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Packing up our stuff plus getting all the furniture and laminate out of the living room took us a couple of hours and it was kind of erratic at moments. We drove off around 14.30 and arrived in Katwijk around 16.30. The first couple of days, the dogs were a bit off and they are sometimes still disagreeing, but that's the way dogs are.

My mother in law is doing her best to make us feel welcome, she got groceries for dinner so we didn't have to worry. We've made a couple of visits to the beach with the dog and Eliza and they both love it, even when it is freezing cold. I also feel at home though I miss having a space to practice. As a result my dance practice routine is suffering. All for a good cause, of course.

The good news is that I started adjusting my eating habits a couple of weeks ago and it is really easy to keep it up. My mother in law lost 39 kg/ 80 pounds in about a year by changing her eating habits. It is kind of hard to sit next to a person who has the willpower to not eat sugar for over a year, and eat a chocolate bar. I don't know if I lost weight by now but I hope so. I took my measurements and I am a size bigger than I anticipated. Ugh. I'll compare measurements when I get back home in three weeks. It feels good so far, I adopted the eating habits of Eliza. I am eating something every two hours, mostly vegetables or fruit as a snack. I choose lighter options for lunch and eat breakfast and dinner like I am used to.

My MIL loves seeing Eliza every day, and I enjoy spending more time with Eliza. For these couple of weeks I work two days a week and E works one day per week. this way we can stretch our free days far enough to care for Eliza and Noushka every day. At home, the floor of the living room has been replaced by a cement floor and next week they will lay out the floor heating. The foundation of the extension is also cast. It is a complete mess and I am glad that we're not home. This seriously the last big remodeling in a very long time.

We ordered our floor last Friday and we are putting it in by ourself in the studio in the weekend of 18-19 February. That will give us a week to transition back into a routine at home, for me to say goodbye to my coworkers at the university and have one day off. In which I will attempt to prepare my classes for next semester, get some dancing in and get things settled at home. The studio will be our living room for four weeks and then we will move back in. so far, so good
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