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We shopped for the last bits for the baby today, which meant lots and lots of cotton stuff like bedding and such. I'm going to lander all the baby stuff this weekend and get it into the baby room, so it's done. While I'm at it, I am slowly finishing the sewing projects that I foolishly thought would be done in the first two weeks of my maternity leave. I made pinchpleat curtains out of white satin weave cotton, which looks really good. Except fur the uneven seam inside the bottom seam, that nobody would notice if I hadn't use white fabric and the sun wouldn't shine through the curtains a bit. Doh! I discovered the blind hem stitch on my sewing machine and was rather proud of learning a New Thing on my sewing machine. It's been a while since I made regular items instead of bellydance costumes.

I also made a jersey dress in peacock print because I wanted to go to a hafla last wednesday at the place where I normally teach. It took me two hours and a rather straight forward pattern and I am pleased with the result. Now I want to sew more clothes for myself and the baby! Here;s a quick shot of my friends and me at the hafla:I added a gold sash and flower for extra sparkle :-) The matching blog post will appear in a week or so, I hope that I can go out and snap a nice picture of the dress later this weekend.
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E. and I are doing an improvised Argentin Tango at our wedding next week, and I have searched everywhere for a suitable white dress. I turn out to be a bit hung up on it being white, on account of being the bride. The first thought was 'there are so many white summer dresses, I surely don't need to make my own'.

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This is coming along nicely, I hope to add more pictures tomorrow when it is done. 
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Saving it here for future use:

I love the idea of this dress and it is easy to make. Maybe I'll make one from the black lycra in my fabric stash, I miss sewing.
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I am continuing to go through my 'small sewing chores' pile. I bought a white costume in 2008 on bhuz which had two straps going across the belly. To keep everything in place, the previous owner added a gold beaded applique in the center. The applique was in bad shape when I bought the costume because it had no backing.

Removing the applique from the costume was easy as it was practically falling apart. I added white felt to the back and stitched the beads and sequins to the felt, then reattached to the costume. One more chore is done!

I am contemplating my next sewing chore and I feel like doing a full costume. Fromt he top of my head, my options are:

1. I have some lovely blue lycra that Bea send to me two years ago and a contrast lycra that looks fresh and vibrant together. It would be a modern Egyptian style assymetrical design

2.I have a black velvet and purple/lilac mesh pants costume that has been lying in my closet since 2004. It is close to completion but I wouldn't have an occassion to wear it. It doesn't have enough bling for performances and is too showy for regular classes. However, the design is nice and sleek, assymetrical lines and drapes, strass buckles and nice beading.

3. I bought a worn down gold Eman costume with gold metal mesh. I need to make a new skirt/bra base and transfer the metal mesh parts. I am not very excited about this one, as it is a refurbish instead of an original creation. But I can't sell it as is, have worn it twice with a veil to cover up the part where the holographic print is worn away. Sell as is, or refurbish.

4.I bought a whole bunch of small round mirrors with the idea of making a mirror costume, probably on a teal holographic lycra background. You can guess how long the mirrors have been in my possession. This would be a great costume, a bit heavy and prone to damage, but the gluing of the mirrors shouldn't be as time consuming as doing a full blown out beading.

What project would you love to see me do next?

Capri pants

Nov. 5th, 2013 01:08 pm
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I did some sewing this weekend and drafted a pattern for drawstring capri's with overskirt. A couple of trial and errors later, I can conclude:

1. don't make drawstring ties on the inside of the knee, it creates too much bulk
2. I left part of the skirt open on the bottom, hoping it would extra movement. The fabric is too stiff so it ended up looking dorky and I closed the seam as a result
3. drawstrings sound like an easy idea, but sewing the string and making the channels really adds up timewise
4. basic overskirt thingie is easy to make, will include the pattern in my new edition of the costuming book.
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 Covering the belt base seemed like an impossible task. With all the cut-outs, curls and corners, I was not looking forward to the process. Today I'll show you how I covered the swirly part of the design.
Read more... )Covering the complete belt took me 3 hours, but it is very satisfying to see how the project is advancing. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the whole belt covered in fashion fabric, and the first rhinestones will make an appearance :)
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I made a sketch for the belt, and turned it into four pattern pieces. Do not imagine anything fancy going on here, I used my basic belt pattern, modeled one after a Bella belt that I liked and used a pen to fill in the curls and stuff. The catch is that I wanted the belt to have a lot of cut-outs, creating peek a boo holes to the skirt worn underneath. This will allow the costume to be very versatile, depending on the skirt worn with the bra/belt.

