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Open class yesterday was a blast, had fourteen ladies who enjoyed the class and wanted to sign up. Except they couldn't because both my classes are full. And I even extended the capacity, from 10 people per class to 13 for the beginners and 12 for the intermediates/advanced.

Now I have twenty five people every week that expect me to teach a good class. Eep!! The good thing is that during this open class, I noticed how I improved in structuring my classes, cueing, connecting with the students and making sure the class contains enough material to feel like they worked without being overwhelming. It's hard for me because I am an unstructured person who likes to add stuff every ten minutes. Because I am so excited! And this other thing is also really cool! Notice!

My plan is to totally rock this semester. Beginners are getting a beledi with assaya for starters and a Turkish classical song to give them a feel for Egyptian versus Turkish. The intermediates/advanced are getting a drum solo with lots of layering (that's what we're doing the first 7 weeks) and a fan veil choreography that is fun and flashy last. First bellydance hafla is set on October 5th, that's one month away. I am doing Kermit arms right now on account of having so much to do.

It's all good though.
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With all the serious stuff going on like burials and talks about taxes, prenupts and testaments, I haven't written about the vellydance events in the past couple if weeks.

June 5th: annual student recital at the cultural center. We presented our performances in the theater room, which added a lot to the overall atmosphere and intensity of the performance. Super proud that my internediates pulled off a classic ATS improvisation after ten classes of ATS technique. The beginners were adorable with a short veil performance and our group dance blew people away. Next semester I want to do a group dance together as well: having many people on the stage looks good and really brings out the formation changes. I was inspired this semester and four of the beginners are now hooked. Weehee! I also noticed how I am teaching differently towards beginners compared to the intermediates. It might be beneficial if I treated my intermediates like I treat my beginners on account of keeping a fresh perspective.

On June 11th, Gerie threw a bellydance party at the cultural center where she teaches. It was so nice, lovely line up and my students did well with the group performance. It was a very intense day, with me running from a bachelorette party of a friend to the hafla and then back home. All by train and bus, while holding a whipped cream pie in one hand and lugging my suitcase with me, and pumping milk during the day.
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It seems that there suddenly are plenty of performance opportunities for my students and for me, on student recital/hafla like events. Part of this is because Parnassos, the center where I teach, has to make more money to keep afloat. Throwing bellydance nights draws in extra people who buy drinks. Drinks are ridiculous cheap though, like 1 euro for non alchoholic beverages and 2 euro for wine/beer.

I am getting paid to throw these halfa's, prepare and teach a public workshop for who ever shows up (so... both beginners and advanced should appreciate the workshop). I program a short performance slot (three performances) and I create the playlist for bopping around afterwards. I probably make more money this way compared to throwing a hafla myself. The basic reason being that I don't have to rent a venue, I don't have to promote the event, I don't have to sell tickets (admission is free) and I don't have to dress up the bar.

This leaves me running around the house packing stuff during the day, trying to fit into a costume (My multicolor Bella bra cups are too small now! Noooooo!!!!), creating playlists and doing various other stuff. My students trickled in one by one and we got down to practicing. They did the choreo to Teggi Ezzay, which looks good now on the students that practiced and showed up on time.

The hafla was a success: roughly 40 people showed up for the workshop, everyone participated and had fun. Even the group of young guys who started out giggling. One of the performances was cancelled last minute because Roos has an injury but three was a good number. I faffed around with a veil (seriously, nothing of my prepared chore stuck), Brenda did a fusion piece to Evanescence and my students closed with the group performance.

Dancing afterwards was fun, but around 22.00 people started pouring in from other events, killing the bellydance buzz. Something our event scheduler should have been aware of, but I didn't put the blame on her. She'll probably check twice next time, it's a bit odd to advertise bellydance party and having 'regular' customers coming in half way.

