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Im cross posting from Dreamwidth'as well, just in case. I have a life long account at LJ and I am a bit sorry that I am resorting to LJ now, but everything has to end. The Russians will probably keep LJ alive for another decade but my Cyrrilic reading skills are not up to par.

Thank you, flisties who added me and granted me access!

This weekend I taught a bachelorette's workshop, we had some friends over for dinner and we enjoyed the luxury of having a seperate dining area. We originally planned o keep the dining table in the livingroom but now that it's in the gardenroom, the livingroom really opens op. Plus Eliza can play in the empty area before the French doors and we can keep an eye on her from the kitchen or the couch. The donwside of having so many windows is that we're missing the curtains/ blinds, and window washing is slightly more work.

Speaking of Eliza, she's a Cheeky little monkey and getting more talkative every day. She can walk short distances outside and doesn't want to be in the stroller any more. When she's tired she wants me to carry her. She weighs 20 pounds and in attepemt to save my back I wrestled her into the stroller under heavy protest. Otherwise she's pretty happy :-)

The goats in the petting zoo have baby goats and they are uber adorable. It is very amusing to see a chicken run towards us, and the Guinea Fowl has a funny kind of skip-hop gallop when she's in a hurry. Turkey eggs are delicious (they keep on laying). We used one for pancakes and they were extra creamy.

Next weekend is Easter and I look forward to having family time and spending time outside. I'm ignoring the disaster zone that our garden is right now. We're making plans to improve things, but we really need a thrid party to remove a 60 feet tree and dig out a whole bunch of trees and bushes.

I wish we had enough money to let someone else do our garden instead of doing it ourself. I know how happy we'll be once everything is done. I just want to go outside and sit in the sun , watch Eliza play in the sandbox.
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