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I worked on my wiki-assignment: create a wiki page, 10 lower level and 5 lower-lower levels. Phew! Subject is Privacy in 2020. In my break I made a quicky sarongstyle skirt. It's basically a straight skirt, but overlapped on the top. Has elastic tunnel to keep it stay put. I will probably turn this into a tutorial in december. I dressed it up with heels and a hipscarf, thought it would look better for the picture.
picture! )
I also did a bit of light research on the subject ot making my Kyria bellydancer page multilangual. Installed a plugin and will start copy-pasting the right text in different languages in a couple of weeks. After that, my website is essentially done! By using wordpress I changed from a static HTML page that included content and graphis into two seperate files: the text and images are in the databse. The lay-out of the website is programmed on the server. By changing the settings in the programming I can change the lay-out of the whole website in a heartbeat. Well, more like ten seconds, but still. I'm also conceptually going over Kyria's Closet. I consider putting it into a wordpress format too.

Did somemore tweaking on and added a module that shows four random images from my galleries and a kalender option. I've added the workshops that I signed up for, so fellow dancers know when they might see me in RL.
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I've been working on a fantail skirt and a wash overskirt. Both are finished, but I'm not happy with how the flash changes the color. IRL the underskirt is changeant dark purple/black. THe overskirt is made of jaquard, which has silver, gold and purple threads. The purple matches the underskirt. At least it does in daylight.

pictures of skirts worn together )I planned on making the french vest bodice, but I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to finish it (I have app. 6 hours on friday during the day). COnsidering making a black underskirt instead and improvising something to wear with it.
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Most of the day went into working on the extreme skirt. I already had the 1/8 circles cut out and ready to go, but gathering and attaching the ruffle took ages. Seriously, I gathered the ruffle in five seperate pieces while watching three episodes of Veronica Mars. That's over two hours for gathering alone.
pictures )
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I was casually strolling through the fabric market when I realised that there was cherry fabric in front of me. Beautiful, medium sized cherries on a white background, sprinkled with pink and red confetti! I bought a couple of yards and brought it home, hoping to start making a cherry dress anytime soon.
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We bought the fabric on the market last weekend and found an amazing glitterdot fabric with holographic sequins. I really detest the stuff, but it looks amazing on stage so we went with it anyway. At 2 euro's a meter mistakes are affordable.

cut for pictures )
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This project has been going on for the past weeks, but is nearly finished and I know that I probably won't have time to decorate it properly with extra bows and trims, so I'm posting it as is.
sort of victorian dress )
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Ha, I cleaned up 'my' room today. Sewing is a nice hobby but it creates a lot of mess too. Guess what, I found three boxes of machine needles, various pieces of elastic and more safety pins then I remember buying. The weird thing is that I did this room 4 months ago when Jeoffrey moved in. In four months I created enough sewing related clutter to fill a garbage bag to the brim. I also vacuumed the whole house and cleaned the bathroom. I think I deserve a cup of tea with a piece of chocolate when I watch ATWT.

I promised myself that I'm allowed to start on a new sewing project when I finished cleaning. I have a cute black strapless BD bra that is nearly finished. On the other hand, I'd like to make some historical costume because the summer is coming and it's always nice to have a suitable costume ready when you decide to go. Think I'll finish the black BD costume first (it's very jazzy) then ignore the green velvet skirt I found (it would match [ profile] parasitegirl 's emerald costume, but I have other plans for it) and maybe start on a Tim Burton-esque black and white striped victorian dress. Unique, no. Fun, yes.
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For those of you who have ben reading my LJ for long time, they might remember my posts about a year ago about a dress that I was making for christmas 2005. As it turned out, the dress was unfinished with Christmas, new years eve passed and the dress got on the pile of unfinished projects. You know, that's next to the piles of stashed fabric?

I pulled it out of the fabric pile last teusday, feeling a bit underdressed for the season. I make a lot of costumes but I don't own that many 'regular' clothes, or clothes that are suited for festivities. Most of the time I turn up in jeans and a sweater.

