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Eduard and our neighbor joined forces and replaced our old joint fence with a brand new one. It is glorious. It also meant we had to cut down the thirty year old ivy standing next to it. Our garden is less pitoresque now, but we also don't have to climb up there and remove ivy any more. Win!

We ordered lots of meterials because we received our holiday money this month. E put all the sand in the backyard and started with tile laying. It's going slowly but every form of progress is aappreciated. The terrace will be huge, and it will also mean that we won't have to do a lot of upkeep on it. I used to hate gardens with a lot of tiles, but seeing how much time it costs to keep all the green stuff nice and trimmed we're going with huge planters all over the terrace.

Plus a pergola with climbing plants on top, and herbs in planters hanging on the fence. There will be a patch of grass alongside the house, roses and hydrangea's next to the bay window and the square foot gardens in the back. Things will be easier once everything is in place.

For now we have so much sand in the house, it's ridiculous. We're using a broom and dustpan three times a day to keep things in check.
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Im cross posting from Dreamwidth'as well, just in case. I have a life long account at LJ and I am a bit sorry that I am resorting to LJ now, but everything has to end. The Russians will probably keep LJ alive for another decade but my Cyrrilic reading skills are not up to par.

Thank you, flisties who added me and granted me access!

This weekend I taught a bachelorette's workshop, we had some friends over for dinner and we enjoyed the luxury of having a seperate dining area. We originally planned o keep the dining table in the livingroom but now that it's in the gardenroom, the livingroom really opens op. Plus Eliza can play in the empty area before the French doors and we can keep an eye on her from the kitchen or the couch. The donwside of having so many windows is that we're missing the curtains/ blinds, and window washing is slightly more work.

Speaking of Eliza, she's a Cheeky little monkey and getting more talkative every day. She can walk short distances outside and doesn't want to be in the stroller any more. When she's tired she wants me to carry her. She weighs 20 pounds and in attepemt to save my back I wrestled her into the stroller under heavy protest. Otherwise she's pretty happy :-)

The goats in the petting zoo have baby goats and they are uber adorable. It is very amusing to see a chicken run towards us, and the Guinea Fowl has a funny kind of skip-hop gallop when she's in a hurry. Turkey eggs are delicious (they keep on laying). We used one for pancakes and they were extra creamy.

Next weekend is Easter and I look forward to having family time and spending time outside. I'm ignoring the disaster zone that our garden is right now. We're making plans to improve things, but we really need a thrid party to remove a 60 feet tree and dig out a whole bunch of trees and bushes.

I wish we had enough money to let someone else do our garden instead of doing it ourself. I know how happy we'll be once everything is done. I just want to go outside and sit in the sun , watch Eliza play in the sandbox.


Mar. 28th, 2017 02:39 pm
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Remember when I said the house is almost done? Well... whatever the builders were doing is done. It is now up to us to finish the rest and the list is getting longer and more expensive every time I think about it.

1. Get curtain rods up
2. decide what curtains we want, order them/buy them
3. put hearth back into the living room
4. put furniture back.
5. build temporary tv cabinet out of boxes and a shelf
6. E wants to build the bookcases by himself. Meaning four weeks of MDF, screws, painting, etc.
7. get Eliza's toys out of storage
8. buy more outlet protectors. Those things are way too interesting for Eliza
9. Get the paint splashes off the windows/tiles
10. Wash windows. Ugh.
11. clean everything AGAIN. Lots of dust coming from unexpected places
12. order new garden fence.
13. order new fence for side of the house for privacy reasons (Bay window gives excellent view from the street)
14. buy or make flowerbed for the garden
15. Buy sand for the garden, redo all the tiling
16. Wait for plants to grow through thick layer of construction debris, or get shuffle and start digging
17. buy new plants anyway, put them in flowerbeds on top of debris. Fixed it.
18. teach dog to not open doors to garden by herself. Fail. Drink wine
19. Be sad about the state of chaos in our house. drink more wine.
20. peek inside other people's houses while walking the dog to get ideas for interior design
21. decide that having furntiure and curtains in the first place is more important
22. Pet the dog. She's such a sweet girl. Reprimand dog for begging while Eliza's eating in her high chair
23. Hope that Elia will sleep through the night tonight
24. Mourn the loss of havign a clean and put togehter house, outfit, make-up and meals. Celebrate hugs, licks, pets, first steps, new words and lots of love from my family

