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Despite all the stuff that is going on at my work, I've been investigating plans for the summer holiday. Let's go through the list of options that I worked out, shall we?

1. horsebackriding
I do not have enough experience with horsebackriding for outside tracks, which sucks because that's what I envisioned in my highly romantic version of a horsebackriding holiday. I chose to be sensible and push it to a later moment in my development as a rider. It was fun though, searching the internet for trails and tracks in Spain, Italy, France, and even the Netherlands.  We're a flat country so our outdoor view is always of a flat plain. Flat plain with grass, flat plain with trees, flat plain with houses. Still, we have some great outdoor places where I could ride. One day.

2. diving
I'm taking my 5th indoor training this weekend and the outdoor training is scheduled at the end of June. There is no way that I'm going on a diving holiday on my own this summer, I'm going to get me some experience below my lead-belt with dives in the Netherlands. Maybe Egypt/Red Sea diving next summer....

3. Sailing
This one was on my list of 'stuff to explore'. I have never sailed before, so I signed up for a sailing weekend in Friesland for absolute beginners. Friesland is the Northern part of the Netherlands. It is also flat as a pancake, the view is mainly lakes, water and reed. I'm going in the first week of August on a boat with app 40 people, every day class on a smaller vessel, and everyone is between 20-35 years old. Let the fun begin!

random summer stuff:
-Laudie asked me if I want to participate in her new belly dance project so we're doing a couple of intens days together this summer to get most of the conceptual work done. We'll work on perfecting the theatershow next year. It's awesome that she invited me to participate *glows* Laudie is the creative director of The Oum Kolthoum Project

-I'm doing the fashion show for Laced-Up, the fetish boutique in Utrecht, during the Summer Darkness Festival at the end of August. Need to pick music and prepare a performance for that, something with a 40-50-60ies feel to it, that can be done in gothic/fetish clothes.

-Summer Bellydance Festival
The festival organised by Anusch Alwerdian. I'm not doing the workshops, just going to the show on Saturday because my coworker is performing with the studenttroupe. yay! Next to The Oum Kolthoum Project, my weekly classes and the private performances, I haven't been doing much bellydancing this year. I plan on dusting off my dvd collection this summer and try me som eof those. We'll see how that works out for me.

Things that are not going to happen:

-Castle Fest
Ikaiya didn't know if she could get the Saturday off, and it was the only weekend available for the sail week. So I won't be able to go to Castle Fest this year, it's good to take a break and reevaluate an event that I've been going to for the last couple of years. It's a bit like a renfair, which I totally adore, but I might have had a bit of an overload after a decade.

-sword fighting. Ikaiya took swordfighting classes in Utrecht a couple of years ago, as she is totally awesome. It's been on my to-do list, but it is not going to happen. Ballet, belly dance, badminton, running and horseback riding are sort of keeping me busy right now.

-camping. Mum and my aunt are probably 'going out to camp' when the weather is good and they feel like it. If this is during the weeks that I'm free, I might go a couple of days. I don't see myself taking another couple of days off at the end of summer for the promis of maybe we'll go, maybe we don't.
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I packed everything I could possibly need for the fashion show and headed over to the store a half hour early. Because today I wanted to be early instead of 5 minutes late!!

When I got there, I walked in to a stunning girl with porcelain skin, raven black hair and impeccable fifties make-up. She introduced herself as Lilly Mae Lovett, a burlesque performer. We were both early and she offered to help me with my hair. The theme for the fashion show was pin-up style and I had been practicing my victory roll skill with this awesome book, but it still turned out wrong somehow. She worked miracles with my hair and when I get the video/pictures I'll show you. I brought tons of stuff to put in my hair, which also helped. She made two victory rolls on the top of my head, rolled a rat (the hair do-type rat, not a real one) to create a bun in the back, and then added red roses and the red feather hair clip that I got from my the Bhuz Secret Santa last year.  My lesson for today: I should keep up the practice so I can do this myself too. It looked awesome!

We started getting dressed as more and more people dropped in, and there was a general air of cheeriness all around. [ profile] ikaiya  was picking out outfits for the people who didn't have an outfit yet, I stitched red lace down to a PVC parasol, and there was the general sharing of safety-pins, make-up items and people lacing each other up. I wore a white satin corset with lace overlay and a red leather skirt. The general idea was that I would do a dance performance, so I also brought my fire veil  and did a quick practice in the hallway.

We all walked over to the stage (around the corner) with various people leaning on each other because of the stripper shoes. I brought my own black high heels as I needed to do a lot of turns, but my knee started hurting and I changed into my flat sandals. Which didn't reduce the pain, but it didn't make it worse either. I really need summer shoes so I can wear my inlay soles. It was rather chilly btw, despite it being the end of July. We were all grateful that it wasn't raining and tried to keep warm backstage. 

