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Eduard and our neighbor joined forces and replaced our old joint fence with a brand new one. It is glorious. It also meant we had to cut down the thirty year old ivy standing next to it. Our garden is less pitoresque now, but we also don't have to climb up there and remove ivy any more. Win!

We ordered lots of meterials because we received our holiday money this month. E put all the sand in the backyard and started with tile laying. It's going slowly but every form of progress is aappreciated. The terrace will be huge, and it will also mean that we won't have to do a lot of upkeep on it. I used to hate gardens with a lot of tiles, but seeing how much time it costs to keep all the green stuff nice and trimmed we're going with huge planters all over the terrace.

Plus a pergola with climbing plants on top, and herbs in planters hanging on the fence. There will be a patch of grass alongside the house, roses and hydrangea's next to the bay window and the square foot gardens in the back. Things will be easier once everything is in place.

For now we have so much sand in the house, it's ridiculous. We're using a broom and dustpan three times a day to keep things in check.
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