Wait, what was I saying? Oh right, we'll have to get down to business and start cracking on the to-to list. And drink wine.
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We've been biding our time in the last couple of weeks while the painter finished the walls and the woodwork. Noushka ruined part of it by scratching at the doors, trying to open them. Argh!!!

The painter is done, today the electrician is back to finish all the outlets and light switches, and then it's up to us!

E wants to start lying the pvc floor tonight, I have plans for getting the curtains up and after receiving an estimate of the Carpenter of 8500 euro (WTF) we decided to get our bookshelves from IKEA and customize them a bit. If all is well, we will be back in our livingroom within the next week. Huzzah!!

Work is getting better for me, finding my place here. It is time consuming and exhausting though, in a good way. It is still awkward that I rarely have coworkers to eat lunch with, so I crash whoever is sitting down and eating lunch. I tell myself this is a good opportunity to meet more people.

Dance wise Im doing good with my classes and I am preparing a solo performance for april 1th. That's in a week. Cue terror. It's a magency, Tales of the Sahara, with a bit of saaudi, a nice violin taxim and a lot of repetition inbetween. The veil intro is also a lot of fun, I get to do some cool veil moves.

Eliza is taking short walks all by herself and is very sassy. She is entering her 'no' phase, and she really means it when she says no. DOesn't want to wear sweaters or her coat, doesn't want to take off her new shoes, doesn't want to go back inside '('outside!'outside!). Doesn't want to get a diaper change and can throw tantrums like a pro. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time. She still give the best cuddles and kisses, and we can carry short conversations with her which is fun.

Back home

Feb. 18th, 2017 09:23 pm
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It has been a crazy couple of days but we're back home! The move included dropping Eliza off at my mother's house, Noushka running around and scrubbing an inch of filth from every surface downstairs. I never imagined that I would one day vacuum a toilet bowl on the inside, but I did.

E put the floor in the studio today to make it our livingroom for the next couple of weeks. In the house they have one more week to go to finish the work. The main impression is that the new livingroom is gorgeous. Lighter, bigger and with nice new places to hang. The bay wndow is one of our favorites. The new doors are higher and have glass panels, creating even more light.

In another five weeks we can put the floor in the livingroom and move back in. For now I am relieved that we are home again.
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This is the second week out of our house, only three more weeks to go. E has been back home this week for evening rehearsals (my huge amount of dance rehearsals is triumphed by E's amount of rehearsals for the big band/Dixieland/classic concerts/hunting). The inside wall of the extension is up! the door frame and windows are in place and they already placed the steel construction to create the opening between our old living room and the extension. It feels good to see fast progress, according to their planning they should be done in another four weeks. I doubt that we'll make that deadline but we'll be pretty close.

At work, my unit manager has decided on who will follow in my footsteps. Huzzah! He has four weeks notice so we won't see much of each other. Booo. I am going to plan a couple of sessions with him in the next couple of weeks and prepare a file and document structure to guide him.

I so desperately want to start at my new job that it is hard to stay focused at work. Despite everything I manage to fill my day to the brim with work stuff. Students finished a pentest on our external website and it was good quality work. I love how I can read their report and understand what they are saying, something I couldn't have done a couple of years ago.
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Packing up our stuff plus getting all the furniture and laminate out of the living room took us a couple of hours and it was kind of erratic at moments. We drove off around 14.30 and arrived in Katwijk around 16.30. The first couple of days, the dogs were a bit off and they are sometimes still disagreeing, but that's the way dogs are.

My mother in law is doing her best to make us feel welcome, she got groceries for dinner so we didn't have to worry. We've made a couple of visits to the beach with the dog and Eliza and they both love it, even when it is freezing cold. I also feel at home though I miss having a space to practice. As a result my dance practice routine is suffering. All for a good cause, of course.

