Oct. 5th, 2015 01:11 pm
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I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy hormones or if it's the lovey dovey feeling wearing off, but I am getting more irritable with E. Not irritable enough to fight over stuff, but some things are starting to chafe.

He likes to joke how I am not the cleaning-type. Which I agree, because I spent 10 years of my life as a professional housecleaner to get me through college. Cleaning the toilet, vacuuming and the bathroom are not my priorities. But I happen to do all the laundry, clean the beds, declutter on a regular base and try to keep the bedroom and livingroom presentable. We divide the cooking, grocery shopping, dishwasher loading/unloading  and general cleaning between us. I really like it when we spend one or two hours cleaning stuff together, it makes me feel like we're on the same page plus we can afterwards drink a cup of tea with a satisfied feeling together. It's not like I'm doing nothing all in the house!

Second thing that ittirates me is that E is asked for music perormances in November/December. I am due on November 20th, he hopes to do a concert on November 21th and is now practicing every Thursday night. Good for him, but I am feeling kind of left out. I like to go out and do stuff, dammit, but I can't because I'm getting more immobile and achy. Let's not even mention getting out of the house after the baby is born, or the prospect of getting up and walking the dog every three hours with a newborn in the house in the middle of winter.

Once the baby is born, I need time to recover. I also want to get back to teaching weekly classes at the end of Februari and right now I can't oversee the amount of organisation needed for me to be away from home and the baby for three hours. Contemplating new projects for January/February/March where he'll be away for another night a week is not helping me relax. Besides, up until I start working again, I'll be home 24/7 with the baby and I need him to help me out so I can take a shower or take a dump (that last one is apparently one of the hardest things of motherhood: going to the toilet for longer than three minutes). I'm a long term planning person who likes to keep an eye on everything that could go wrong, while he's a short term happy go lucky type of person. We are great together, but with the increasing stress of becoming parents some things make me go ugh. 
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With my husband! My mother in law generously dogsitted for us and we went to The Hague for an afternoon of shopping (new pants for both of us), catching a movie (The Hobbit) and dinner (Asian/French at Umami). It was heaven! Strange how fast life can change: since our dog is still not used to staying alone in her bench for a couple of hours (we received her after the socialisation phase had passed) we have been working on dog logisitics for months. It will only get worse with a kid, I imagine. We are very lucky with our dogsitting service, as we can drop her off around eight and pick her up at six thirty. The dog always comes back happy.

She has hit a puberty and is close to being in heat for the first time. Man, she's hard to handle right now! We are really putting our foot down and she won't win from us: sit means sit, even if it takes fifteen minutes for her to do it right. She is very defiant, trying to ignore us, or only doing half of what we ask of her like sitting down but in the wrong place, sitting down but not paying attention, etc.

All things will pass surely.

On Sunday we had our annual new years dinner at my dads house. It was fun and entertaining, his newish girlfriend is nices. Strange how my dad likes educated and strong women, despite discouraging his former wife and daughter from becoming one. He showed us various bits of videomaterial from the eighties and nineties, when we all were very young. He wants to buy a new computer or assemble one from old parts. I donated my old computer to him. I had to do a quick format yesterday night and double checked that I backed up all the data I wanted to keep. Found some video material that I was wondering about. I really need to organize my digital archive, as it is now roughly 250 GB. Video and high res images really add up.

I also managed to do a bit of organizing and throwing away during this weekend. I finally threw out my psycholgy study books. I graduated 10 years ago and have since rarely picked up the books, let alone read them. By now, many new discoveries have been made and I am better off reading the newer books in the library if I feel the need. It was an emotional thing to do, I spent five years of my life on that study but it is a part of my life that is over. I also went through my wardrobe and threw out items that I haven't worn in years, always hoping that I would one day reach for it. But I am a different size and a different shape, and even if I turned into the same size once more my taste has changed as well. Good riddance, I say! Once I cleaned up my practice room completely, I'll post a video.

The recent cleaning up stint is started by our plan to add dormers on our house this year. All the stuff in the attic will have to go somewhere else during the rebuilding. The less we have, the less stuff we have to move!


