh about it. We'll try carrot next, as it is a sweeter vegetable it usually goes over well. I can't believe how fast she's growing. Parenting is demanding, scary and exhausting but overall, I feel we're doing pretty well. Probably because I am very good at not caring about a clean house. We try to stay on top of the dishes, I'm in charge of the laundry and we both make sure there is plenty of healthy food in the pantry. I want the house to be a nice place to live in, plus with Noushka running around we have plenty of hair and dirt every day coming in. We vacuum twice a week and call it good enough. Eduard I better at vacuuming and cleaning, thank god we have a small kitchen and bathroom so we usually clean up at the end of the day. It takes about twenty minutes to get everything back in it's place and the counter and furnace wiped clean and were ready for the next day.

The more Eliza is eating, the more food will get spilled on the floor/wall/table/everywhere. We're expecting Noushka to get really fond of Eliza during meal time on account of throwing food her way.
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Holy crap, the first menses after the currettage sucks big time. Muchos ouch and more flow. I also didn't expect to be so emotional but I am and that sucks too

I want to be unreasonable and kick something. Any suggestions?
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Today it's exactly two weeks ago that I underwent the curettage. It feels like it has been much longer but I was crudely reminded by my body that I am still recovering. Sudden flow and all that.

Emotionally I am exhausted. It hurts. It still hurts. When I try to imagine how much it must hurt for people who lost their baby after nine months, or six months, it makes me incredible sad. We are going to try again but now I am afraid that something will go wrong again. The emtoions come and go and my way of dealing with things is a healthy mix of sharing and talking with E, and focussing on some short term goal to divert attention. I am back at work and that helps too.

Physically there are occasionally cramps and bloodflow. My pregnancy hormones are residing and I feel energetic again. My body feels tighter, if that makes sense. More solid. Like I was turning into goo and I am turning back into hardwood. I knew that I was tired in the past three months but with the contrast of my current energy level I can say that it is a world of difference.

Tonight I am going to ballet for the first time in five weeks and I am very excited about that. E and I talked about priorities and I decided that I won't take ballet after the summer holiday. Since the move, it is a 45 minute drive by bicycle and that is too far for comfort. On another note, teaching bellydance classes is also 40 minutes away by bike, but I am still motivated to continue teaching at that location.

E and I are making plans for 2015 and we are probably going to get some upgrades for the house. We're talking expensive upgrades, like a dormer (13-15k) or a conservatory (20k). I am voting for taking more time and saving up, so we can afford to have a basement installed under the future conservatory (12-15k). A basement that could be used as a music and dance studio! Houses in the Netherland are solid build brick and once you put your money into an upgrade, the option to demolish it and start over is gone.

Thinking about projects and such is a good way to ease the pain. I hope that the flow will stop, as it is supposed to stop in about two weeks after the procedure. I have a chek-up next week and I am hoping that the obgyn gives me the green light to do all normal things again.
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Day 8
my body is starting to adapt to the exercise and I am starting to feel more energetic. There has been muscle ache after the p90X abs workout but as long as I keep on moving every day, it will smoothen out. I wanted to do more cardio today and a bit of weights soI went with another favorite: Jillian Michaels '30 day shred'. The dvd contains three 30 minute workouts that can be done at different levels depending on your own stamina. I did the first workout and it was good. Strange how attached I get to the voice of people on dvd, like Jillina, Aziza, Jillian and Tony. Almost as if I went to real classes (well, I did go to their workshops but that's different, right?)

I wanted to continue with Shimmies with Khalida but I discovered that the dvd was in the dvd player that I gave to my mother :-( Instead I went with practicing the Jenna choreo four times. It is starting to sink in, if I can practice it some more in the next week I might videotape myself so I can give myself corrections.

I am going to finish my Zambra Mora/Spanish-Arabic handout for tomorrow's class. I have a beginners and an advanced class tomorrow, which brings me to:

Day 9

First day of work in 2015 and I am teaching two classes. By adding ten minutes of choreo practice for myself I am counting those two and a half hour as day 9! I also like to write down the unwritten rules for my ten day challenge, so I can turn it into a decent blogpost when I am done.