The good news is that I started adjusting my eating habits a couple of weeks ago and it is really easy to keep it up. My mother in law lost 39 kg/ 80 pounds in about a year by changing her eating habits. It is kind of hard to sit next to a person who has the willpower to not eat sugar for over a year, and eat a chocolate bar. I don't know if I lost weight by now but I hope so. I took my measurements and I am a size bigger than I anticipated. Ugh. I'll compare measurements when I get back home in three weeks. It feels good so far, I adopted the eating habits of Eliza. I am eating something every two hours, mostly vegetables or fruit as a snack. I choose lighter options for lunch and eat breakfast and dinner like I am used to.

My MIL loves seeing Eliza every day, and I enjoy spending more time with Eliza. For these couple of weeks I work two days a week and E works one day per week. this way we can stretch our free days far enough to care for Eliza and Noushka every day. At home, the floor of the living room has been replaced by a cement floor and next week they will lay out the floor heating. The foundation of the extension is also cast. It is a complete mess and I am glad that we're not home. This seriously the last big remodeling in a very long time.

We ordered our floor last Friday and we are putting it in by ourself in the studio in the weekend of 18-19 February. That will give us a week to transition back into a routine at home, for me to say goodbye to my coworkers at the university and have one day off. In which I will attempt to prepare my classes for next semester, get some dancing in and get things settled at home. The studio will be our living room for four weeks and then we will move back in. so far, so good
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We woke up with the sound of big machines, announcing the start building the side annex. I realized we will move out of our house this weekend and I'll be living with my mother in law for the next four weeks.

Cue stress.

I have a new job on March 1th when have just moved back to our house.

More stress!!

After we move back we'll be using the studio as living room so they can finish up the real living room. We expect to move back into the house at the end of March, and we need to do a lot of stuff like flooring, curtains, etc. to make it a a home.

On top of that.... I have a nice prototype of the Belly Dance practice Dice, I got all the quotes together and turns out starting up is going to cost me 3000. It took me some time to process this. I still want to go ahead with the project and I need at least 1500 euro to cover half of the start up cost. But... kickstarter takes roughly 12%, taxes are 21% and shipping cost also go into your goal, thus making it entirely possible that I need to kickstart it at 3000 and that sounds unattainable. The preview link for the kickstarter is here:

In the next four weeks I want to finish the prototypes, hand-outs and booklet so I can take decent, high res pictures plus create a project video. I wanted to go life at the end of February.

Should I let it go? Should I stick to it? I love to hear your thoughts on this one, as I am starting to feel overwhelemed with home, work and family.
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Only three more weeks to go before Christmas, the deadline for finishing construction on the dance studio is drawing near.

The past couple of week the weather got cold with more rain but the progress went as planned. We are really happy with our contracter so far.
In the second week the concrete foundation was laid, providing a nice, clean canvas

The window frames arrived and look huge. They are drom bottom to the top so fairly large. The entrance will be on the left, the frame in the middle are French doors from the dance studio towards the garden.

The mason build the inner walls. Due to pur climate being cold and wet, building regulations are strict and we are going all the way with double brick walls and insulation

Like, this insulation that stocks to the outside of the internal walls

As it is dark when we wake up and dark when I get home after work, it is hard to take a picture every day. The builders start at 07.00 and they bring artificial light. They placed the beams and the roof

When I got home yesterday, the skylight was installed. It's starting to look like a real building!
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It was good. The Chief IT operations is youngish (like, forty?) and recently started there. We had a good conversation about the pros and cons. The next two talks are on Tuesday. I had to reschedule a meeting and I hope people are not getting a whiff of my plans before they are confirmed on paper. The more I think about it, the more I want this job. I notice how I get more agitated by regular annoying things at work. As my fellow ISO is leaving at the end of December and the Privacy Officer is leaving on December 8th, all of the work would have fallen on my shoulders. Except that I probably won't be there. this includes the student who is doing his graduating thesis on privacy at the HHs. Who will be left without anyone to supervise him.

