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Four more days to go and Eliza will be five months old. I've silently been counting towards the six month mark because that's when most of the early problems with regards to feeding, the digestive system and sleeping are getting easier. Before getting pregnant I decided that I wanted to breastfeed if possible for at least six months. Now that the six month mark is getting in sight, I have to ask myself what I want with regards to feeding.

Before actually trying to breastfeed, I didn't understand how hard it is. I always thought that it was kind of a natural, peaceful and pain free process where the baby latched on. In the first week I soon learned that this was not true.

Things I did not know about breastfeeding

1. It hurts (at first). It feels like your nipple is being attacked by piranha's while being fixated in a vice. Not fun. For some people, the pain subsides after a couple of days. It took me five weeks, after which feeding is mostly pain free.

2. Then it hurts AGAIN. Feeding is now a matter of keeping a close eye on her: at the end of her feeding she starts to goof around, including nibbling with her razor sharp tiny teeth while smiling. Not fun.

3. No sleep for the wicked. Yes, when she wakes up in the middle of the night I can feed her right away. But I can't miss a feeding. The first months I couldn't miss a feeding because my breast would have exploded, and now I can't miss a feeding because we don't have enough milk stored in the fridge. This means that for the first three months, my day and night consisted of being awake for one hour and being asleep for max two hours. If I was lucky. Now she feeds every four hours and if we're lucky she skips or delays one feeding at night, allowing me to sleep for 4-5 hours.

4. My body isn't mine. With every passing week I feel more and more like myself as a separate entity instead of 'mom'. Which is great! As long as I breastfeed, my body will not be mine.

5. Pumping milk requires massive logistic skills
I have to think before going out of the door if I have the breast pump with me. I have to clean the bottles and breast shield every night and pack them up in the morning. I have to plan a week before going out on how many feedings we should have in the fridge. Arriving an hour early or later might make the difference between missing a feeding or not.

Despite all the negatives, I am a poster girl for breast feeding. Within eight days of giving birth, we worked out the latching problems and my milk production was up to speed. Eliza thrives in her growth and development. I have been pumping four days a week for the past two months and my production is still going strong. All things considered, I am contemplating continuing breastfeeding Eliza up until her first birthday*. After all the hurdles we took, seems like I might as well enjoy the benefits a bit longer.

*the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first two years but that feels like an eternity and a bit overkill for me
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1. I got out of the house on Thursday for an appointment with my orthodontist. I was sans baby for a whole hour for the first time.

2. Today I went out to get diapers and groceries while E stayed at home with baby and dog. I kept checking my phone to see if I needed to get back to feed

3. Feeling lucky, I made a quick stop to drop off a library book. Turns out that breastfeeding takes about 40-60 minutes per feeding, and reading a book or checking facebook are one hand activities

4. I lost the 16 pounds I gained during the pregnancy within a week of giving birth, and have since lost another six pounds in the next one and a half week, landing me at the same weight as I was during our wedding. I need to keep an eye on the weight loss, but overall I look in amazing shape for someone who gave birth 17 days ago.

5. I took the dog for a walk while E tried to console our daughter through some colics and felt like I broke away from the traditional role pattern for twenty minutes. Truth is, having a newborn I can't go against biology. As long as I am breastfeeding, I am first choice for feeding her. I have a really good electcal breastpump and need to start building a breastmilk stash so I can leave the house for four or five hours in a month or so.

In not so great news: baby just had two colic episodes that looked quite painful and took a w hile to pass and now I'm afraid she has colics and reflux and will cry for two hours after every feeding (feeding is every three hours). Keeping my fingers crissed that this is not the case.
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on tuesday around 19.00 I felt how my uterus was doing this weird, not yet hurting thing. My water broke at 23.30 and man, there was a lot of water.

we called the midwife around 0.30, they arrive at 01.00. Turns out I am already 3-4 m dilated. They propose leaving and getting back in two hours, I ask them to stay because I'm afraid to be caught in the next stage without support.

