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I am bad at organizing soial events. BD events I can manage, herding dancers is no problem. But social events? Nah.

Last year I planned a school reunion that turned out with 8 people showed up. We had a good time and it was fun, but I wouldn't call it a huge success from an organziing perspective.

This year I am taking another Lucky shot by organizign a traineeship-reunion (so far about half of the people can attend) and my neighbor who's real name is Davina and I decided to attempt a neighborhood barbecue. Because we can.

My biggest problems are indifference (I don't care if a small amount of people show up. I am an introvert, I like small groups), minimalism in communication (You got one letter at the start and one as a reminder. Don't make me overdo it).

I do like having a small group of people show up and getting to talk to everyone. It's worth the (minimal) effort I'm making!

On the downside, my teak at work still doesn't eat lunch. I participated in the table tennis competition. I congratulate people for their birthdays and birth of children. I drink tea, share cookies and talk with people but somehow I am still searching for osmeone to eat lunch with every day. It makes me feel sad and lonely, not a good combination. I miss having coworkers who walk in and tell me to come lunch with them, or hand me chocolate, or ask me how I''m doing. Blegh.

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