I did warn Paul that I can't take over due to too much work but he went ahead any way. Sigh.

I am about to leave for my meeting at the other company, which is also interesting. Maybe they don't need me right now and I think I need to wisen up a bit on the technical part but it sounds amazing to work there. Afterwards I'll go to the University of Utrecht because Little Brother is defending his theses today, so after successfully completing his sitting he will get his Bachelors degree. WOOt! He is now 31 years old and tried 5 studies before he found his switch for pulling through when his study got hard. I am very proud of him!

The builders are working on the pipework and cables today, things are looking up. I am hoping things stay this positive for a while, all this good news is making em wonder when things will turn sour.
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We are impressed with the precision and care of the builders that work onnour house. There are remarkable few people at work but they are fast and progress is being made.

Day 1 was the removal of the old building
Day 2 was digging out a moat like hole for the fundament
Day 3 +4 was one guy placing the 'bekisting', wooden stakes and planks as a mold for the concrete.

This Monday the concrete foundation will be done and then they can start building.

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Nothing happened on Monday, except for a builder showing up in our backyard, talking on the phone and doing a frowny face. We shook hands and he told me they were taking everything down on Tuesday.

Tuesday was a bit hectic: I took Eliza to the GP for a possible ear infection and worked from hone afterwards. No treatment for Eliza as the infection is small. When I got home there was a huge kick ass excavator in our back yard. It is fasinating to see how fast and precise experienced builders can remove a building. Granted, our garage is rather cheap and poorly built in the seventees, but still.

Thus was my view from the back yard. The building behind the excavator is neighbour's house. To the left is the shed of the other neighbor. For Dutch houses our garden is enormous bur we are the corner house in the street so very close to our side neighbours.

I'll post updates on lj in the next couple of weeks. The funny thing is that it suddenly is very busy with requess for workshops and performances so I am also dealing with afministration, lots of phone calls and extra time being eaten by rehearsals and doing stuff. It's good, we can use the money because after all the work is done we need curtains, a floor and a mirror wall.
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That's just how I feel, but I am dragging myself through the day with the thought that things will get better. We've been cleaning out the garage and shed in the last couple of weeks, because next Monday is D-Day. Demolition day, that is. Builders will show up on our doorstep at an inconvenient hour (before 7 am) and start demolishing the garage. They have one week to take it all down, dig out the concrete foundation and (I presume) while they're at it dig some more to prepare for the new concrete foundation. Don't worry, I'll take before and after pics and post stuff on facebook, because building projects are fascinating to follow. They are not as much fun when you're stuck in the middle but I'm trying to be positive. It's going to be gorgeous! And they'll be done with the studio before Christmas break, so we'll actually have a break. After Christmas they'll start on the living room, due to be finished in April/May.

Fun fact: E and I met three and a half year ago. We took two vacations (two weeks to France/Italy, and a weekend to Antwerp. The last one was our honeymoon). We have successfully finished two remodeling projects on time and within budget and this will be the last big one for a while. During our relationship, we've spent 12 weeks on remodeling and two and a half on going on holiday. We are crazy. The upside is that I am decluttering as stress management plus I haven't fitted into a size S for over three years so I might as well let it go. after letting go, I will allow myself to go out and buy some new clothes that make me feel pretty. Huzzah!

My belly dance classes are okay, with the difference that I feel my intermediate classes are doing better compared to my beginners. I am running inside and being scatterbrained during my beginners class, which is Not Helpful. Eliza is having her first molars coming through and s a result she is in a lot of pain. She is an absolute delight the rest of the time, making up for it in playing, talking and reacting. I can ask her where a specific toy is and she will look at it and retrieve it for me. It's amazing how much conceptual thinking is going on inside that tiny head of hers. Sleeping is currently not going to well and as a result we are not as sparkly and happy as we could be with five hours of undisturbed sleep.
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Our new living room will be ready in march or april next year but I am already googling my eyes out over living room ideas. When we moved in we took all our old furniture and threw it together. We did get new red curtains and laminate flooring but it doesn't tie in all that well together.