I get into the shower to handle the contractions that are getting heavier and more painful. Stood there for about an hour, warm running water is one of the best luxuries we have. After that I go to the bedroom and continue handling the contractions, but they are getting really intense.

Suddenly I feel I need to push, alarming the midwifes who come back up from downstairs, confirm that I am completely dilated at 03.15 and I can start pushing. I try pushing on hands and knees and manage to do a perfect imitation of hat scene in the exorcist. Turns out this is not a good position for me, and I get down on my back for the traditional pushing position.

At this stage, the contractions are far less painful and there are less of them. I have to wait it out for a contraction to give it a good push. In all, I spent 30 minutes on the pushing phase, of which I spent 15 minutes waiting for the next contraction.

Eliza was born at 04.01 and the midwife congratulated me on a swift and texbook at home birth. Weehee! There is some collateral damage and I had to get stitches, but it doesn't feel that bad. Everything is a bit raw down there but it is managable.

Eliza is adorable and after a rough start we're getting the breast milk started (it is far more painful and takes more time than I expected, but we're getting there). She wasn't getting enough from the breat yet so we're adding a bit of bottled milk to every feed and ever since she''s sleeping like a champ. So far, so good!

In all, I had a very positive labor experience, partly due to my preperation (eatin healthy and moving at a moderate pace during the whole pregnancy) and mindset. I am very happy that we didn't have to go to the hospital, that I didn't need a ac-section or help to get labor started. The pain was real, but manageable and with four and a half hour of active labor it didn't wear me down. And they say the second birth is even faster!
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I apparently made it to the full nine months in relative good shape. The midwife commented today that I carry my baby quite close to my body, compared to other pregnant women at this stage. What might help is that I am tall, have a anterior tilted uterus and despite lack of intensive exercise, quite a decent set of abs.

The good news is that baby is doing fine, she's app. 3400 grams which is close to six and a half pounds. This is a good weight: not too big, not too small. There is a big chance that I will go into labor in the next week, and I can have a home birth like I was hoping for.

The bad news is that if she hasn't arrived around week 41, we have a couple of days and visits to the hospital ahead of us and the almost inevitable hospital birth. I feel like they take good care of me, both the midwife and the hospital (we chose the hospital that also did the d&c after the missed abortion).

One way or the other, our daughter will be born somewhere in the next couple of weeks. Eep!

Since I am all done with baby preparations, I took out an old Eman from my costuming stash and I'm refurbishing it. Still selling bits and pieces from my bellydance stash, which is also nice. E and I did the math and it looks like I won't be able to afford buying costumes for the next five years, I might as well get cracking with the projects I have lying around. I am so cglad that most of my costumes can be adjusted to different sizes and are fairly timeless with regards to fashion. Plus Laudie has a huge closet filled with Pharaonix costumes that she's not wearing, meaning our Fakyma group will probably be well dressed by wearing her costumes in the next years.
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After getting clearance from my midwife to carry on as usual for another week, I was looking forward to doing a couple of fun things.

I asked if E could drop me off at Parnassos on Friday because I wanted to record a bit of me dancing while pregnant plus take a couple of pictures. I was planning on doing this durng the seventh month but somehow I filled the past seven weeks with sleeping, reading, prepping the house and sewing baby stuff. And don't forgetthe long walks with Noushka and E, I love the twelve o clock walk in the park. We walk for about an hour and a half with Noushka off the leash so we get to talk, afterwards I am totally knackered and need to sleep for two hours.

I took some costumes wih me and managed to video tape three improvised songs, and take a couple of pictures with the infrared remote. I am glad I got the chance to do this while I am still pregnant: that might change any day now. Ofcourse spending two hours on this totally wore me out, followed by a couple of hours of sleep.

My student/friend Sara was throwing an afternoon party on Saturday at Parnassos (the cultural center where I teach my weekly classes). I baked a cheesecake and took the bus to the city, as E had an invitation for an afternoon of hare hunting. It was nice to talk to people and watch the performance, mostly singer songwriter stuff with guitar and piano. Sara is extremely talented and joined in with several performances. Her bellydance friends did the Layla-queen of Sheba improf and I joined in as best as I could. My movements are limited but I can still hipdrop and shimmy, so that's a plus.

