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Things are starting to get a bit vague, so excuse me if I happen to mix up days and events. I left with Oslems workshop, didn't I?

After Galata tower we slept in. Since Ozma mentioned it, she was uncermeoniously dragged on stage by the not-so-good bellydancer and force feeded by a sultan, then coerced into dancing on stage. Being a good friend, I cheered her on and took crappy cellphone pictures. Well yes, that IS a tambourine she is holding!

I'm quite in the middle of finding a new subletter right now so I won't be able to properly finish this post. More will soon follow. :-)

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Written while I'm waiting at the airport. I read the posts from my flisties last night, but was too tired to reply. I've been in Friesland for the past week, learning how to sail a small keelboat. And small is a boat under 20 meters long. It was a very intensive, very fun weekend. The hardest part for me was dealing with so many new people and constantly having people around. I tried to be wise and decided to rest when possible, but succumbed to my enthousiasm a couple of times, resulting in me not getting enough rest. I had a blast and received my level 1 certification, meaning that I have shown to know and be able to perform the basic maneuvres with a boat, as well as know the correct terms. There are a ton of terms on the ship and a lot of terms for actions, that you have to shout to your crew or that are shouted to you by the one at the rutter. I hope I can go out and sail some more this year, being on the water is absolutely lovely. Our boat disn't have wi-fi, it was an internet free week for me. Vey soothing, I should dothat more often.

Also, sailing is essentially different from being on a boat with a motor. There's something about taming the wind that gives me a huge powerkick, and being able to use Science (tm) all the time appeals to my geeky side.

Here I am today, sitting at Amsterdam Airport and waiting for my flight to Istanbul for a meet up with Ozma. I got my travel guide and the address of the appartment, will figure out during the flight how I'll get from Istanbul Airport to the appartment. I look forward to finally visiting Turkey for the first time, taking dance classes and watching performances. If the appartment has wi-fi, I'll post updates. If not I'll resurface next Sunday with tons of stories.

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Video from RonDom  Buikdans isn't in yet and my own camera died on me last Saturday. Lili Abade posted this footage of our duet in Wageningen. It is a fun video and it really shows how much fun we had Saturday :) Thank you Lili!!

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 When people commented on the pictures of the belt, one of the most often asked questions was: 'will you do cut-out on the bra too?'. In this post I'll show you how I converted a basic bra into a bra base and made a couple of cut-outs in the bra cup. My lack of posting the past couple of days is because I've been practicing my ass off for the show next Sunday. I can't wear a pretty costume when my dancing is not up to par.

be prepared for LOTS of pictures )

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll post pictures of the process of covering the base with fashion fabric. In case your wondering: this costume needs to be finished for the weekend and my lj posts are behind ont he facts. So rest asure, this costume will be ready on time in all it's shiny glory :)
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Other events had me occupied last week so I didn't write much about the costuming project. My hands have not been idle though:  I've spent 13 hours on beading the belt.

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I'm currently busy with beading the fringe, another tedious and long winded process. I can bead about 5 cm of fringe per hour and the whole belt is app. 110 cm long. It might be a while before I post the update of the finished fringe. Lucky for me I have tons of movies and series to watch while beading :)
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 No pictures today, but a bit of contemplating about yesterdays poll about chosing colors. And for me a chance to take three of my favorite things and mix them together, the three things being chocolate, glitters and costumes :)

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That's all folks, regular costume posts will continue soon.
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 I promised to give you guys a peek of the belt with the rhinestones, and here we go.
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An update on the resources: the sequins arrived in Tuesday and the beads arrived today. Those hot pink beads? They are not matching the sequins and fabric. Lucky for me, the supposedly purple beads are a perfect match, so I'm going to use those. I also realized that I needed more gold bugle beads and purple bugle beads then I expected, if I want to make the fringe too. I ordered those today but expect that it will take another 5 days before they arrive. 

Tomorrows post is all about the paisley front closure that isn't pictured in the above update.  

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 I promised to show the first rhinestones today, but I have to put that on hold for tomorrow's post. Today was filled with working on the preparations of our (meaning Arya and me) first belly dance theater show RonDom Buikdans. Yep, that's the show I'm making this costume for!