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this is the choreography that my group is working on this semester, with me taking a couple of artistic liberties because it is a solo performance. The structure is pretty obvious as it's supposed to :-)

What can I say? I can see that I have given birth recently as here is more tummy. Maybe I should lay off the chocolate for a bit and move around a bit more, but when I start work again I will also be riding my bike, taking stairs and running for trains so that should also help. I love, love, love to dance and my smile and relaxed attitude make it look good, and I can have that at any size!
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Today is the first day that we'll perform our lustrum production to a sold out audience. I am now at home trying to get everything in order. My main hinderances are:

1. I set my alarmclock at 6.30 so I could bring the dog to daycare, but I overslept. When I woke up at nine, it was too late. So here I am at home, trying to teach the dog to be quiet in her bench when I am upstairs. Not ideal.
2. last minute requests. Yes, after the cultural center decided to change the name of the show, they also had to buy last minute extra fabric for decoration, asked me to bring hipscarfs to decorate the lamps (whatsapp, 24.06) and if I could make a general spotify playlist for the bar when we're not performing.


I haven't tried if I fit into my own gold costume yet and I need to pack my suitcase with props that my dancers need. Feed the dog (and myself) and what is the most stressful event of today: go to our backdoor neighbor who promised to look after Noushka tonight. All this while E is in Germany so no fallback plan if something fails.

Oh, and I need to get myself into costume and on stage too, on account of creating new videomaterial of performances I already have. Which I need to practice. Somehwere today.

It is going to be awesome though.
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What I love about the place where I teach is that they have the opportunity to do a student recital at the end of the semester. And let's face it, recitals illicit a response in people: some get very excited, others get very quiet and withdraw. Ever since I started teaching, I decided that every semester we would have a student recital for those who wish to participate. The goal of the classes is to learn bellydance. But I find that in my students (female, academic, between 18-26) the performance opportunity inspires to actually attend all the classes, practice and evaluate their own capabilities.

Also, my current focus in my own dancing is on bellydance as a performance dance (as opposed to bellydance as a social dance, which is also a great focus). Working with my students helps me to develop my own skills as a choreographer, troupe director and organizer. We had a small group of beginners and a failry large group of intermediates last sunday.Read more... )
I am extremely proud of my intermediates for doing this (very short) drum solo with zills choreography:

I am going to pat myself on the back for managing the whole thing. Light could have been better but the light engineer did what she could. I brought a toi toi toi (nailpolish), all the extra costume stuff, the videocamera and one of the students brought her photocamera so we have decent group shots. Having recent and good quality footage and pictures is good for attracting potential students and God know I need at least eight students per class to continue and things are tight.
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During the storm last Monday i was driving my bike and preparing to do a left turn. You know, look over your left shoulder, put your arm out to signal, turn left, get hit by a pizza delivery guy on a scooter and come to a screeching halt on the wet asphalt. It was a weird experience, almost slow motion. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that I was hit.

A woman walked toward me, asking me if I was alright. All I could think off was that I really didn't know. I didn't register pain, or fear, or any emotion at all. Probably because I was shaking with adrenaline. The pizza delivery guy in the meantime got off his scooter and also asked if I was okay.

I stood up, picked up my bike, it looked fine despite the extra scratches. I wiggled my arms and legs: it was possible and it hurt, but not too much. SO I nodded, remembered to ask him how he was doing and then the guy decided to run off. In retrospect, I should have gotten his insurance information but it was night and I was dazed. I was also in a hurry because my dance class was about to start 20 minutes.

When the adrenaline wore off, it turned out that I heavily bruised my right elbow, left side of my hand and got the imprint of the scooter in black and blue on my butt cheek.I got off lightly this time, though I notice that the busy traffic of the inner city is no longer my cup of tea. I am glad that our house is in a quiet part of the city, hopefully with far less pizza delivery guys on scooters.
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Ever since Mr.R. sold his appartment (while I was in Indonesia) we have been looking for a house. Last weekend we spotted a house in a town near Utrecht, and then I found an even better option in the same town.

Long story short: we visited the houses yesterday and placed a bid on the second one. The owners responded with a counteroffer and we are going to and fro but it seems that we are going to agree on the final price. I will update as soon as things are more clear, but it is a house that meets all our requierements and is within our budget.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!
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[livejournal.com profile] ikaiya is getting married this friday!!!

The reason why I use many, many exclamationmarks in this post is because she is my best friend and I am one of her mistresses of ceremony. I am in the throes of wedding stress and have been running around doing all the stuff. One of my biggest concerns was getting some of her friends together for an informal get together as one cannot have a wedding without some sort of bachelorette party. In my eyes (and her friends agreed with this), the bride deserves a party where she is the center of attention without feeling awkward, a way to unwind inbetween the wedding stress and to talk with her friends because we all know that that will probably not happen during the wedding.