On Sunday E dropped me off at the Regentess theater in The Hague, for the 'tribute to oum kolthoum' concert. Six excellent Arabic mucisians, two different singers and a handful of bellydancers gave a beautiful concert. I was supposed to be one of the dancers but due to circumstances my dance friends performed our Alf Leyla performance with two other dancers instead. The second singer had a very powerful and mature voice and her renditions of Alf Leyla and Enta Omri got a lot of approval from the audience. About half of the audience as Arab, the other half was bellydancers. I got to catch up with my friends and chat, before E pickd me up around six. He went for coffee with his mother, as dogs are not allowed at the theater and as he stated, a concert without brass instruments is not his thing.

I got to talk to my friends and enjoy good music and dance performances, this was a very good weekend. It was odd when people asked me when I was due, that I could answer with 'Friday'. I enjoy my maternity leave but I would not be good at being a stay at home mom, simply because I hate it when the only adult I speak to during the day is the cashier and E, or when all I do during the day is housekeeping.

Yes, I am nesting and doing more housekeeping than usual but I still hate ironing. I try new recipies and stuff hwhich is fun, but cooking is also very time consuming with a shortlived result. I prefer costuming, more bling and a longer lasting end result.
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Could be any day now, or it could be another couple of weeks. I try to relax but the lack of freedom in movement is starting to get to me. My midwife was amaZed at my health during our chekc-up last week which is a good thing. The eating healthy and continuing to walk/cycle/dance seems to pay off. I drove my bicycle to the midwife's appointment and I try to go for a one hour walk every day with the dog. One of my biggest concerns is that my next semester of classes starting on February eight, roughly 10-12 weeks after giving borth. The midwife thinks I'll be fine as long as I don't need a c-section. The bellydancing mommies on facebook are telling me stories of how hard it was, not being allowed to dance until week 16 or starting after four months and being called home to feed the baby because he wasn't drinking from the bottle.

Wether I teach or not, my maternity leave runs out in March and I'll be away for work three days a week between 8.00-18.30. Yes, it will be difficult to go back to teaching bellydance but compared to going back to work it shouldn't be that hard. We decided to go with the daycare center that is smaller and close by as one of my main concerns is overstimulating our daughter. I rather have her in a smaller group, we can always decide to let her go to the super intense daycare center with a lot of activities when she's ready for more. She'll be in daycare for two days, I'll be home for two days, E is home for two days and my mum wants to babysit preferably every week, except that she's on holiday a lot plus she works four days a week and isn't very flexible. We thought we better be on the safe side with planning the daycare.

My uterus is starting to feel tired and it appears that the days of perfect glowing skin are over. No sure signs yet of going into labor but something is definitly changing. My blood pressure is still low, I am still sleeping fairly well but turning around, getting up or finding a comfortable position is getting harder. If she hasn't arrived by herself in three weeks, we'll schedule an appointment at the hospital to start the birth, something I really don't want. I'd better get cracking with the home remedies of starting a delivery if she hasn't made any attenpt at week 40!
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This is the official start of my maternity leave and I totally understand why. The amount of extra hormones combined with the growing discomfort and diminishing mobility turns me into a stay at home person.

I am not a stay at home person from character. I like having options, like going to the library, having tea woth griends or taking a walk. Not having options is stiffling and I am excited waiting for E to come home around 17.30 because I can talk to another human being. After I did the dishes, cooked a meal, cleaned up and sewed some more baby stuff. Yes, traditional roles are back in the game and they probably will be as long as we have a little one running around.

Pregnancy issues, week 34. After I was sort of okay with seeing my belly at week 32, my body is making an effort to make the belly extra big in these last couple of weeks. By now, turning over in bed is almost imposible and I need help getting up from the couch. It's having E's hands to pull me up, or a complicated sequence of rolling to the side, pushing myself up and finding my new balance point.