I started out by mapping the living space into designated areas. The dining area, sitting area, kids corner and the work space/hobby area. I then jotted down the functionality of that area and our wishes. And by our, I mean my. as far as E is concerned, we first have so many big things to worry about that he doesn't see the point of worrying about details. He is right, that's why I'm on it. I believe E can cover the big stuff like overseeing the building activities while I figure out what our style is and how to tie it together.

I keep ending up with grey tones and off white, with an accent color. Some interesting terms I googled:

-family command center/family control center (I want one!)
-couch console storage
-living room wall collage
-zenza lamp (this is for the dining area, gives a lovely effect when on. plus it's a touch of the middle east)
-tv furniture sliding doors (we probably need to make this ourselves, but it would be great to have a display part of the tv closet plus slide the door, and there's the telly!)
-french doors curtains/blinds (we'll have three sets of French doors when the remodeling is finished. They better get nice window dressing)
-kids area living room

So many choices! Let's dive in :-)
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The enrollment opened for my classes and my intermediates class was full within 6 hours. Huzzah!! Yes, I get a kick out of my students loving my classes. Some of them instructed their parents to enroll them as they were on holiday, others set an alarm clock because they were on the other side of the world.

For the beginners class we only have two people signed up, but there are two more weeks before the trial class and three more weeks after that. As long as I have five or six people to play with teach I'm happy. Teaching belly dance is one of the hardest and most fun and rewarding things in my life. I wouldn't be dancing still if I didn't teach.

Speaking of dancing, I told Sense of Bellydance that I'll take it slow this season. We have a show on October 22th and after that I'll skip most of the rehearsals. It took me a while to figure out why I am sad and happy at the same time. It's because I want to spend more time dancing. The bigger the troupe, the more time is spend on sitting around and talking. During the weekend in the cottage, we spent 7 hours on official sit down and talk business, like what we were going to do next year. I brought the costume I am working on and made a dent in adding beading. Thing is, for people who love to dance, we don't do much dancing. I hate that, I want to dance more. So I am focusing on surviving the next year and dancing as much as possible.

With regards to dancing I also scouted the local dance school that is ten minutes from our house. It is nice and they do various modern and urban dance styles, mainly for age 8-25. I am thinking of renting the studio every now and then so I can host instructors or teach a class with veils, wings or fan veils. Ideally in a couple of years it would be nice to have a group big enough to teach at their studio and go to the belly dance championships to.

Eliza is almost nine months and I have one more strip of the pill left. After finishing the strip, we'll wait and see what happens. The next twelve months will be filled with:

1. Totally rocking my weekly bellydance classes at Parnassos. I worked really hard on the lesson plans and had so much fun already. It contains stuff from Sadie's Raqs Flow, Ava's intensive from last year and various new moves I got from World Dance New York dvds. I feel like shaking things up

2. Remodeling! They start in the third week of October with demolishing our garage/shed. We will be living in our house while they are building and I am a bit worried about the lack of privacy but it's all for a good cause. The dance studio will be ready before the end of the year. We will then put all the furniture from the living room into the studio, leave the house and live somewhere else for four weeks while they work in the living room. I am currently gathering information and images for decorating the living room, dining area, play are for Eliza and the hobby area in the back of the annex. This interior design thing is fascinating though kind of confusing.

3. Getting pregnant. I have a serious case of rattling ovaries. Kind of disturbing considering that Eliza isn't sleeping through the night yet, but I love her to bits and I don't want to wait. I might get pregnant within a month, or after two years. I just don't want to wait. Plus, with the current frequency of intimacy we'll have one shot per three months so that's not helping either