Pictures of things I made out of fabric... )

*yes, they having the wedding at a manor. How awesome is that? check out this page with previous wedding pictures. The last one is of a same sex couple getting married in 2006. I love living in a progressive country.

Good class

Sep. 3rd, 2013 12:59 pm
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Yesterday was the free try-out class at the cultural center. It is always a suprise how many people show up for this class: one year, I had three people, another year I had one, who told me that she wanted to start teaching bellydance herself.

Click for pictures of happy students! )
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I packed everything I could possibly need for the fashion show and headed over to the store a half hour early. Because today I wanted to be early instead of 5 minutes late!!

When I got there, I walked in to a stunning girl with porcelain skin, raven black hair and impeccable fifties make-up. She introduced herself as Lilly Mae Lovett, a burlesque performer. We were both early and she offered to help me with my hair. The theme for the fashion show was pin-up style and I had been practicing my victory roll skill with this awesome book, but it still turned out wrong somehow. She worked miracles with my hair and when I get the video/pictures I'll show you. I brought tons of stuff to put in my hair, which also helped. She made two victory rolls on the top of my head, rolled a rat (the hair do-type rat, not a real one) to create a bun in the back, and then added red roses and the red feather hair clip that I got from my the Bhuz Secret Santa last year.  My lesson for today: I should keep up the practice so I can do this myself too. It looked awesome!

We started getting dressed as more and more people dropped in, and there was a general air of cheeriness all around. [livejournal.com profile] ikaiya  was picking out outfits for the people who didn't have an outfit yet, I stitched red lace down to a PVC parasol, and there was the general sharing of safety-pins, make-up items and people lacing each other up. I wore a white satin corset with lace overlay and a red leather skirt. The general idea was that I would do a dance performance, so I also brought my fire veil  and did a quick practice in the hallway.

We all walked over to the stage (around the corner) with various people leaning on each other because of the stripper shoes. I brought my own black high heels as I needed to do a lot of turns, but my knee started hurting and I changed into my flat sandals. Which didn't reduce the pain, but it didn't make it worse either. I really need summer shoes so I can wear my inlay soles. It was rather chilly btw, despite it being the end of July. We were all grateful that it wasn't raining and tried to keep warm backstage. 

The show was presented by Cutie, a delightful and sweet girl who started out by handing out lollipops. Jeanette, a tall lady with a purple leather coat walked on the stage and I got ready to get on stage myself. Except that my music didn't play. Sarah ran over to me and told me that the file wasn't opening, and what should we do? I asked her to put anything on with a beat and I'll improvise. So yeah, my well-thought out performance went out of the window. 

I walked onstage holding red roses and wrapped in my akai fire veil. The music was 'The devil in disguise' or something similar, and I started throwing the roses into the audience. I then did a slow unwrapping of the veil with a bit of wink wink nudge nudge stuff thrown in, and that was it. The Dom Square was packed by the way, people everywhere and lots of camera's so I'm sure that there will be pictures/video soon. I helped Lilly change into her second outfit and we did a grand finale with all the models.

I went outside to talk to the people who came for me, couldn't find them all as the crowd dispersed. Talked with a lot of people, had guys ask me if they could take my picture, then went back to the store to change into street clothes. The hair and make-up received a lot of positive comments, even after changing into less obvious clothes.

Now I'm back to doing mundane stuff like going to the hardware store for supplies and shopping for groceries. I have removed the fake lashes and flowers/feather but I'm keeping my hair up for a while longer. It feels good. Overall, a tiring but really fun experience! Muchos gracias to [livejournal.com profile] ikaiya , Sarah, Poohbear, Lilly Mae and all the other volunteers :)

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 To celebrate the reanimation of LJ and the arriving of the Gothic festival in my city, I dove into the past to find pictures of previous gothic/victorian outfits.I posted them on Facebook but I'll put them up here too this weekend, with a bit of background info. For now I want to let you guys know what I've been up to in the past week.

