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Because it's been to long
She recently started playing with her feet, utterly adorable. This is during a bus trip, she doesn't know what to make of this weird shaking noisy thing

She loves crawling into the kitchen and we're using a chair to stop her

Okay, she's not sitting all by herself but she can sit up and lean on stuff and look smug doing so

My mom stole another kid's walking cart so she could walk with Eliza. Grandmothers are a special kind of crazy. She gave the cart back afterwards, in case you're wondering

Playing outside with Noushka lying next to the playpen. Those two are up to no good together.
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Here are some pictures from the beach, afer I had time to go through and photoshop a bit. I removed people in the background and some of the hair swirling around my head to create an uncluttered image. I can't believe the changes and I still have a hard time of realistic guestimating my own size. Like, in pregnancy yoga class I think "wow, the other ladies are way bigger than me!' while in fact, they are not. Size perception is a weird thing.

150825 beach 07.jpg
150825 beach 06.jpg
150825 beach 04.jpg


Mar. 19th, 2015 11:53 am
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I am finally making our wedding photoalbum. If E can look at it this weekend I can order it and it will be done! It only took me eight months *ahem* and I have a ton of video material that I need to edit too.

Curse my squirrel brain, hoarding photo's and video's all the time.

It is nice to flip through the pictures and video, it was a wonderful experience and I still feel blessed. The newlywed happiness is scientifically proven to wear off after a year so I am going to bask in it while I still can.
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E. and I are doing an improvised Argentin Tango at our wedding next week, and I have searched everywhere for a suitable white dress. I turn out to be a bit hung up on it being white, on account of being the bride. The first thought was 'there are so many white summer dresses, I surely don't need to make my own'.

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This is coming along nicely, I hope to add more pictures tomorrow when it is done. 
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The official pictures from Ikaiya and Poohbear's wedding are released! It's a good photographer and made a pick and did a bit of photoshopping. The pictures are gorgeous, with Ikaiya and Poohbear looking happy and healthy. But! since this is my blog, I feel free to post pictures of me and Mr.R because now I can finally show him off :-)

This is what I look like in the morning without make-up:

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I am looking through pictures from Indonesia and noticed that I had to send out video to two DBC participants. So I send out the video material and then opened the online photoalbum of Monique with pictures from DBC. OMG!! Monique did an amazing job at catching good moments during dance camp. I'll share a couple of my favorites here with you:
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Roos Belinfante posted the pictures and video's of the studentrecital from two weeks ago. It was a SUnday afternoon well-spent, with gorgeous performances and a good atmosphere. If you want to experience some of that good atmosphere yourself, check out Roos's website for her mini summer workshops. If you want to make some good memroies, go to 'Bellydance on the Beach', an event on august 24th in Utrecht with an outdoor  workshop and performances.

For the  student recital I did a spanish-arabic skirt dance to Ya Ghanilek from the cd ' A rough guide to Spanish-Arabic Music'. IT's a really nice song with some intersting variations in the music. I made a choreo for my students during the last semester of classes that I decided to use as a skeleton choreography for my own performance. Mostly improv, with some nice poses thrown in all over the place. Maybe I should make a full blown choreography out of this one and add it to my permanent repertoire.

The costume is my gold/multicolor bella, with an extra double layer pink chiffon skirt on top. I pulled the specially requested streamers with multicolor leafs over the outer skirt for an extra color accent. The layers work well well on stage, the bella skirt is also two layers so there is this big fluffy bunch of chiffon moving around with every spin.

Drama, I HAZ IT!!:
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This post is prompted by Misspotsit's post about appropriate wedding atire for guests. In 2013, three of my friends are getting married. Each occassion is different and requires a different dress style so I thought it would be nice to ponder a bit on my clothing options.

1st wedding: Marleen, may 2013
A spring wedding from a highschool friend. This will be an easy one: no dress code, so I go with this dress:

and a vest or jacket on top, paired with nice heels and jewelry

2d wedding: Annelies, august 2013
One of my intermediate students/friends, who is having her wedding in the backyard of her fathe rin law and is doing everything low key. no heels for me, probably a nice cotton dress + flats

3th wedding: Ikaiya, September 2013
I am her best men and one of the mistresses of ceremony, meaning that I need something practical to run around in inbetwen things, and a victorian gown in red and purple for the ceremony and party. Chances are that I have to drive a car and lots of practical things, a nice dress and comfy shoes for that occassion. For the victorian dress I need to sketch a design and plan the making off, have to finish it in june/july because august is probably stuffed to the brim.

Bonus!! Pictures of pretty dresses!

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I wanted to photograph my new costumes this weekend, but my infra red remote control ran out of power and it appears that I have lost my touch on taking pictures with the timer. I can't focus the camera when I'm pressing the button of the camera so all pictures came out blurry.