Dec. 27th, 2014 02:32 pm
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Despite everything that is going on in our lives, we had a nice and quiet Christmas. We stayed in on Christmas eve as I was still recovering from the procedure. On the first day of Christmas we went to E's mother where we were traditionally greeted with way too much food, which we attempted to eat while talking about life stuff like his brother's new house and his other's health.

We went back home to pick up the meat for our christmas dinner at my mom's place. E selected buck, hare, boar and duck so we could taste the difference. My mom and Little Brother made mashed potatoes and red cabbage with apple. Noushka got a bit overexcited amd we walked her a couple of times during dinner. In the end, we kept her on ahort leash until she calmed down enough to stay on her place and play with her chew bone. She fell asleep shortly after and we played a game of Colonists of Catan (extended version with pirates). We went home way too late but we had a great evening.

The second day of Christmas we went out for a long walk with Noushka, where we could let her run around without a leash. She acts like she is in dog heaven and suddenly is way more responsive when we call her. I is so much fun to watch her splash around in puddles and play with other dogs. The rest of the day we stayed in and watched really old Christmas movies like Rat Race, High School High and Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

We managed to finally write our thank you cards for our wedding and posted them. We scribbled 'happy holidays' on top of it and send them on their merry way. I am doing some random chores with my computer inbetween things, and preparing my first class of 2015 (zambra mora). I updated my website security and deleted stuff from facebook. sending out the newsletter was hard but when I noticed that I now have ekeven subscribers I felt obliged to send it out anyway. Hey, these people signed up from their own free will so they are probably interested in what I have to say about dance and costuming. Let's work some marketing magic in 2015.

One more week to rest and recharge and I am ready to go back to work. Though I wouldn't mind staying at home and snuggling under a blanket with this dreadful weather.
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Yesterday was our last monday night rehearsal. Next Sunday is our dress rehearsal and then it'll be SHOWTIME! All five shows are completely sold out. That's right, I didn't believe it myself either. The cultural center hired me to provide the bellydance part of the program in the bar. There will be a theatre show in the music room. Don't be fooled by Jane Austin's idea about a music room. This is not a nicely decorated room where people have tea, play the clavecimble and hope to meet their future husband. The music room is where the big student orchestra rehearses, essentially a high school gym room.

There will be modern dance and jazz dance. There will be short performance in the piano cabins (the practice cabins with piano's). And most importantly (to me!) there will be bellydance. This really is a dream project for me: we'll do a drum solo and part of us will be drumming. We'll perform some classic raqs sharqi (I am amazed how most students want to dance a magency, or a pop choreography, or anything that is classic bellydance), my Gulf inspired choreography which is simple but tons of fun. We have a cheesy introduction to Arabian Nights from the soundtrack of Aladdin. My Dalla Dream Dance friends will join us on Saturday to perform shamadan and saaidi. I will videotape the hell out of it and probably not get into editing in the next two years or so.

I imagine myself in fifty years to be old and holding on to all the good memories. I am pretty sure that this show will be an epic memory that I will enjoy for a very long time.

I am tired and will be glad when this project is over, but I am also very happy that I got to do this. The center asked me to send in my bill now to make sure we get paid before Christmas and the prospect of having the payment in my bank account before the end of the year is also very nice. The only thing that worries me is that E. is off to a hunting trip for the next eight days or so. It is ridiculous how much I love him and want to talk to him about silly non essential stuff and cuddle with him on the couch. On the other hand, life is not going to end and I have several fun things planned. We (dog and me) will be fine. I am getting better at being a dog owner every day and I miss her when she's not around.
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WE're having a social weekend filled with meetings with friends and family. Yesterday we had dinner at my mother's house. She made Indonesian Sottoh whcih I really like and she thought that I might not be able to eat the more spicier stuff due to my upset stomach so she made an extra sidedish with vegetables. Yummy. It was great to see her and Little Brother again. Mum was sad because Big Brother didn't show up. He apparently is having double glazed windows placed in his appartment next week and he needed this weekend to pack stuff up and clear way for the workmen.