Getting from sitting to walking means a couple of minutes of feeling like a ninety year old. Aches in my pelvis and joints, with a sort of waddle. Once I get moving it gets better, but walking the dog is limited to max twenty minutes. This is where I figure out that having a dog that needs a lot of exercise is probably not the best combination with a baby, who can't regulate her own body temperature and is born at the end of November. We have a garden where she can run around, but it's still a conuncrum how to solve this. We'll cross this bridge when we get there. Her current walking schedule is twenty minute walks at 9.00, 17.00, 19.00 and 22.00 with a longer midday walk around 12.00 of 60-90 minutes.

By now the baby is so big that she's coming up right underneath my ribcage. She is 't kicking my ribs (yet) but I have increasing heartburn from the stomach acid being kicked out upward. This is also the time of her head positioning lower into my pelvis, something that she is practicing a lot, judging by the bruises of her head bumping the inside edges of my pelvis. Never knew that would happen.

Overall, I still have a pretty easy pregnancy. Not stretchmarks so far, not varicose veins, high blood pressure or hemmerhoids. There's this curious thing happening with time that is slowing down. If I get up, showered and have breakfast, it's suddenly eleven 'o clock. I can spend two hours a day focusinf on something and I need a couple of naps after every form of exercise (see schedule for the dog. Each walk is followed by a thirty minute nap).

I am exited about meeting our girl in 3-8 weeks, and anxious about the delivery. I'm praying that a vaginal birh is in the cards for us, and that there are no complications. I'm hoping the pain is manageable, as I want to deliver at home and there is no pain medication available for at home delivery. On the bright side, since women are more at ease at home, my body is supposed to make a fair amount of pain reducing hormones and at home deliveries are faster and with less medical complications. In the next couple of weeks the midwife keeps a close eye on my for signs of possible complications: if there are indicators I'll go to the hospital instead.
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Thanks for replying to my post yesterday about the wall stickers! I showed E the options and we went with the birds on a branch, as it is versatile and easy to use. The idea is that the furniture and walls are white, the sticker is going up above the changing table (plus a white shelf). I'm going to the fabric market to score some matching fabric for curtains (probably in one of the accent colors), felt for making some more of the birds in different sizes. I'm thinking something like a mobile, a garland from fabric with her name on it, some sheets for the crib (that's an easy one!) and I can add the felt birds to towels and baskets and such.

I am starting to have difficulties with walking, turning over in bed, sitting up and getting down. Two more weeks of work and then I'll be at home, resting and being crafty.

I used to create a color swatch image based ont he wall decoration. I ordered the sticker today and I hope the real colors resemble my printed out swatches so I can get cracking with the shopping. I thought it was rather safe to pick siz swatches, as it will maximise the chance of finding stuff that sort of matches.
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My idea is to pick a nice wallsticker and make some things from fabric to match the colors. But I need to pick the wallsticker first!  Which one do you like best?  (Also feel free to post stickers you found online that you like better). The walls are off-white.

birds on a fence

Owls purple

birds on a branch

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I'm closing in on the seventh month and it's time to make arrangements for the birth and arrival of our baby girl.E went with me this Monday to the 'bring your partner' pregnancy yoga class, where he and the other guys sat slightly uncomfortable on folding chairs while the teacher talked us through the stages of labor. In short, the guy should be around for moral support, but his possibilities  for helping out are limited. They include offering a wet washcloth, holding her hand, helping her with positions to breathe through contractions and facilitate  (bring tea, get the hot shower started, change sheets)  I thought I'd take a minute to explain how things work here in The Netherlands with regards to birth.

Read more... )

E is fine with whatever I chose on account of me doing all the heavy lifting. We'll see what happens next: the box from our health care provider arrived with the material for a home birth and it'll be stashed next to our bed for now. Some gems from the pregnancy yoga class:
guy who already attended the birth of his first child:' The gyn was enthousiastically shouting ' you can see the head! There's a lof of hair, do you want to look?' and I was like nah, I'll stay here holding my wife's hand. Looking at the head crowining is like watching your favorite pub burn down to the ground'.

