Mar. 28th, 2017 02:39 pm
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Remember when I said the house is almost done? Well... whatever the builders were doing is done. It is now up to us to finish the rest and the list is getting longer and more expensive every time I think about it.

1. Get curtain rods up
2. decide what curtains we want, order them/buy them
3. put hearth back into the living room
4. put furniture back.
5. build temporary tv cabinet out of boxes and a shelf
6. E wants to build the bookcases by himself. Meaning four weeks of MDF, screws, painting, etc.
7. get Eliza's toys out of storage
8. buy more outlet protectors. Those things are way too interesting for Eliza
9. Get the paint splashes off the windows/tiles
10. Wash windows. Ugh.
11. clean everything AGAIN. Lots of dust coming from unexpected places
12. order new garden fence.
13. order new fence for side of the house for privacy reasons (Bay window gives excellent view from the street)
14. buy or make flowerbed for the garden
15. Buy sand for the garden, redo all the tiling
16. Wait for plants to grow through thick layer of construction debris, or get shuffle and start digging
17. buy new plants anyway, put them in flowerbeds on top of debris. Fixed it.
18. teach dog to not open doors to garden by herself. Fail. Drink wine
19. Be sad about the state of chaos in our house. drink more wine.
20. peek inside other people's houses while walking the dog to get ideas for interior design
21. decide that having furntiure and curtains in the first place is more important
22. Pet the dog. She's such a sweet girl. Reprimand dog for begging while Eliza's eating in her high chair
23. Hope that Elia will sleep through the night tonight
24. Mourn the loss of havign a clean and put togehter house, outfit, make-up and meals. Celebrate hugs, licks, pets, first steps, new words and lots of love from my family

Wait, what was I saying? Oh right, we'll have to get down to business and start cracking on the to-to list. And drink wine.

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