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Roos Belinfante posted the pictures and video's of the studentrecital from two weeks ago. It was a SUnday afternoon well-spent, with gorgeous performances and a good atmosphere. If you want to experience some of that good atmosphere yourself, check out Roos's website for her mini summer workshops. If you want to make some good memroies, go to 'Bellydance on the Beach', an event on august 24th in Utrecht with an outdoor  workshop and performances.

For the  student recital I did a spanish-arabic skirt dance to Ya Ghanilek from the cd ' A rough guide to Spanish-Arabic Music'. IT's a really nice song with some intersting variations in the music. I made a choreo for my students during the last semester of classes that I decided to use as a skeleton choreography for my own performance. Mostly improv, with some nice poses thrown in all over the place. Maybe I should make a full blown choreography out of this one and add it to my permanent repertoire.

The costume is my gold/multicolor bella, with an extra double layer pink chiffon skirt on top. I pulled the specially requested streamers with multicolor leafs over the outer skirt for an extra color accent. The layers work well well on stage, the bella skirt is also two layers so there is this big fluffy bunch of chiffon moving around with every spin.

Drama, I HAZ IT!!:
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 Warning: this post contains images of extreme amounts of rhinestones and may cause temporary blindness due to all the glitter.

In part 4 you could see the progress on the front of the skirt, replacing the old beading with new beading. I'm not extremely pleased with the beading on the front, as I think the middle curl is too small. It would look better if it was bigger, but then again I vowed to myself to finish as many projects as I can in 2011. On January 1th 2012 everything that is left from my fabric stash, sequins, rhinestones, etc, will be given away to people who will make good use of them. My standards of what a finished costume should be have been lowered so I can get away with making more costumes this year. 

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The only thing left to do is making gloves/armbands and a headband, edged with gold seed beads. I also wanted to add a waist strap to the skirt, starting at the indentation in the waistband on the left hip, traveling around the waist and back to the waistband. For now I'm going to let the costume rest, as I have a student recital next weekend and my students might need to borrow skirts from me. I have two huge pieces of chiffon like fabric that I want to turn into skirts. To be specific, I've had those two chunks of fabric for over three years now, with the intention of making skirts. It's a good thing I'm making an extra effort to use the stuff in my stash this year!
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It's been a while since I've updated on the green velvet costume, but I assure you that there have been tons of things going on. I finished the bra about one or two eweks ago and posted a close-up on bhuz, but I didn't post it here because I wanted to give you a full update.
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More on the back of the skirt tomorrow.
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I worked on my wiki-assignment: create a wiki page, 10 lower level and 5 lower-lower levels. Phew! Subject is Privacy in 2020. In my break I made a quicky sarongstyle skirt. It's basically a straight skirt, but overlapped on the top. Has elastic tunnel to keep it stay put. I will probably turn this into a tutorial in december. I dressed it up with heels and a hipscarf, thought it would look better for the picture.
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I also did a bit of light research on the subject ot making my Kyria bellydancer page multilangual. Installed a plugin and will start copy-pasting the right text in different languages in a couple of weeks. After that, my website is essentially done! By using wordpress I changed from a static HTML page that included content and graphis into two seperate files: the text and images are in the databse. The lay-out of the website is programmed on the server. By changing the settings in the programming I can change the lay-out of the whole website in a heartbeat. Well, more like ten seconds, but still. I'm also conceptually going over Kyria's Closet. I consider putting it into a wordpress format too.

Did somemore tweaking on and added a module that shows four random images from my galleries and a kalender option. I've added the workshops that I signed up for, so fellow dancers know when they might see me in RL.
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I've been working on a fantail skirt and a wash overskirt. Both are finished, but I'm not happy with how the flash changes the color. IRL the underskirt is changeant dark purple/black. THe overskirt is made of jaquard, which has silver, gold and purple threads. The purple matches the underskirt. At least it does in daylight.

pictures of skirts worn together )I planned on making the french vest bodice, but I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to finish it (I have app. 6 hours on friday during the day). COnsidering making a black underskirt instead and improvising something to wear with it.
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This years castle fest was blessed with good weather and some fine artists. More on that later!! I finished my outfit yesterday around 23.00. When I got home today after the fair I took some pictures of the whole outfit including hair and make-up. Enjoy!
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Most of the day went into working on the extreme skirt. I already had the 1/8 circles cut out and ready to go, but gathering and attaching the ruffle took ages. Seriously, I gathered the ruffle in five seperate pieces while watching three episodes of Veronica Mars. That's over two hours for gathering alone.
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I decided that I want an extreme skirt set, like the ones Anja makes! I did the calculations last week, bought the fabric on saturday and cut the pieces on teusday. WIll update with pictures when I have time. I intent to work on it tomorrow. Huge fabric shot:

Extreme is referring to the amount of fabric that it needs. Weehee, skirt work!!
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Remember the green velvet skirt that I was working on several weeks ago? I finally uploaded the pictures of what the beading is going to look like. Not completely symmetrical (yet) but for a general impression:

back of skirt

Today I'm sewing a lot of tops, pants and skirts from crushed velvet and other scraps that I have lying around. The new teaching job demands pants instead of skirts so my students can watch my footwork. I never knew I did so much floorpatterns and feetwork, but it's neccesary to keep people moving around. Must be all the jazz-ballet training I did between age 9 and 16 that makes a grapevine seem like a logic set of steps.
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I'va been very busy with costuming the last few days. I made 5 veils (retty fast and easy) and a mermaid skirt from heavy forest green velvet. I had this fabric since the start of december, but was a bit afraid of starting this project.

I made a mermaid skirt out of it, with two front slits. The waist/hip is reinforced with cotton fabric so it doesn't stretch, and I made it assymetrical with a light dip on the right hip. I'll post pictures later to make things clearer. It turned out well, even the zipper in the back. I'm free-wheeling on the beading pattern right now, I put the skirt flat on the ground and am working with a white thread creating a nice pattern with curls. Hey, it doesn't have to be symmetrical, why not go loose when it comes to beading too?

I'm going to use gold beading, perhaps some rhinestones inbetween. I want the complete edge of the skirt covered in beading. Ambitious? yes. Impossible? no.

I'll muse over the bra later, I want it to be a strapless bra (like the one Jillina wears in one of er instruction dvd's, the brown bra) with a strap running from the middel of the bra to the back. So not completely strapless, but the bra should provide all the support by itself.

I also transformed a bodystocking from the second hand store into a bellydance practice top. Cut of the lower part, sewed a casing on the bottom and added elastic. Easy does it!

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