Our yoga teacher ended with remarking that 'a gift in the form of jewelry is custom when your wife has given birth. And I'm not just saying that because the ladies all gave me ten bucks beofre hand to tell you this'

Yoga teacher, remarking on her use of a Darth Vader lego figure in her slides:'I always try to lighten the mood a bit. I mean, Vader was, after all a father too'
Some guy:' probably not the example we'd like to follow though'.

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Here are some pictures from the beach, afer I had time to go through and photoshop a bit. I removed people in the background and some of the hair swirling around my head to create an uncluttered image. I can't believe the changes and I still have a hard time of realistic guestimating my own size. Like, in pregnancy yoga class I think "wow, the other ladies are way bigger than me!' while in fact, they are not. Size perception is a weird thing.

150825 beach 07.jpg
150825 beach 06.jpg
150825 beach 04.jpg
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in which there is suprisingly little yoga, our heroine get's soaked to the bone and she is home in time for a movie.

I signed up for pregnancy yoga classes because I like yoga in general and it doesn't hurt to spend a bit of gentle me-time and getting pointers about breathing and relaxing poses and such. This course I choose on purpose as it stated to NOT BE ALL MYSTICAL AND SUCH on the website. My friends had mixed stories about their yoga for pregnancy classes, ranging from immitaing birth during class to envisioning themselves to be trees/goddess/etc.

From the women who have gong through labor, most of them threw out 90% of what they learned within ten minutes so I'm not expecting to beome a birthing goddess or something. It's nice to hang out with other pregnanct ladies, because it makes me feel less fat and clumsy (hey, we all are!) and it is nice to have a steady group to work with in the next three months. My first mistake was to think I knew theroute, but in fact taking the longer way and ariving last. It was raining, my coat turned out to not be water-tight but I did find the address and parked my bike in the front garden. The classes are held at the work space at the teachers home: the ground floor is an okay sized room with a small kitchenette and toilet, she lives upstairs with her husband and two kids. I had a bit of envy on account of her having a workspace at home, but then I realized that she is giving so many workshops and classes that it's totally worth it for her. For me, not so much. Part of me still wants to get more out of teaching bellydance and such, even though I know how much work it is and how little money it makes.

Walking into the room, I realized I didn't bring a towel or blanket as indicated, or wear stretchy clothes like yoga pants. No siree, I came to my first pregnancy yoga workshop totally unprepared to do yoga. This turned out to not be much of a problem. The teacher is a lady in her forties, with a medium sized forties figure and about 5 ft tall. Along the walls eight yoga mats were laid out, with seven pregnant women on top of them. Shit, they all had their hair tied back! I should have tied my hair back, or at least bring an elastic band to do so! The teacher gave us a cup of tea and a bit of liquorice and we did an introductory round. Most of us are expecting a first baby, just one of the ladies is having a second child. She added the story of her birth to her introduction, which in short came down to wanting to give birth at home but after one hour of intense contractions with just 1 cm of cervix widening, she went to the hopsital to get an epidural. Still took the hospital five hours to give her one after things were great. That's one big point for modern medicine. Most of the ladies want to deliver in the hospital, I turn out to be the only one opting for a home birth (and there is 50% chance of going to the hospital anyway due to whatever might happen). I mentioned that several of my friends had a Doula, turned out that most of them never heard of a Doula and we talked a bit about it. It made me feel like I was the most hippie mom in the room. It was nice though, after the introductions we did two sun salutations that were adjusted for pregnant women and an inversion with our legs up against the wall, that should help with restless leg syndrome and cramps.