I've been busy putting laminate floor into my bedroom, removing the old closet, and once I get the last bit of flooring in today I'll put in the new closet. Yes, I'm still at it. Please hum 'eye of the tiger' or something else inspiring for me while reading this, I really, really need it. My bedroom is almost done, I need to move everything from the second bedroom to the living room on Sunday so my dad and I can get cracking on Monday and Tuesday for the very last room. I hope that I will never have to put a laminate floor in any building/room whatsoever ever again. Well, at least for the next five years or so.

But I also need to prepare for the fashion show tomorrow. I tried my clothes on in the store and they are perfect, a red leather skirt and a white corset with black lace overlay. The skirt is a perfect match to my MAC Diva lipstick, and while I was trying it on I thought it would be neat to wear red and white roses in my hair (I'm wearing my hair up). Now I have to figure out how many roses/flowers I already have and buy the rest. I also checked out the stage: it is smaller and located awkward compared to last year. There is an excavation going on on the Dom square which means the square is only half it's usual size. I'm rethinking my voi idea, but we'll have to see how everything goes tomorrow. I'll be in the store starting at 12.30 so I can get my hair and make-up done and practice with the other models.

I prepared y performance with a blood red veil, but it sort of clashes with the dried blood red of the skirt so I'm thinking of sing the fire veil instead. Which is good for the wow effect, but it doesn't refer to blood (or roses, for that matter). Argh!!
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 I\'m booked for an outdoor performance this sunday, close to my home and they requested Turkish belly dance. But I've watched their website and it seems that the day itself is mainly visited by Dutch people, meaning that I have to do something to please both. So my setlist for sunday is:

1. Window of the East wings intro. It's not Turkish, but it is flashy and it will go over well with the Dutch audience
2. Cadimirin üstune with zils.Nothing like a 9/8 to get the party started, and it will please both Dutch and Turkish audience.
3. Asena from the BDSS babelesque cd. This is the choreography I've been working on with my beginner students, but I'm adding fun stuff for my solo
4. drum solo. Using the music from Roos, but with a different choreography. It's fun and upbeat and fits the Turkish theme. Note to self: I should look into doing a Lebanese set sometime too.
5. If audience is in for dancing, we'll do a mini workshop/follow the bouncing butt to a Mezdeke song. Bom Bom is my current favorite. If they are not in for dancing, I'll leave the stage. And when I say stage, I mean the cobble stone street I'm dancing on.
I'm practicing 2 hours a day in the next couple of days to nail it. The songs that need the most attention are Cadimirin Üstune (want to try some new steps and combo's) and Asena (Solo versus group choreography: it needs extra juicy stuff). 
Things I cannot control that could make Sunday a bad day: 
-the weather, though weather predictions are good for the weekend
- the street. Ive visited the spot, but cobblestones and asphalt means fast turns and floorwork are out of the question
- the audience.
- the (lack of) sound. utdoor sound systems, you never know what will happen when you're there
The good news is that the party is open to all and some of my students voiced intention to be there. So if you live in the Utrecht area and want to enjoy the weather while watching belly dance, come to the Spinozaplein on Sunday, april 17th. I'm due to dance arond 17.00 :)
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Today was another 'bellydance for beginners' workshop. I had two no shows (grrr) but also to women who came over to see what a workshop looks like. The left smiling and confirming an appointment for a bachelorette workshop in march, so that's great!

We only had four people in this workshop, but they worked great together. During the last half hour I suddenly felt my uterus kick in. Not surprising because I was expecting to get my period, but why now? Due to very, very bad cramps I didn't continue training afterwards but packed up and went home. I'm going to crawl in bed, watch Afrita Hanem with Samia Gamal and drink tea.

I didn't make any money with today's workshop, but I had a great time and got a lot of satisfaction of working with the participants. I also finally send an email to the organisers of oriental magic. They're already arganizing next year and I made a proposition for the fashion show. I want to incorporate historic costumes ike the ghawazee, cengi, gypsy, spanish-arabic etc. Simon emailed that he could make a videocollage for the background and mix suitable music and a voiceover on forehand.

This fashionshow could be very, very professional if I start with the planning and sewing right right now. Perhaps even ask the models to learn bit about the style that they're presenting so they can match their dancing to it.

Only ten months to go!

And the last three days I got errors every time I try to read the journals of my friensds (or my own entries). I'd love to know what's happening to you all, but can't read your journal right now.

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