To which I say: wow, that's something you could have anticipated and prepared for! So you could have said you were unavailable and we would have rescheduled the family dinner. *sigh*

On the upside, E. is wonderful with my family and friends and this means that a family visit is very relaxing, instead of tense. We took a walk in the forest close to my old home where dogs are allowed off the leash and Noushka loved running around in the heavy layers of autumn leaves. It is ridiculous how happy a dog can be, ALL THE TIME. We permanently switched her diet on Tuesday from kibbel to raw meat and she's been even happier ever since. Her fur is softer, her eyes brighter and she is less whiny when she has to go for a number two.

Her list of favorite things include:
1. seeing E. Even when she just turned around and turns back
2. seeing me. even when I am sleepy and walking down the stairs like a zombie
3. all her chew toys. She is getting more and more raw bones and she is enjoying every bite of it
4. running around the house or garden, trying to keep an eye on everything
5. Sitting in front of the window when she has to stay inside while we work in the garden, keeping an eye on things
6. Sleeping.
7. Trying to bury her bones in the livingroom, despite there being no place to bury them. She tries to bury them between the couch cushions instead, covered up with loose pillows and plaids
8. Playing with other dogs. She has a lot of opportunity to play with other dogs, as she is at the dogsitter two days a week and E takes her to meetings with his hunting palls who also bring their dogs
9. Going for a walk with one boss. because there are treats and interesting odeurs and probably other dogs to sniff
10. Pack walk! Going for a walk with both her humans, meaning the whole pack. Because she can keep an eye on all her humans AND get to sniff everything.
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E. Made a start with placing green wire fences around our garden to keep the dog in, and it is looking neat. He had to trim eight meters of green wilderness. I called him a hero and massaged his tired arms and legs.

Right now the house is smelling delicious because I am baking banana bread. It is the first time, I hope it comes out okay. I have learned that like all things delicious, banana bread contains copius amounts of butter and sugar. To which I say: huzzah! I will eat it all!

I was planning on going to Amsterdam for a workshop with Sharon Kihara and a presentation of fusion bellydance through the ages (Shimmyshake festival). Instead I am at home, finally putting my summer clothes away and trying to get some rest so I can work and teach tomorrow.
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E. and I returned from our two and a half day honeymoon yesterday. We had a great time in Antwerpen (Belgium) though the weather was crap. There is so much rain falling down this year all over our little part of the world that experts predict an early autumn with a lot of food for the animals. Seems like Autumn started after the first half of august.

Today is the start of the new school season and traffic was crazy. I succesfully manouvred around the roundabouts that were packed with traffic jam, but had an unfortunate incident with a car at a t-crossing. I didn't get hurt but I have some damage on my bike that needs to be looked after. Things were obvious in this case, the driver just didn't see me. She was also shocked and I assured her that it coule have happened to anyone. We exchanged contact information and we'll be in touch tonight, when we both had time to process.

The start of the new school season also means that there are thousands of new students on our university, anxiously starting their new study. I am going through my email to get back on top of stuff, work will be busy.

Tonight I am teaching my try-out class and the second audition for my project. I am hoping for ten people in my try out class, seven people have signed up for the audition tonight. Squee!! I have set the max on 14 participants for the production, we'll see how that works out.
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Last weekend was filled with things.  For starters, Mr.R. had his hunting course on Saturday so I had the joy of sleeping in while he had to get up early. I love living in De Meern but the traveling time is killing me and I have always been terrible at getting up. In fact, I am so bad at it that everyone who spend a holiday with me tells amusing stories about me not functioning early in the morning.

I wanted to get up early on Saturday to work on material for my classes but I didn't because SLEEP. I went to The Hague around 11 for a rehearsal of our new theater project. It centers around the many roles that women have during their life and is situated in a laundromat. We had fun doing silly things with laundry baskets and a bit of dancing to a Mozart in Egypt song.

