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My desktop computer is upstairs and it turns out that having a dog means not being able to be upstairs much. On account of 1) being busy with house/family stuff, 20 keeping an eye on the dog is easier downstairs and 3) due to pregnancy I am floored on the couch most of the time.

Which is unfortunate, because I still need to edit the video/dvd from my recital in december 2014, the cremation of a friend at the start of 2015 and my own wedding video (august 2014). Let's face it, video editing sucks. What also sucks is being the only person with a HD camera and people expecting me to send footage that they lost. Footage that was shot by my camera in the summer of 2015 (the modern dance performance) and that has given me a lot of headaches on account of the director being demanding about sending me the footage (she keeps on losing it and asking me to resend. She can't upload it to youtube on her own. She can't edit it because her computer is crap. etc.). So I'm going to resend it one last time and delete the footage. Serious.

Anyhow, I hope to get cracking with the show footage and put that dvd out first. The members deserve to get the dvd before the next december. It just sucks that I'm the one videotaping it and editing it. Next time, I'll ask someone else to do it (probably resulting in bad footage, no footage or dvd, but at least it's not my resonsibility!)
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I am continuing to squeeze in bellydance practice and in a moment of weakness signed up for the improvising course on this website:

Seven classes on improvising by an American dancer who has been performing in Egypt for years. Some of the classes are with live percussion. This should be interesting.

I was reading Andalee's blog about Cairo and I longed for Egypt and this happened. I look forward to working on the classes but I also have to prepare the choreographies for my class starting next Monday, plus find a 48 hour timeslot in February to work on my audition for BDE. I am still working with Jenna's 'The Next Level' dvd, this is a recording of how far I am with her drum solo choreography, it's nice to work on something for myself and though there are a million little things I'd like to correct, overall I am pretty pleased.

In case you were wondering what a dancer could possibly do with a worldwide available choreography on dvd, here are a few suggestions.
1. teach it to your beginners

2. Use it as  atroupe performance piece

3. put on a costume and videotape yourself in front of a webcame in a dimly lit living room with barely audible music
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I am going through old videomaterial and 60 kg me looks much thinner than 67 kg me. I am a lot happier then I was at the time though :-) And even if I say so myself, this is a pretty cute clip.
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My HD camera was bought in 2012 I think, and I have happily been recording stuff since. However, I did not replace my computer that I bought in 2005. Old Computer has a lot of trouble with the HD video of the new camera and I have done a bit of editing here and there but most of the video material remains untouched and unused. I have the intention of going through the old material to correctly label, cut and publish when possible.

1. I am getting annoyed with videotaping other people who will then go on and use the video without reference or thank you. Because there is a serious amount of money, time and skill invested in videotaping dance performances, editing into chunks and sending them to all the people. I was thinking about having a release waifer printed and with me at all times, saying that I can publish their performance on youtube unless the dancer disagrees. It will be a all or nothing deal: either you want to be filmed and will be published, or you don't. I am no longer putting time and effort into filming people who are not my close friends.

I think that there is a market for bellydance video, like Andre Elbing does with his photography.

The unedited performance footage (cut neatly at begin/end) can be viewed for free on youtube. If dancers want the full HD quality video, they can moneytransfer a couple of bucks to me (what is reasonable? 1 euro per minute of video? Or 4 euro per videoclip?) and I will remove the clip from my youtube if the dancer wishes so, as they officially bought the material from me.

Everybody wins:
Dancers who want video footage but don't want to pay for it get a free public video
Dancers who don't want to be filmed, are not being filmed/don't get a video
Dancers who want to edit material or own the rights, pay me a small amount. They get to preview the material before buying.

2. I found some really nice material in my video vault and have uploaded a couple to youtube. While at it, I reorganized my youtube channel and playlist. All it needs is a channel trailer and I am all set. I made playlists for Sense of Bellydance and FaKyMa (Dalla Dream Dancers), of my own performances, of student performances and of choregraphy material.

Here's a taster of the student recital in January, including my hit and miss veil choreo to a music only version of 'Someone like you', my attempt at tribal fusion choreography and my beginners being awesome anc cute and everything.

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I found this documentary 6 minute movie that explains things. Also kind of funny: cycle path sounds a lot like psychopath ;-) The start of the clip features footage taken in Utrecht close to my house, and some examples from Tha Hague where I work, and Amsterdam in front of the Rijksmuseum.
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Video from RonDom  Buikdans isn't in yet and my own camera died on me last Saturday. Lili Abade posted this footage of our duet in Wageningen. It is a fun video and it really shows how much fun we had Saturday :) Thank you Lili!!

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For free, that is. You can sign up for a three day trial and save the classes to your hard drive, which is what I'm doing right now. It's taking forever but there is a lot of yummy stuff in their, like a veil choreo workshop with Tamalyn Dallal and a cane dance with Sabriye. So also fun for people who are not Suhalia addicts :).

I plan on using the classes in the next three months. I'm mainly focusing on level 1 classes (there are about 20 level 1 classes available) but I might try level 2 and 3 too, to set myself a challenge.
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The gothic BDSM scene from the gothic bellydance dvd is placed online, together with Jehan's motivation. Check it out on the hip circle:
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To make up for the horrible clip that i posted some days ago, here'scute videoclip of the Lebanese dancer Amani. [ profile] ikaiya bought the ' Amani around the world' dvd, and though her style feels a bit too wiggly for my taste, she's a good dancer with a magical belt. I'm not sure wether this is a good example of Lebanese dancing: Meissoun's dvd contradicts with Amani's style at several points. I haven't had that much classes on Lebanese dance.
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I'm turning into a serious youtube addict. I stayed up untill 2.00 last night, watching clips of Tarkan, other turkish popstars like sertab erener, and clips from Ruslana. Thanks to the eurovision song contest, I wonder what Turkey entered this year.

Ruslana mixes popmusic with Ukranian folk, a very explosive mix at times. The fur and leather costumes really work for me, perhaps because I like elfquest so much :) Maybe I could do a dance as a novelty act, fusing russian gypsy dance, some ukranian moves and oriental bellydance together. The music just makes me want to get up and dance!

Despite the fact that Tarkan is a bit creepy to me, his clips are amusing and fun to watch. And he does have pretty eyes. He's a bit to slick for my taste, I like my men ragged. If you want to watch, go to and type the desired artist in the search option. There are alos a lot of great bellydance clips, including ocntestants in a Russian bellydance contest whhit a lot of good dancers.

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