4. Programming the dance studio. The builder will be done with the living room medio March/April. We'll move our furniture back into the house and have someone build sliding mirror doors on one side of the studio, plus decorate the interior as well. We'll officially open the studio in April and I want my program to be ready. I am putting quirky subjects on it that I always wanted to teach. Some costuming bits, stuff about the business side of bellydance and actual bellydance subjects but with a twist. Plus I'll schedule two prenatal bellydance workshops per month and see if there is interest in such a thing.
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Last week I was home with the flu, and this week I am returning to a nearly empty building. No students, most of my coworkers are on holiday. In short, it's summer at the university!. This allows me to catch up with certain tasks and then get some preparation done for my next semester of classes. Plus I am teaching a workshop 'bellydance during pregnancy' on Sunday the 31th to two ladies and it's the first time that I am teaching it to non bellydancers. I need to go over my material and add stuff. Ideally, when the home studio is done, I'd be able to offer this workshop and maybe short courses on a regular base. It would be interesting to reach mostly non-bellydancers. I will do my best to make them go 'I really like to keep on dancing, this is so much fun!'.

Eliza is a bit bothered by the heat (it's between 25-30 degrees celcius). She has trouble sleeping, I ended up taking her sleeping bag off and putting her in her bed covered in a loosely woven cotton cloth. She then promptly slept between 23.45-05.45. Huzzah! We are slowly getting closer to her sleeping through the night. She has some mosquito bites that look really uncomfortable, Eduard is making screens for the windows to keep mosquito's out. I fervently hate mosquito's (who doesn't) and I have a hard time falling asleep if there's still something in the dark buzzing around.

Health wise I am trying to cut down on snacks. Due to breastfeeding, I have been snacking a lot in the past eight months and it is a habit that has to stop. I haven't gained weight because the extra energy is going into making milk, but it is unhealthy for my body plus Eliza is drinking less and will sooner or later stop drinking altogether. So far, so good: it's been roughly one and a half week and it is doable. I am still eating cookies or chocolate, but I stop at one portion. As compensation I eat more vegetables and fruit during the day to keep me feeling full. After a couple of days, my body started to send me hunger signals at mealtimes again. It is good to feel this again, instead of eating all the time and not feeling much difference between before and after eating.

Eduard is teaching a private class in hunting horn to a man who works with biological produce. Instead of paying in cash, he pays with whatever is available that week. Yesterday we ate garden beans, he brought some biological apple/pear juice and I've experimented with beets. Eduard would love to try and go all organic, with the meat being provided from the hunt and the vegetables and fruit from our kitchen garden. That's not really an option as we don't spend enough time on both activities to create enough to sustain us. But this option with receiving biological vegetables and fruit plus Eduard going hunting once a week and bringing home the geese is a nice middle way. I can now identify five different types of geese plus I am getting more and more creative with vegetables and fruit that are uncommon in the super market. It is fun to work with food in this way.

We started to clear out the garden in anticipation of planning permission. We have a stack of wood that Eduard moved to the other side of the garden and on Monday night we lighted a campfire to burn the smaller twigs and branches plus wood that is unsuitable for burning inside. Eliza went to sleep around 21.30 so we had an hour of sitting outside, roasting marshmallows, singing campfire songs and huddling on a woolen blanket. Noushka was a bit weirded out but ended up huddling with us so it was all very cosy and nice. As we're not going on holiday, we're going to make the most of our house and garden while we can.
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Slowly we're making progress on the remodeling plans. The contractor is making the drawings for submitting to planning permission. We're having a meeting in a week or two to discuss the plans, and then he can submit them. In another 6-8 weeks we'll have a go or no go. Building will probably start in October but right now the planning is a bit up in the air. It's making me anxious as I foresee a very stressful time for us as a family. It's true what they say: having a baby is a strain on your relationship. We're good, but both tired plus we both have our extra activities that take up time away from the family. I can only imagine the added stress of taking the whole family to another town/house/living with my mother or mother in law.

I like our house. I like our routine. I like knowing where everything is. My limit to accepting changes is getting lower as I age and this is a lot of change in a relative short timeframe. I hope that construction will be done on November 25th, on Eliza's first birthday.

Speaking of Eliza, our little girl is working very hard on growing up. She managed to pull herself to a standing position yesterday at day care, followed by panicking because she has no idea about sitting back down yet. She has six teeth and we're expecting the next two. Based on hw she's sleeping (not much) they are due any day now. E. swears that she's saying mama, dada and Noushka but it's all a bit random babbling around which is delightful. As is the smile on her face when she sees me and recognizes me.