Laudie asked me to do a goddess themed Bellyfit class and I asked if this would be a FaKyMa effort. Laudie confirmed, but I was a bit taken aback by J. who told me she wanted to co-teach with the easier levels. Because 1. she did not finish her bellyfit training (doing eight practicum classes + feedback), 2. she has been a member of bellyfit but hasn't listend to any of the music in the past six months 3. she wants me to send her the artemis training video's that I bought without offering anything in return and 4. I am making us a couple of training skirts so we look similar.

Considering that I did the mandatory extra 16 hours of self study to complete my teacher training, putting in 4 hour to learn the new routine and invest 3 hours on making our training outfit, I feel like I am the main teacher and I am responsible for teaching the workshop. The one who is responsible makes the calls, though I suspect J. might feel a bit agitated about this.

On sunday I had a photographer coming over to our place fora shoot in our living room. We did a lot of close ups of eyes (his request), he took a couple of pictures of me in bellyfit teaching gear (my request) and a couple of shots in regular clothes (it never hurts to have a recent headshot in regular clothes). Mr.R. was noodling around the house and found it fascinating that taking pictures could take up four hours. When the shoot was over I drove Mr.R to the trainstation as he made an appointment to watch terrible movies with a friend. I stayed at home and tried to reign the post-photoshoot chaos into something more manageable, watched the new Veronica Mars movie (it is cool!), did a quick update on my website and some video editing of Ikaiya's wedding footage. It took my old computer eight hours to create a basic dvd but it is done now. I am putting off buying a new pc because we have so many expensive things coming our way this year.

And more sad news; Global Dance Lab, the worlddance studio in Amsterdam that Ada was running is closing it's doors. It is sad because it had really nice studio's and a space to throw hafla's. They are closing up because despite a two month remodelling the noise from the studio is still outside the legal parameters. In the last year, the Tropen theater in Amsterdam shut down, the Dansvloer (studio in Utrecht), the Regentes theater is trying a restart and now Gobal dance Lab. The studio's and theaters that we work with in the belly dance community are closing down, we have less festivals, the theater shows don't sell enough tickets to cover the cost. I came close to not teaching this semester because of low enrollments. Is the end near for belly dance?


Feb. 20th, 2014 10:55 am
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We had Fakyma rehearsal last night and it was a good one. However, Laudie proposed to not go to Tunesia in april so we have more time to get to know eachother. This made me sad, because I don't expect to be travelling if I get pregnant so I will probably not go to Tunesia with fakyma in the next couple of years. Laudie joked about how I have to put getting pregnant on hold for one and a half year and I decided to hold my tongue.

We talked about entering the benelux championship, where J. got a bit heated on how not happy she was about our last performance and how she is not going to repeat this. I sort of cut her short by asking her what  criteria we want to focus and how we know that they are up to par. This seemed to smooth stuff out a bit. We practiced the Tunesian dance and our khaleegy, both are getting better. We are performing next Sunday in The Hague and decide afterwards if we sign up. J. said 'well, there will always be other championships we could enroll in' and in my head I said another 'no, there won't'. It is not something that I crave as an accomplishment or recognition. I don't expect us to win first place though I think we should be able to make it to the finals.

I feel like I am running out of time and the rest of the group doesn't feel it like that. I am excited about entering a new phase and I am also sad because it means that I have to leave some activities in the past (or save them for much later). I wonder if in a couple of years, I will write about feeling tied down by my family and having the classic conundrum that every female has: balancing work and social life, trying to do stuff for yourself and with your partner.

I will not be sorry for the choices that I made. I have thought this whole starting a family thing through long enough to know that it is not a fad. I am not making it more romantic than it is: it is hard work. It is difficult. It is hard. But I also believe that it is worth it, and there will be happy moments, first steps, word, conversations, and a lot of good memories too. I also believe that Mr.R. is the right person for me and a good hand to have on board on such a perilous journey.