Afterwards we chatted a bit on our way out and I was back in time to get on the couch with E. and Little Brother (he was in the neighborhood and joined us for dinner). I walked in on Mad Max- Fury road at the moment that a pregnant lady was giving birth while being chased by post apocalyptic dudes through a sand dessert. There were flaming guitars involved. After that we watched Jurrassic World, which was better than I anticipated, though a bit overcrowded with dinosaurs. I mean, animals in real life cramped up in a field with so many would have totally trampled all the greens and eaten all the things. Not these dinosaurs, they can have 50 of these in a green pasture the size of a poststamp. That movie totally didn't need it either: had they stuck with less fluff the main scary dinosaurs would have been more prominent and scarier and such.

It was a good night, I look forward to the second ypga class next week where I will show up on time, appropriately dressed and with my hair pulled back.

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Since I've moved all the costuming posts to, I haven't posted much on lj. But I want to, because here I can tell you about all the personal stuff that doesn't fit into the public blog.

I have unearthed the bra and just finished beading the bra. It is a modern, sparse design but chunky beading still eats up a lot of time. I also remade the skirt so it’s back is mostly made of the patterned lycra, and the front is mainly blue. I wanted to take the patterned fabric to the front and ended up appliqueing a couple of flowers on top of the blue for a light, creative effect. Depending on my mood it looks fun and flirty, or like I have two pockets on my hips.

Another change is that I made the skirt in a larger size, by adding an extra panel in the middle back. The original plan was made with my pre-pregnancy, pre-married weight, which is roughly three sizes down. The extra panel adds another 4”/10 cm to the overall size of the skirt, and I’m glad I went that route. I am also glad that I have a lot of pictures from that time: it’s hard to believe I actually was that slender and toned.

My big plan is to wear this costume this Friday at the Raks Ava hafla (Ava Fleming, that is). I’ll be travelling to Leuven tomorrow for four days of workshops and dance fun. I am a little sad because some of the dancers I know from previous years are not coming this year. Artemisia made an evening program and she’s great at creating a safe learning environment that makes her events always a pleasure to be part of so I am very excited to do this intensive. It’s also a bit of a goodbye gift to my ‘old self’. I love dance, I will continue dancing, but it will be different with a little one in our lives. I don’t see myself going away for a week here and there because it wouldn’t be fair to E. to run off and leave him with our daughter. I also emotionally don’t want to: this nesting things is powerful stuff. And I’ll miss my baby, my husband and my home far more compared to the past.

Today during lunch break I went to the Big Bazar (the Dutch equivalent of the dollar store) and I bought matching green feathered earrings and blue bangles. With all this focus on the costume, I should not forget to actually prepare and practice my song. It’s a four minute version of Lamma Bada, from Nesma’s album. It’s absolutely stunning and I like playing around with the 10/8 rhythm. I also like the dreamy mood, because I notice how I am no longer into strong pops and locks. It’s flowing moves all the way!

Back to the costume: I’ve been working hard all evenings past week and I need to do a bit more tonight and tomorrow morning and then it’ll be ready for its debut. My frantic costuming is also a parting gift to my old life. I am making as much costumes and dance clothes now, because I don’t expect to have the energy or the time next year. I want to have something to wear in the next year that is adjustable to whatever figure/size I’ll be post pregnancy. Just because I’ll be a mum doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have nice things to wear.

A third big project is that I need to declutter in the next three months, in order to make room for family stuff. Looking at the huge amount of clothing, furniture and toys we already gathered for our little one, our house will be in constant state of chaos for the next two decades. I look forward to it as out little one is so welcome, and at the same time I need to consciously say goodbye to the way things were in order to fully embrace this new life phase.

And with that note I'll finish my post with this vieo of me dancing the moongoddess performance at 20 weeks pregnant.

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We started early with people arriving around 16.00. Two of our friends brought their kids, both of them have two blond haired daughters who quickly tried to take advantage of the open cookiejar on the table, and who demanded more apple juice. I had a silent pact with their mothers and gave them a small plastic cup and diluted their juice with water. Muwahahahaha.

That was kind of busy, also because the dog plus the kids was also demanding our attention. She'll have to get used to it, though a 24/7 kid in the house is probably different compared to four visiting girls in various ages. The vegan quiches and salads were a hit, despite the mango not being ripe, so I made an avocado/melon salad instead. I have to admit that by eight ó clock I was knackered and I didn't have much energy for chatting during the rest of the evening. At that point, some of the parents left to get the kids to bed.