The goal of my challenge was to get myself moving again and create a bit of a habit. I need to remember how much I love bellydance by actually dancing. It might sound strange but as a professional dancer, much of my time goes into administration, website updates, writing newsletters and developing new material for my students. Less and less time is spend on dancing. I am however fully aware that, like most of us, I have limited time. Next to my goal to dance more, I need to get off my ass and get healthier. Not to lose weight (though I wouldn't mind losing a bit of the 20 pounds I put on in the last two years) but to keep my body strong, healthy and in shape. Training my muscles to be strong shapes my body at any weight. The rules that I set for myself are:

1. days don't have to be consecutive. I am allowed to take a break because life gets in the way
2. at least 10 minutes of dance practice (choreo practice, drills, instructional dvd) counts. I have to physically DANCE
3. I can supplement dance practice with strength/cardio/any other form of movement
4. I will write down every day what I have done.
5. The challenge is ten days because that is the avarage attention span for most people. I will try to keep it up though and continue into 30 days, then 60, then 90, etc. Let's see how much dance practice I can get into one year! (next to my full time job, loving husband, dog, travel time and family and friends)

To those of you who already did a challenge or are considering starting one, what are your rules for a dance challenge?


Dec. 24th, 2014 05:15 pm
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On Thursday I called the obgyn because waiting for the flow to start by itself was wearing me out emotionally. The quickest intake they could arrange was on Monday morning.

I had not lost a single drop of blood untill the procedure and that was something that I found weird. I thought my body would at a certain point realize that there was no heartbeat but it kept on trying. For the intake on Monday we stopped by the office of the midwife for my file, which I read in the car and then started crying again. They quite accurately described our points of contacts and it was sad and confronting to see it black on white.

E dropped me off at the hospital but unfortunately couldn't come with me because we had no one to take careo f the dog. We can't leave her alone (yet). Instead he stayed outside and I called him during the meetings.

I went to service window M to subscribe myself at the hospital. Followed by service window E for meeting the obgyn during the emergency hour. She was very nice and understanding. She did an internal echo to confirm that there was no heartbeat and taked me through the three options. went with the curettage, the heaviest option because it has the highest succes rate and I was very worried about complications of the natural proces started with medication. The earliest they could schedule me was on Wednesday morning.

Down to servicewindow B to get an appointment for pre operation, and to servicewindow L to get bloodwork done. On Tuesday I had to get back for the pre-op intake (the procedure is with complete narcose) and meet with the apotheker and the anesthesist. All was well as I am overall in good health.

We had some diversion during the rest of the days because I invited friends over for dinner. It gave me a reason to think about groceries, cooking and preparing our home. As it was, all women that visited us in the last two days were in various stages of pregnancy. I didn't find it confronting though there were times E and I would grow quiet.

This morning we got up at six, got to the hospital at seven where I was prepped at seven thirty and wheeled away in a hospital bed at seven thirty five. I felt scared but in safe hands, as everyone was really nice and taking care of me despite the obvious time pressure in the hospital. This was, ofcourse, at a different part of the hospital for short term care. I cried a bit waiting for the anesthesia as there was an adorable little girl next to me who was also waiting. She and her dad were adorable together.

When I was wheeled into the operating room I was intimidated by the many instruments, the obgyn gave me a hand, checked if I was the right person and explained a bit about the procedure. Anesthesia hit me straight out and next thing I knew I woke up in yet again a different part of the building.

They then brought me back to the recovery room where I ate something and promptly fell asleep (the nurse was strickt and asked E to leave so I would sleep). I woke around twelve o clock, had a sandwich and was allowed to leave. My stomach was hurting like a menstruation cramps and I was flowing heavily but I was otherwise fine. Very relieved that it was over. E is taking good care of me and I spent most of the day sleeping the anesthesia off.

During the past couple of days, I haven't once wondered about the cost and whether it is covered by my insurance. I think it is covered, after deduction of the 'own risk' cost of 250 euro. I can imagine that in countries with no basic healthcare program women can't afford this procedure and it makes me sad and angry.
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We arrived early at the obgyn's office for our ten week chek up. The same blond haired woman welcomed us in as the last time and I took my place on the bench. She squirted some gel on my belly and started the ultrasound. That was when we noticed that there was no heartbeat. The embryo itself looked perfect, developed into 9 weeks and 3 days. But there was no heartbeat and counting back, the heart must have stopped about eight days ago.

E. And I are both devestated and we took a couple of days off so we can be together and mourn. Also, somewhere in the next two weeks my body will expell the embryo and the uterus lining. It will be something inbetween menstruating and giving birth, meaning lots of bloodloss and cramps. I am going to the pharmacy today to prepare myself with special pads and such. My mother told me I really need those: she had a miscarriage in her thirteenth week, roughly 40 years ago.

So sad.
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Second menses since I stopped taking the pill and can I say OUCH. I have much more PMS, cramps and other symptoms then when I still took the pill. Another annoying thing: feeling like I am going to menstruate soon, and my body decides to hold out on me for a week before I am actually in need of female hygienic propucts. Ofcourse using said products as a precaution because you don't want to find out that aunt flo is visiting when you get out of your chair after a two hour meeting and seeing a red mark on the chair.