Nothing left to do except tying ourself to the mast and hoping that the harpies don't get to us.
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We picked up the moving van on saturday morning around 9.00 and the first thing that struck me was that it is HUGE. A small sized car could be stashed in the back.
Needless to say that I wasn't looking forward to drivign this thing into the city of Utrecht and Mr. R took the first drive. Ikaya came over to help, which was incredibly nice of her and made things go smoother. We took most of the boxes plus the biggest furniture items, the. Drove back to De Meern. We spent the rest of the afternoon by unpacking most of the boxes, getting the tv up on the tv cupboard from my house and switching the mattrass to mine. I ended the day being fairly optimistic about the whole process.

We relaxed during the evening, Mr.R had a dixieland performance that was fun to attend, but a little bit loud and a couple of hours too long to my taste. We hit the sheets at 02.30.

Waking up on Sunday morning was not very pleasant. We managed to crawl out of bed on time and I drove the van to Scheveningen. We ran into a couple of tight spots when I scraped the walkway with the aide of my tires, and when we had to drive through a couple of very narrow streets with lots of parked cars and bicycles. The closet with the big mirror doors was okay, a bit worn out but it'll nicely considering the price. The seller was nice, he helped us by taking the closet apart and helping us get everything into the van. Mr.R drove us to the house of a friend, where we bought a table and chairs for the garden, then back to De Meern.

By that time we were feeling the fatigue but Little Brother reinforced our team. The strong burly guys carried the heavy stuff upstairs and we went back to my house in Utrecht for the second round. See, second round is tricky because all the easy stuff was already packed up, leaving us with the harder items. We managed to even bring my regular bike back to De Meern. I ordered pizza to celebrate, making this weekend the official shoarma/chips/pizza weekend.

As expected, the house is a mess. Things will ease in in the next couple of weeks, with mutual effort and a lot of selling, decluttering and giving away of stuff. I am glad that this weekend is over.

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Mr.R. made me breakfast this morning, bought out of season strawberries and cut them into hearts.

How the hell am I going to top this?
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You guessed it, our christmas was largely spent on painting doors and doorframes white. It was nice, on christmas eve we watched a couple of cheesy christmas movies sitting next to our very own christmas tree.

On the first day of christmas we were invited to dinner in a restaurant that looked all posh, but ended up being a bit blegh. We waited two hours before the first course came through and the food was okay but not that special. I chatted a bit with his brotherse and their wifes, and with his nephew who is a couple of years younger then me. He has a lovely girlfriend and they just bought a new house. I am so excited for them! I talked a bit with Erica, who is from costa rica and who is going there after christmas for six weeks so she could catch up with her close family. The three brothers were catching up on childhood stories at the end of the dinner which wad very fun. Stories about three rascals playing outdoors and such :-)

On the second day of christmas my mother cooked us a wonderful meal, and we spent the evening not discussing the absence of my Big Brother, except that we did because we couldn't help ourselves. And then the childhood stories from our childhood came out, something Mr.R. Was actively hoping for. Turns out that I was a bit of a tantrum thrower when I got angry and that Little Brother and I agree on many things regarding our youth. Like the way our mother told us to solve problems with talking, which doesn't go down well among kids. It was a great night and my mother gave us a wooden garden fence door for the garden that she had lying around the house. She also wants to give me her old bike which is awesome! It's 12 years old, still 20 years younger then my current bike.

On friday I went into town for a yoga class and found out that the bus that stops next to our house drives straight to the yoga school, which is next door to where I teach my belly dance classes. In short, excellent bus connection for the win! Afterwards I noodled a bit in my rented home. It is silly that it is starting to feel less like a home because we spent a week in the new house. We haven't actually moved stuff from my houseto the new house becaue we are still painting the doors and woodwork on the inside and because Mr.R has stuff to unpack too. Fitting both our stuff in the house will be interesting, to say the least. We went to the 'furniture boulevard' to look at curtains and carpet for the staircases. Looks like we agree: we both want red carpet and red curtains :-)

In short, I had a good time during christmas, despite doing a lot of not-so-christmassy things. To top it off, today is our one year anniversary and we had a lovely dinner yesterday to celebrate. I am happy with him, in an unexpected way. He makes me feel loved and respected in a thousand tiny ways that melts my heart and turns my into a glowing heap of sentiment.

