Mar. 17th, 2017


Mar. 17th, 2017 01:21 pm
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We had our elections last Wednesday, a lot of people voted (78%) and it took ages to count all the votes by hand. I am happy that we don't have our own mini-Trump as a vice president. The politician Geert Wilders is like a clone of Trump, both in looks and in ideas. His party is the second largest group, so that sort of sucks.

Dutch politics is a matter of all parties trying to win votes, that turn into seats. As nobody has a majority of the seats, coalitions must be formed after the seats are divided, causing parties to compromise or drop items on their agenda. Thus resulting in agovernment that isn't left or right, but something of everything. It sort of works. Here's a video that explains the concept in tulips:

I voted right after work and this time I found it hard to decide what party I would vote for. I ended up voting for a woman of one of the parties that didn't get much seats. It somehow feels like I casted a vote and lost the elections. We'll see what changes the new government will bring, it will probably cost them a couple of months to form a coalition.

I just love to hear how Geert Wilders plans to ban the muslim faith from the Netherlands (we have freedom of religion). He wants to leave the EU, stop spending money on art, culture, green energy and development aid, and lower taxes. He has tried to avoid the 'how' question for months, didn't participate in debates and has so far chosen to NOT calculate the impact of his political program by saying that they have it wrong any way. He hasn't mentioned alternative facts yet but we're not far off.

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