I take my hat off to all the ladies all over the world including myself for not complaining all the time. And even if we complain or are stressed because of our menses, this is only because we need to remind the people around us that we deserve chocolate, red wine and lots of hugs and kisses.

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It's been roughly two weeks since I decided that I want to move around more often, ergo exercise some more. I had some excuses in the past year (falling in love, buying a house, etc) that made me not work out much and I probably will have an excuse in the future too. However, I like moving my body. I like feeling present, seeing how the power of my legs can help me cross distances on foot and on my bike. It makes me feel strong.

A short recap after two weeks:
1. I feel sweaty most of the time and start sweating the minute I think about walking around. This is unpleasant, but I comfort myself with the idea that I will sweat less when I burned off the 10 pounds that I piled on in the past year.

2. Related to feeling sweaty, my metabolism is turned up and where I usually felt a bit chilly, I am now feeling hot most of the time, to the degree that I kick off blankets in bed and want to wear a thinner coat outside.

3. I haven't stepped on the scale yet, because I tend to focus too much on the number instead of how I feel. I stepped on the scales a couple of times before I started and I was at 68.8 kg, roughly 6 kg above the weight where I feel comfortable. Hoping to bring it back to 63-65 ish, that might take three months or so.

I started sampling the gym's in my area: yesterday I took a Zumba class in the gym closest to our house. It was a fun class, though I believe Zumba to be a very unsafe way of moving due to no safety cues at all and the huge, uncontrolled flailing. I'll try the bigger and more luxurious gym next week. I really enjoy riding my bike again for longer distances, it is very meditative :-) Belly dance class and ballet are as usual, though I am finally seeing some slow improvements in ballet class after a long plateau. Ballet teacher is the best and I like her as a person, maybe because she also taught several of my dance friends. She sort of feels like a dance aunt.
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I got my vaccination shots and my body is going 'oh noez! Must have fever to banish evil foreign virus stuff!'. I got several vaccinations at the same time: dyphtery, typhus, polio, hepatitus a, hepatitus b and stomach typhus. We also got our malaria prescription for the days when we are on Sumatra and the recommendation to bing a DEET impregnated klamboe with us to prevent mosquito bites. We are going to sumatra, java and bali.

Indonesia is starting to get more real. I can't believe we're really going in a couple of months!

Now, if my body would stop being feverish that would be great.

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I started running in 2010 when the weather was soft and I was feeling fed up with being cooped inside. I started on a full-time trainee ship in 2009 and I was feeling like I was slowely turning into a desk monkey. I don't do well in a 9-5 environment where you are expected to sit still and act mature all the time. Lucky for me, my current workplace doesn't mind me practicing my dance moves in the hallway.

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I decided to set myself a challenge: participate in a running event in 2012: a 5k event in The Hague. Yesterday I participated on the 2013 edition but this time for 10k and as a part of our business team. Since being around crowds and loud music is not something that I naturally enjoy, these are huge challenges for me. I set these challenges because learning to cope with these situations makes me more flexible. Last year I was overwhelmed, this year I felt more at ease. Having a business area helps: a place to keep your stuff, change clothes, have tea, chat and relax, stretch. the weather was against us: app. 2 degrees cecius (Cold!) and a prediction of snow. I started off with three layers of shirts and glvoes. After about 3 km the gloves had to come off (Warm!). I found a coworker who had about the same pace and we ran the whole 10k together. I finished the 10k with a time of 1.06.08 and a feeling of accomplishment.
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1. my classes started and I have two lovely groups of ladies. I scared the shit out of my intermediates yesterday with the 8 minute shimmy drill. My beginners class has two return students + two people who dropped by because of worth of mouth. I am a happy camper. Bellydance 1 is doing a choreography to Fakerni by Haifa Wehbe. I chose to do a more theatrical style with less repetition, as it appeals better to the creative nature of some students. Last semester had a choreography that relied on symmetry and counting, this one is more about musical interpretation.

Bellydance 2 is getting a drills/improv thing, meaning we work on drills for a saaidi choreography for the 6th of april performance, and on improvisation with Aziza (the song, not the dancer). It is an easy song to recognize the structure and I feel it is a good way to usher my students towards classis BD songs.