I installed the maxi-cosy carrier on the back of my bike and she loves hanging out in the back and looking around. Once she can walk, we'll have to keep an eye on her all the time! My plan was to get her a necklace or armband with a gps tracker, just in case. Does that make me an over caring parent?
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Or former notar suddenly closed shop so we drove to a pleasant lady who gave us advice about adjusting our prenupts to include the house. She told us the other notar suddenly passed away. Poor widow, to lose het husband right around his pension. It made me think of my aunt, who is recently widowed because my uncle died suddenly. It's one thing to know that statistically speaking, women lice longer compared to men. It's another to face the reality that E might die a couple of decades before I do. I rather have him alive with me.

With all these serious talks I feel like a proper grown up. Look at me, walking into the office of a lawyer and asking questions about property law and family law! This whole being responsible for another human being thing really rubs off. In short, I have to talk to a tax advisor about the best construction with regards to the free standing soon to be built studio in our backyard. It is possibly better to have a construction where I can deduct the cost of the building in the next twenty years but we need to make sure it really is viable and doesn't have legal drawbacks.

And off we go to another official talk to a tax advisor.... Being a grown up means I am now having long and interesting talks about mortgages and finance. When this did happen?

Oh noes

Apr. 5th, 2016 10:49 am
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We are the people/family you can't invite into your house because something will brake or be damaged. During our visit on Easter Monday E went upstairs to fetch some stuff from storage. Noushka followed him upstairs for a minute. In that minute she managed to poo on one of the upstairs beds (my mother in law doesn't go upstairs any more, so they are not in use). This was discovered yesterday when my sister in law was cleaning the house.

With us having to move out of our own house for about four weeks later this year, we're looking for places to stay. Our kid isn't much of a problem, but the dog might be problematic. E's brother told us flat out that we were welcome but the dog not. Because the dog is used to lying on the couch and is in general very good at ignoring us despite our best efforts. Will our kids be the same when they grow up? I hope not!

Never thought that pets would be so complicated to find a temporary home for. I love her to bits and we don't want to put her in a pension for four weeks, so the only other option is finding a holiday bungalow where dogs are allowed.
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E is doing the intake with the contracters. The last one was last night at eight, when I was home. It's interesting that contracters can be so different. They all build things and nost of those things look quite similar.

Contractor 2 was an engineering type, that offered solitions against cold draft in the hallway and askes about the outdoor lighting. Contracter 3 was more of a'build to last' type, more traditional materials but excellent points on details and finishes. Contracter 4 was the strong, silent type and our wildcard. We've seen work of the other contracters but not from this one. He arrived by bike and was a bit taken back by the scale of our plans.

Most people remodel for 1/3 of what we're planning. He does most of the work himself and at some point during the conversation he had a brain freeze and went 'I build things. Stop asking me to make suggestions or talk about my preferences. Look at the pictures of my previous projects instead!'.

All four are serious contenders and we look forward to receiving their offers in a week or three. In the meantime, E and I are doing the math and we're calling banks and financial advisors. Seems like most of them ask a ridiculous high fee (1100€) for an 'advice'. Uhm, we already know what we want and according to the law and information from the bank we can borrow the sum we need and add it to our mortgage. I really don't need to pay 1100€ to get this confirmed.

Talking over the plans made me realize that this really is a huge project that we're undertaking. We'll have to leave the house for 2-8 weeks and live somewhere else. With a dog, a six month old baby and two working parents this is going to ask a lot of all of us. It is going to be glorious when it's finished and we can keep on living in the house even when we can't get up the stairs any more, so it's an investment for a lifetime. And in the worst case scenario of having to sell the house, we'll get the money back because the house will considerably rise in value.

We hope to talk to our neighbors next week to tell the about pur plans and talk about how to accomodate eachother. Side neighbor's shes is attaches to ours and will be detached, back neighbors will have the side of the new garage/studio next to them I stead of a wooden fence.

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