The show was presented by Cutie, a delightful and sweet girl who started out by handing out lollipops. Jeanette, a tall lady with a purple leather coat walked on the stage and I got ready to get on stage myself. Except that my music didn't play. Sarah ran over to me and told me that the file wasn't opening, and what should we do? I asked her to put anything on with a beat and I'll improvise. So yeah, my well-thought out performance went out of the window. 

I walked onstage holding red roses and wrapped in my akai fire veil. The music was 'The devil in disguise' or something similar, and I started throwing the roses into the audience. I then did a slow unwrapping of the veil with a bit of wink wink nudge nudge stuff thrown in, and that was it. The Dom Square was packed by the way, people everywhere and lots of camera's so I'm sure that there will be pictures/video soon. I helped Lilly change into her second outfit and we did a grand finale with all the models.

I went outside to talk to the people who came for me, couldn't find them all as the crowd dispersed. Talked with a lot of people, had guys ask me if they could take my picture, then went back to the store to change into street clothes. The hair and make-up received a lot of positive comments, even after changing into less obvious clothes.

Now I'm back to doing mundane stuff like going to the hardware store for supplies and shopping for groceries. I have removed the fake lashes and flowers/feather but I'm keeping my hair up for a while longer. It feels good. Overall, a tiring but really fun experience! Muchos gracias to [ profile] ikaiya , Sarah, Poohbear, Lilly Mae and all the other volunteers :)

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 To celebrate the reanimation of LJ and the arriving of the Gothic festival in my city, I dove into the past to find pictures of previous gothic/victorian outfits.I posted them on Facebook but I'll put them up here too this weekend, with a bit of background info. For now I want to let you guys know what I've been up to in the past week.

I've been busy putting laminate floor into my bedroom, removing the old closet, and once I get the last bit of flooring in today I'll put in the new closet. Yes, I'm still at it. Please hum 'eye of the tiger' or something else inspiring for me while reading this, I really, really need it. My bedroom is almost done, I need to move everything from the second bedroom to the living room on Sunday so my dad and I can get cracking on Monday and Tuesday for the very last room. I hope that I will never have to put a laminate floor in any building/room whatsoever ever again. Well, at least for the next five years or so.

But I also need to prepare for the fashion show tomorrow. I tried my clothes on in the store and they are perfect, a red leather skirt and a white corset with black lace overlay. The skirt is a perfect match to my MAC Diva lipstick, and while I was trying it on I thought it would be neat to wear red and white roses in my hair (I'm wearing my hair up). Now I have to figure out how many roses/flowers I already have and buy the rest. I also checked out the stage: it is smaller and located awkward compared to last year. There is an excavation going on on the Dom square which means the square is only half it's usual size. I'm rethinking my voi idea, but we'll have to see how everything goes tomorrow. I'll be in the store starting at 12.30 so I can get my hair and make-up done and practice with the other models.

I prepared y performance with a blood red veil, but it sort of clashes with the dried blood red of the skirt so I'm thinking of sing the fire veil instead. Which is good for the wow effect, but it doesn't refer to blood (or roses, for that matter). Argh!!
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I received the first pictures from Summer Darkness from a kind bystander who promised to send them to me. Special thanks to Marco Smeulders, because now I have a picture of me and Ikaiya!! It seems that I look a bit too cheerful compared to the basic gothic facial expression. Then again, my use of fake flowers has reached new heights so I don't think I'll get gloomy soon.
who cars? show us the pictures!! ).
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Too tired to do the complete write up, but I still have a bit of energy left in me after three days of gothic festival fun. Actually, the festival was less fun then it used to be, because:
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Despite the gothic festival this weekend, I managed to finish the turkish vest yesterday evening. To be honest, most of the bands make music that make me cringe. I'm more of a gothic rock/folk/dead can dance girl then an electro/ebm/dark wave goth. Ataraxia and Gor also opened the festival by a performance in the Dom church, the medieval churchbuilding in the center of Utrecht.

We watched Omnia, Gor (which was a very nice suprise) and Ataraxia (who did something very avantgarde) again on friday evening. Saturday [ profile] swas and Gunnar came over. We wanted to picknick in the park, but there was too much rain during the day. That didn't relly matter, we strolled through Utrecht, talked, ate something in the medieval garden next to the Dom (the cathedral). [ profile] ikaiya had a three day tocket, but I decided that the line up wasn't that good to spend another 30 euro's on it. Besides, it was sold out (or so they say).

pictures from the current project )

[ profile] swas also showed me the performance that I did on her wedding on utube (private view, so no, you can't see it!) and I think it is acceptable to put online. Not a ' OMG, what a fabulous dancer!' clip, but it shows my dancestyle. A lot of things have improved, but I'm still not satisfied with my arms. To flappy at times.

If I manage to figure out how to put it on youtube without getting the big chunky sqaures instead of the original high quality movie, I'll put it on my website.

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