Back to the dress: when I exmanind the dress I thought:'well, all it needs is a zipper replacement and sleeves, some hemming and it's done'. needless to say, it wasn't that easy. I redid the zipper three times before settling for ' acceptable' instead of 'perfect'. Sleeves got lost over the year, so I cut new ones and the fit!!! The beautiful beaded trim could be sewn on with the machine (yay!) so now the dress is finished!

I'm wearing it tonight, together with the matching earrings that [ profile] swas got me for my birthday last year. It's encouraging to finish something that I've been working on even if it's a year overdue. Not only do I have NYE dress, I could also wear it to the wedding of Jeoffrey's friend in march.
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Just finished the red beledi dress I was working on. Very fast project, you might recognize the belt and bra set as the cheap egyptian costume that I got from

red beledi dress and gold egyptian costume )

The dress is made of red velours de panne with sparkles printed/glued on them. I believe L.Rose carries the same fabric as 'sparkle velvet' or something like that. Dress is bases on a basic princess seam pattern (Burda) adjusted with keyhole neckline and halfcircle sleeves falling open from the elbow.

So, one down, some more to go. I'm getting on the ghawazee coat project now, hope that it's finished by tomorrow afternoon. After that, all I need to do is jazz-up the black velvet pants/strapless bra construction that i made, and I'm done. Yay!
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Back home and time to add the pictures to lj from the Fashion DNA exhibition. Let me start by saying that they really showcase some extraordinairy pieces in this exhibition. It's easy to access (in the church on the dam square, where every tourist has to have been to prove he's been to Amsterdam) and open untill the tenth of october. The theme of this exhibition had me a bit puzzled, but so do a lot of other exhibition titles. Fashion DNA is about how humans interpreted fashion and the things they did to be 'in fashion' through the ages. A bit vague to me, and they could have added so much more to this. The nice thing is that they grouped certain items, like sports clothes (from 1850 up to know), corsets and other clothes. There were some extraordinary deathrobes made by a modern artist (should I make one too? one thing's for sure, there will be a time tat you need one. Since I'm notorious for not getting things done for the occasion that I wanted to make them, I'd better not try) next to robes from the 18th century.

Lovely items from gloves to fans and parasols, weddingdresses (a hwole load of them) and try on clothes! They made several dresses that you could try on, to feel what it's like. They were made of synthetic taffeta, very hot and very heavy. Probably to make sure that people would get out of them very quickly to give other visitors a chance!this is what they look like )
the exhibition was small but fun. And they had a lot of costume books in the museum shop :) I bought postcard with pictures of the items that I liked and a book with detailed drawings of clothes and accesoires.
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I'm halfway through this project. It really isn't that much work, but it's important that it fits well, so it's taking longer then expected.

mock-up and haflway through pictures )
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Yesterday was my day off and since I wasn't feeling very well wednesday, I decided to take it easy and do stuff that I like. Working on the medieval dress that I finished last week made me realise how much I miss sitting behind my sewing machine, so I took a dive in my fabric stash for a tie-dye batik fabric that I bought in september with the intention of turning it into a summerdress.

The sun was shining and I got into a summery mood, so I decided to make the dress now. Out in the streets it's too cold for summerclothes, but on the terrace in the back it's warm enough to sit in a bikine. Having houses all around that keep it out of the wind has it's good points too.

I took a break and sat in the sun, chatting with our neighbours whom I don't see very often. I read a bit, went to the sewing supply store because I ran out of thread and needed a hidden zipper, went to the gym with Asha and cooked for Jeoffrey. In all, it was a perfect day!

The only thing is that I didn't have time for dance practice, which goes to show that you can't have it all. At least I got in touch with my sewing machine again :)

I used a Burda pattern that I wanted to make for 9 years (burda nr 5, 1997). I got up early today to finish it, it has a 'island girl' feel to it. Ofcourse I cursed myself for wanting THREE shoulderstraps over each shoulder, but I like it this way. I've added an extra strap in the waist, it ties at the back. The model needed a slightly smoother fabric, but this works well too. The bra cups are reinforced, so I can wear it without bra (even dance around!).

The front

and the back. I swear that the straps are misbehaving in this picture: I measured and alligned them in perfect symmetry.

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