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Miley Cyrus 2013 makes me sad. Her performance at the VMA was inappropriate and downright sad on so many levels. Racist, sexist an
d a helluva lot of WTF?!*

 To cheer me up I watched her Party in the USA clip where she is Miley Cyrus 2009. Good old times when she was  wearing clothes, having fun and made music I'd wanted to listen to.

*background story: Miley Cyrus's video clip involved adults dressed up as teddybears, twerking done by white women with black women as accesoires in the backgroun and a whole lot of 'edgy' behavior that really isn't edgy at all. The original videoclip from Blurred Lines (it is actually a pretty groovy song) includes three nearly naked women running around the fully dressed male singers. Miley's performance combined those two clips.
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We all get requests from random strangers through email and phone about try out classes. We all know that these inquieries usually come to nothing. I my six years of teaching, I haven't had one inquiery that ended in someone participating in the class. Lo and behold, not so last Monday!

Two teenage girls (I estimate 16ish) showed up for my beginners class. I was so baffled that I completely threw my lesson plan out of the window. The planning was working on chest lifts/drops, shoulder accents and dancer's walk. We started out with the walk, got to the acents and then people started asking questions, I got a bit carried away and when I looked at the clock it was 5 minutes after the official end of my class. Oh noes!!! I rushed outside to call the next group in, while hastily taking the four students of the first group through a short cool down. I felt like a bad teacher. The good news: the girls really liked the class and asked if they could enroll. Yes please!!

The good news is that I recovered my focus in the second group. We did the walking exercise (making eye contact, exuding confidence, being there) and it went very well. I think we got a bit further in the group proces with regards to building an emotionally safe environment. The third class are my intermediates and we dipped into musicality. I have a different approach this season in addition to the choreography/technique material: each group chose music to dance too, and they had homework to transcribe the music (what do you hear, + write it down). 

It is a very confusing assignment if you have never done it before. In class we took one of the songs (sensual chifti from Eddie 'the sheik' kochak). First dance to the melody only, then rhythm only, then in pairs: one takes the rhythm, the other the melody. The melody person gives a sign when they want to swap. It was brilliant, several students had epiphanies with regards to musical interpretation. I have mostly melodic listeners in my group (I'm melodic too, though working on using the rhythm more often). How could would it be to have live music in class?
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You'd think it would be easier in this digital age, but nooooo. I've been working on getting my iTunes library up into shape in the past two months this includes:

-discovering that iTunes had randomly thrown songs away somehow in the past. Including the strictly come belly dancing cds from Eddie Kochak! oh noes!!
-managed to retrieve some of the lost music by putting everything on my ipod back onto my computer*
-..but had to manually remove the double tracks from my iTunes library afterwards
- searched and found most of the album covers so I can visualize the music (I'm a visual thinker. It works better for me with album covers)
- dug into the old pile of cds to see if I had stuff I needed to upload/ Lo and behold, I found an Ensin Egin Turkish belly dance cd! Just what I needed!
- in the process, I got to listen to most of my (mainly belly dance) music. Fun!

All I need is a secure place to back-up my music. The trouble is that it is 82,6 GB, so I need a large place to back up. I could consider using an online back-up system instead of an external hard drive, as my two external hard drives are in use all over the house (my computer, the media player, Cookiehunter's computer, etc. 

*if you ever want to retrieve music from your ipod: connect ipod to computer. Go to the ipod by clicking 'my computer, then ipod. Select ipod, right click and go to advanced settings. Click 'show hidden folder'. You can now copy your music files from the control/music folder back to your computer
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Someone posted a link to this website because she was looking for a metal/BD mixed song, like Maiden goes to Bollywood. I like how the owner of this website mixed different styles and songs, sometimes even inlcuding video clips!

Check it out on Wax Audio
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I'm uploading three cd's into iTunes before returning them to the public library. I'm going Balkan-y, with the gypsyfestival in a couple of weeks I can do with a bit of balkan music! Got Balkan beats vol 3 (how did I ever live without Opa Cupa?!) and Orkestina (Transilvanian Express. I like to be suprised :) As for suprises, I also borrowed Värtinnä 25 because it caught my fancy, though I have no clue what kind of music they make. Packing my suitcase for our groupperformance in Amersfoort this night, a shorter version of our groupdances that we preformed during the hafla. Fun!!!

edited to ad: Värtinä makes folk music from Helsinki. Nice music, interesting arrangements.
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I've been watching three bellydance dvd's today:' That's Hot!', ' lights, camera, bellydance' and 'shake it up!'.

Most memorable awful performances:
-Kaya and Sadie dressed up in white feather boas including the white feather headdress, doing extremely huge pelvic moves. It'll take a while before this is out of my system
- meleha doing an oriental fantasy number in a catsuit with ski-pant feet and a black and gold lace thong and triangle bra tied on top of it. Too much 1001 night fabtasy, higly artistic floorwork without any depth in emotion. Why the thong?
-kaya doing the 'seduce the sultan act' with a dressed up guy in the background sitting on pillows and smoking a shisha. Loved the sleeves on her crop top. Hated her adult movie faces.
-bellydancer on speed doing cane dance. I like cane dance when done well, but this was just too much of everything.

what I liked:
-some of the duo dances where nice to watch, they match well when it comes to dance style, though I rather watch a dancer with smaller and more controlled moves. I like the hat-dance thing they did, very cabaret.
-ava fleming showed her amazing muscle control, but I think the music was added out of sync.
-Sadie has good technique and nice flwoing arms
-there are some great drum solo's on these dvd's.

Hate to say it, but my armwork is a bit like that of Kaya. ai. Right now it's a bit between Samia Gamal (she could get away with it, I can't) and kaya (I'd like to keep my arms up, but somehow they always go down). Need. more. practice. I'm going to tape some choreo's next teusday, some of which aren't finished yet, because I like to keep things open when performing.

Adana- turkish folk, upbeat song
Mouna- arabian classic, everything goes style wise (Egyptian would be best, but GP likes a mix of everything)
zay al asal
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For those of you who are into folk and into bellydancing: I just discovered this cd:
Dum tek- by Nim Sofyan

he combines folk music with turkish lyrics and instruments. Gotta love the violins. It's summer, so break out the upbeat folkmusic and let us have fun! I thought I had to work on august the 12th, but I'm scheduled for work untill one so could probably make it to a picknick in the park, unless my manager has unpleasant news for me today. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I am scheduled to work three saturdays in the week 29-32 period, so she che could find someone else to fill since I'm not having any weekend left anyway.
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I'm turning into a serious youtube addict. I stayed up untill 2.00 last night, watching clips of Tarkan, other turkish popstars like sertab erener, and clips from Ruslana. Thanks to the eurovision song contest, I wonder what Turkey entered this year.

Ruslana mixes popmusic with Ukranian folk, a very explosive mix at times. The fur and leather costumes really work for me, perhaps because I like elfquest so much :) Maybe I could do a dance as a novelty act, fusing russian gypsy dance, some ukranian moves and oriental bellydance together. The music just makes me want to get up and dance!

Despite the fact that Tarkan is a bit creepy to me, his clips are amusing and fun to watch. And he does have pretty eyes. He's a bit to slick for my taste, I like my men ragged. If you want to watch, go to and type the desired artist in the search option. There are alos a lot of great bellydance clips, including ocntestants in a Russian bellydance contest whhit a lot of good dancers.

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