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See you tomorrow!
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 Covering the belt base seemed like an impossible task. With all the cut-outs, curls and corners, I was not looking forward to the process. Today I'll show you how I covered the swirly part of the design.
Read more... )Covering the complete belt took me 3 hours, but it is very satisfying to see how the project is advancing. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the whole belt covered in fashion fabric, and the first rhinestones will make an appearance :)
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I made a sketch for the belt, and turned it into four pattern pieces. Do not imagine anything fancy going on here, I used my basic belt pattern, modeled one after a Bella belt that I liked and used a pen to fill in the curls and stuff. The catch is that I wanted the belt to have a lot of cut-outs, creating peek a boo holes to the skirt worn underneath. This will allow the costume to be very versatile, depending on the skirt worn with the bra/belt.

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For a duo performance on April the third, we've been practicing and choreographing a song from Asena's 2005 cd. We didn't decide on costuming yet, but I assumed we'd wear old school Turkish bra and belt sets. I still have my first pro costume, an ancient Bella bra/belt that I bought second hand from my teacher. However, something unexpected happen: I had a Bella costume that didn't fit me, and my fellow dancer fell in love with the costume and bought it from me. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bella costumes: she creates beautiful costumes, using high quality crystals and holographic sequins. Her bead work is amazing, made into almost lattice like curls and shapes. In short, my fellow dancer had a kick-ass modern style Bella costume and asked me if she could wear it for the show. We agreed that she could, but I sort of forgot that I haven't got anything similar in style or bling to match.

That's when I decided I should make a modern Turkish style costume that would look good on stage next to a Bella. To make matters more complicated, I'm on a rather tight budget (that's why buying a costume was not an option). I do have a lot of time on my hands and that is a real advantage in this case! I plan to finish this costume in four weeks, and will update often on the progress and problems I run in. Today part 1: the materials.

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That's it for now, more on the belt pattern tomorrow!
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Despite the gothic festival this weekend, I managed to finish the turkish vest yesterday evening. To be honest, most of the bands make music that make me cringe. I'm more of a gothic rock/folk/dead can dance girl then an electro/ebm/dark wave goth. Ataraxia and Gor also opened the festival by a performance in the Dom church, the medieval churchbuilding in the center of Utrecht.

We watched Omnia, Gor (which was a very nice suprise) and Ataraxia (who did something very avantgarde) again on friday evening. Saturday [ profile] swas and Gunnar came over. We wanted to picknick in the park, but there was too much rain during the day. That didn't relly matter, we strolled through Utrecht, talked, ate something in the medieval garden next to the Dom (the cathedral). [ profile] ikaiya had a three day tocket, but I decided that the line up wasn't that good to spend another 30 euro's on it. Besides, it was sold out (or so they say).

pictures from the current project )

[ profile] swas also showed me the performance that I did on her wedding on utube (private view, so no, you can't see it!) and I think it is acceptable to put online. Not a ' OMG, what a fabulous dancer!' clip, but it shows my dancestyle. A lot of things have improved, but I'm still not satisfied with my arms. To flappy at times.

If I manage to figure out how to put it on youtube without getting the big chunky sqaures instead of the original high quality movie, I'll put it on my website.
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I'm halfway through this project. It really isn't that much work, but it's important that it fits well, so it's taking longer then expected.

mock-up and haflway through pictures )
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Today was my day off (I worked saturday) and despite not working out I did a lot of useful things. Like tweaking my website further, finally putting stuff for sale on the Dutch auction site, making two brocade panels for a costume idea that i had in my mind for ages and drawing a pattern for a turkish vest.

Turkish vests are cute. Maybe with a c-cup or more, it's more on the sexy side then cute, but I find them nice anyway. Since there are very little tribal dancers over here, the turkish vest is an item that is rarely worn. So finding a pattern is out of the question, I'm modifying a dance top pattern that has been lying around. Let's hope that it'll work.

if everything works out, picture update will be wednesday. I hope to finish this outfit for castlefest, which is next sunday. phew.
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For those of you who are into folk and into bellydancing: I just discovered this cd:
Dum tek- by Nim Sofyan

he combines folk music with turkish lyrics and instruments. Gotta love the violins. It's summer, so break out the upbeat folkmusic and let us have fun! I thought I had to work on august the 12th, but I'm scheduled for work untill one so could probably make it to a picknick in the park, unless my manager has unpleasant news for me today. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I am scheduled to work three saturdays in the week 29-32 period, so she che could find someone else to fill since I'm not having any weekend left anyway.

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