2. running! The Netherlands had the whole snow and ice thing going on, off and on during the last couple of weeks. I got a bit out of practice with regards to running but I was reminded today that I will be doing the CPC run at the start of March (yes, in three weeks). I upped the ante and went with 10k instead of 5k, as I usually run 7-8k for practice. Those extra k's will be heavy, but I run for my company and we have our private changing area and a sportmasseuse. Meaning I can drop on the floor of our pavilion afterwards and do my yoga stretches and all will be well. And if I don't recover on Sunday I have a good excuse to call in sick on Monday :-)

3.ballet. due to work I missed the last three classes. Eep! I look forward to getting back in class next week. My turns are getting better and so is my core strength, so that is good. If I could get back into running my flexibility would greatly benefit, nothing beats stretching after a good run for improved range of motion.

4. badminton. Also missed several classes int he past couple of weeks due to work. It is not a priority but I hope that I can make it to at least two sessions per month. I am getting better at foot placement and strategy, but I don't play often enough to ingrain the patterns for shuttle placement that I need. *shrugs* It is fun though.

5. horseback riding: also missed classes here but I went last thursday and had a blast. Things are solidifying into my system, I hve a better sit (meaning better balance on a horse) and I use the tension on my stirrups better. When the weather gets better I want to  do a 2 hour ride outside once a month, I imagine that will be lovely.

6. my own BD practice: I have several practice sessions planned in the next months with various groups: expanding our repertoire with FaKyMa, rehearsing with the LAT project (30th of march Groningen, april 5thin Amsterdam) and Sense of Bellydance (hafla on april 6th). My fancy has been tickled by the online classes from Datura and Raqstv, but I told myself I should start with the dvds in  my closet first. I am once more trying to do a dvd this month, I have to keep up with my flisties on the dvd challenge.
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I have been on the diane-35 pill for over 15 years. In the EU, several women on that pill have died from a side effect, trombosis. Research is pending, but in the meantime I have to choose for myself whether I'll continue taking the pill, or not.

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My voice is held hostage by the slime monster in my throat, I am still vertically challenged in the sense.of being upright sucks.

Cancelled the class, am grateful that the cultural center is making the calls. It took me two minutes before they understood that I was a human being on the phone

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Feb. 24th, 2012 10:29 pm
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I finished a vesion of the new telephone policy around 19.30 and hurred my way out o the building as I was afraid that I would get locked in. On my way to the train I noticed I was dizzy. While I was in the train, I was getting hotter and having a kille headache. Byt the time I got home, I was still in denial but as I had a hard time getting up the stairs, I have to face that going to Aachen tomorow is not a good idea. I'm taking paracetamol and going to bed early, hoping things will get better or I'll have to cancel going to Austria too and spend my holiday in bed. Crap, crap, crap.  

That's what you get for getting caught up in your job, working to late, eating bad stuff and being emotionally messed up. I really need to take beter care of myself, it must be stress related. 

I emailed Karima and put word out on facebook, if you happen to see her tomorrow could you let her know how sorry I am? I'm also sorry that I will miss your awesomeness and hanging with everyone backstage. 
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We haven't seen the sun long enough to remember what it looks like this summer, and it seems the fall downpour is already upon us. Thunder and lightning are fighting over airtime and I feel sad about the summer that never was. 

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 my eyes, they burn!! Called my gp for my hayfever meds, I hope I can pick them up tomorrow. Oficially I'm allergic to all pollen between february-october, but I try to not use meds as long as possible in a feeble attempt to let my know it is not that bad.
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I love living in a medium sized city with dance schools that have free try-out weeks every now and then, and are a 10 minute bike ride away. Excellent!!

I did a Latin Jam class today at dance school Touchée. It was super duper funtime! Mainly because it focuses on cardio (getting the heartrate up), a bit of choreo and some abdominal exercises. The class was taught by two teachers, as both of them were ill so they joined forces. They also are father and daughter and excellent in doing the Latin Flava attitude. I've signed up for a free City Jam class on thursday while I was there and in an active mood. As long as I'm unemployed, I can't afford their classes and when I'm back to work, I'll be too tired to go.

Two people from Herbalife were hoovering in the hallway, offering free bodyfat scans. Figured I might as well do that and to my horror the apratus said I have 27.8 bodyfat. It's within a healthy range, but the Herbalife guy immediately tried to grab this chance at selling me some of their overpriced supplements by suggesting I should try to lose weight. That's when I stopped listening and headed out of the door. Nobody is going to tell me I should loose weight because THEY think I should.

I'm in the mood for more free stuff, so I've signed up for the free modern dance workshop for DCU members (I'm taking ballet at DCU) and free ticket to the modern dance performance TRANSFORMATION on februari the 24th. 

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