However, I can understand the need for eye candy, especially on monday.
Two pictures to give a general impression )
If you don't mind the blur, I also have pictures of me wearing my Eman mermaid costume. Hope to find a new battery for my remote soon so I can take decent pictures
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IKEA dudes came over on Tuesday night to deliver my mattress and slats (its the Sultan Flokenes and the Laxeby). It took me a couple of hours to assemble the slats and ended up with a bed that feels twice as high as the previous one. Here's a picture as proof: the former mattress fitted mostly inside my bed frame, adding about 2 inches/5cm on top. The new mattress is 12 inch/30 cm thick and adds app 10 inches on top of the bed frame. Slept on it last night and it is very soft and comfortable. I decided that I need to hibernate until the end of February, starting right now.

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Things are starting to get a bit vague, so excuse me if I happen to mix up days and events. I left with Oslems workshop, didn't I?

After Galata tower we slept in. Since Ozma mentioned it, she was uncermeoniously dragged on stage by the not-so-good bellydancer and force feeded by a sultan, then coerced into dancing on stage. Being a good friend, I cheered her on and took crappy cellphone pictures. Well yes, that IS a tambourine she is holding!

I'm quite in the middle of finding a new subletter right now so I won't be able to properly finish this post. More will soon follow. :-)

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An image says more than a thousand words and this is especially true for dancers. Okay, moving images are even more eloquent, but you need recent and fresh promotion pictures for your website, flyers, business cards, facebook and all the other media. I haven't written much about the business side of belly dance as I'm currently focusing more on my day job but the december/january photo shoot is a tradition that I simply can't miss. There's nothing like kicking off a new year by looking at some nice glamour shots of yourself, preferably while you have a hangover and are still in your pj's with crazy out of bed hair. 

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I have never been to a clothing swap party before, and as I was running to the train on the dreary Wednesday morning, trying to hold onto my bag with badminton gear and two bags of clothes I was thinking to myself that attending a swap party tonight was probably  a bad idea. First of all, I don't need new clothes as I just went through my wardrobe with a tooth comb in order to declutter. Second, the girls would probably not be my size, and third, I doubted that they'd share my love for bold prints. However, I was one my way and set to try it at least once before passing up on the concept of swapping clothes with total strangers.
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 Amulya asked about a post to gather all the costume entries for the Pink Turkish costume. It is also an excellent opportunity to show you pictures of the finished costume. I have worn this costume six times since I finished it and it is holding up great. I'm a little bit concerned about the holographic foil print turning silver over time, but so far, so good. I haven't written about making the accessoiries: there is a matching upper arm band and a triangular hand decoration. They were fairly easy: I used a paisley medallion, added to a strip of fabric and edged in beads/sequins. The necklace is my multi-color butterfly necklace that also matches my Pharaonix butterfly. Come to think of it, it matches most of my costumes as it is multi-color. I highly recommend investing in a multi-color jewelry, as it creates an extra bit of visual interest. Rhinestone jewelry just didn't cut it for this costume.

This is a picture of our duet. Hadyr is wearing the Bella I sold her earlier this year, which was the reason why I needed a costume to match it's magnificent blingy-ness. Picture by Merijn van der Vliet:

And here's a close-up from a later show in Bussum. Picture by Michael van Schijndel:

And here is a rather dark video of our duet, taken at a hafla in Wageningen. 

The history:

1 - feb 20th: The materials
2 - feb 21th: belt pattern and base
3 - feb 22th: covering the belt base
4 - feb 24th: rhinestones everywhere
5 - feb 25th: paisley medallions
6 - feb 26th: Vanilla glitter
7 - mar 7th: a whole lot of bling
8 - mar 22th: Fringe!
9 - mar 24th: help me pick a skirt
10 - mar 29th: the bra base
11 - mar 31th: covering the bra
12 - april 7th: beading and fringe on the bra
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Overhead veil throw 

Greeting he audiencewith a couple of hipdrops
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 In my last costume update, you've seen the bra base. In order to make those funky shaped cut-outs keep their shape, I needed to add metal wire to the bra cups. I prefer to cover the bra base first, and stitch the metal wire on later.
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That's all for today, tomorrow I'll post the pictures on the beading and adding the  paisley appliqué's (the same one as the center medallion on the bra).

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 When people commented on the pictures of the belt, one of the most often asked questions was: 'will you do cut-out on the bra too?'. In this post I'll show you how I converted a basic bra into a bra base and made a couple of cut-outs in the bra cup. My lack of posting the past couple of days is because I've been practicing my ass off for the show next Sunday. I can't wear a pretty costume when my dancing is not up to par.

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That's it for today, tomorrow I'll post pictures of the process of covering the base with fashion fabric. In case your wondering: this costume needs to be finished for the weekend and my lj posts are behind ont he facts. So rest asure, this costume will be ready on time in all it's shiny glory :)
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how to combine several scanned images into one PDF file! Handy if you want to make stuff available in one PDF to your students, or if you decide to digitize your cd collectiona nd you want to store the cd booklets on your hard drive. My method:
-Scan with program from scanner (I have an Epson)
-Create batch action and save all files as PDF
-Use PDFTK Builder to combine them into one document

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