The brass players did an hour of playing together which sounded okay most of the time. Confusion about what song they were playing was causing some dissonants here and there. It was fun and it made me happy to see E. enjoy himself. It really was a dream he harbored for many years, to have a garden and people over and play together outside. He drank a bit too much, as he was unsteady on his feet after the last guests left. But he is a happy, laid back person when drunk. He does want to talk all the time, but I fell asleep so it didn't bother me.I take it as a good sign that my husband wants to talk to me because he enjoys or conversation.

I did most of the cleaning up during the party so our house is relatively clean and orderly. One of E.'s friends brought us baby stuff they will no longer need and we added it to the mountain. It is taking on epic proportions in my dance room, I hope E. can finish the attic soon so we can start with the nursery. I am planning all kinds of tea visits with friends right now, thinking that at this stage I am still mobile and I can drive a car (the bicycle is giving me pelvic pain unfortunately) and I am still relatively in a happy mood. Pregnancy symptoms are making me kind of grumpy and I can imagine it gettign worse in the last trimester.
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Not my students, but the students from Roos. We did the mermaid storyline in April for the hafla of Hadyr/Gerie, and we thought it would be fun to show it during the recital. It's the story where I play the role of the moon. The original idea behind metaphorically dancing a full moon dance (huh huh) was that I would be visible pregnant. I just got the pictures and back and depending on the angle, it's pretty obvious now. During the three day intensive with Suhaila she was kind enough to say 'you don't look like you're four and a half months pregnant'. That was probably her being polite and not having seen the full angle.

I am getting slighlty envious off people with waistlines nowadays and I console myself that after the birth I will get back into shape. Probably. I fear that the last couple of months will be hard on my bones.  It is nice to have pictures of this stage, as E. and I both forgot to take month by month pictures of my belly. We could start now, but an overview in bellydance performance pics is probably more my style anyway.

From the back: not as much.

But from the front/side...

And this one is pretty obvious
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I had to keep it under the lid because it is adviced to wait with making it public until the tenth week. However, I am closing in on the tenth week with an echo next Tuesday. We are both very excited, happy and a bit stunned that we can actually make a new human being.

I was very tired between the first day of the pregnancy up till now. It is residing though, which is great. Some nausea but not so bad as to lock myself into the bathroom and hug the toilet. Any idea how hard it is to keep your mouth shut about being pregnant? We did ofcourse tell my and his mother first. I send a picture of the positive test to my mother through wathsapp, she then had to figure out what it meant as she was pregnant in the era that home pregnancy tests were expensive and not widely used.

I told the Dalla Dream Dancers two weeks ago because we were planning for 2015. I told the sense of bellydance group two weeks ago when they came over to my house for food and fun. I asked the cultural center if it was okay for me to hire a replacement in april-may and ofcourse everyone then started congratulating me during the dress rehearsal... In front of my students.

The past four days were so much fun, despite some setbacks and several performances that included people leaving because other parts of the program were starting. My students gave me a handcrocheted baby blanket in greens and off white. They also gave me a panda plushie with fake lashes, glitter eyeliner, blue nail polish and a bellydance costume from the same fabric as our troupe costume. It was such a pleasure to see our work reflected i. Audience appreciation. We are all a bit in shock that the shows are behind us. I have a ton of video material (5 hours) and pictures to go through in the next month or so. And plans for stuff I want to do when I am not able to dance/ teach.

I am hoping that being a bellydancer will help me stay healthy and happy during my pregnancy and birth but there is no way of telling if it will make a difference. Right now I am devouring a couple of bellydance/yoga dvds because it makes sense to start in the early stages. Our consultation bureau is nice though a bit puzzled about my questions about dancing during pregnancy. Usually they have woman who move too little instead of too much.
I don't have a due date yet, but it will be somewhere in July 2015.

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