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The official pictures from Ikaiya and Poohbear's wedding are released! It's a good photographer and made a pick and did a bit of photoshopping. The pictures are gorgeous, with Ikaiya and Poohbear looking happy and healthy. But! since this is my blog, I feel free to post pictures of me and Mr.R because now I can finally show him off :-)

This is what I look like in the morning without make-up:

tons of pictures! )
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I seem to be in a flow where I work all week, then do many a thing during the weekend. It has been pretty typical for me for like forever, but I noticed that I have less energy as the years pass. Ikaiya let me try her daylight lamp, I am taking my extra vitamine D tablets and I try to go to bed on time. Hopefully, this will work.

Saturday I taught my second bellyfit class and I videotaped myself during class. I look ridiculously happy when I teach, despite sometimes crappy posture. It was a good class, I got better with the timing and spacing the different content. Ikaiya wants to try it too so I am doing a class with her on Tuesday. I am so happy that I got my dining area cleaned out for the classes so I can teach at home.

I drove my bike to Nieuwegein for the birthday of a friend, miscalculating 1. the distance (45 minutes), 2. the weather (slightly rainy) and 3. when it gets dark. But I loved, loved, loved being outside and feeling the rain on my face, ifg that makes sense. It would have been nice if there was slightly less rain though, and less creepy dark lonely roads.

Then onward to The Hague where Mr.R. was packing up. The moving company is picking up his stuff on Tuesday and he will be officially homeless on Friday, 9.30. I gave him my keys and said goodbye to his appartment, and we went downstairs for drinks with the neighbors. He's been living there for quite some time and it is nice to see them all getting along and having drinks. I was a bit scared but had a great night.

On Sunday I got back into the train to Utrecht for Ikaiya's birthday. She made delicious pie and walnut-carrot cake and I totally ate too much. I've been over eating a lot lately, need to get back into sensible eating habits. If it wasn't for bellyfit and belly dance, I would probably not be moving much. It was nice talking with everyone and then I got home, cleaned the house top to bottom, did the dishes and the laundry, downloaded the pictures from my last photoshoot and send out links to FaKyMa performances for the show we're doing on December 14th.

I will report back on the daylight lamp, you have to sit in the light for 30 minutes per day during the darker time of the year. I think some of my flisties have one too, with good results. It is suprisingly light and tiny for what it does.
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Ever since Mr.R. sold his appartment (while I was in Indonesia) we have been looking for a house. Last weekend we spotted a house in a town near Utrecht, and then I found an even better option in the same town.

Long story short: we visited the houses yesterday and placed a bid on the second one. The owners responded with a counteroffer and we are going to and fro but it seems that we are going to agree on the final price. I will update as soon as things are more clear, but it is a house that meets all our requierements and is within our budget.

I am keeping my fingers crossed!
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Life has been good in these past couple of days. Warm fuzzy feelings shared with Mr.R, for example when we huddled up on the couch and I read some highlights from the book ‘Geese, eating the whole thing’ while running my fingers through his hair. I am now capable of discerning different types of geese and judge based on their feathers and bone structure if they are young or old. I mentioned that Mr.R. wants to start hunting, right? I have no interest in hunting but no objection to it either, the people I met that are hunters are all very concerned with nature, keeping the balance and killing animals with a minimum of pain. Eating chickens bred in the bio industry causes more harm to animals than hunting does.  Walking around in The Hague on Saturday, the classic music festival was a bit of a downer because it was raining and cold. The sax quartet was pretty good and braved the weather, they played three extensive pieces that were very well played..
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I changed my relationship status on FB and Mr.R. approved. It is as close as you can get to making your relation official these days.
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During informatl talk about our weekend I mentioned how I saved up for an appartment, but am currently waiting to see how things work out with Mr.R. Mr. Gnome said:

'well, you can choose between being a strong, independent woman and buying your own place, or a relationship'

me: *stunned silence* (I know he is saying this to provoke me)

him:'My wife held on to her rental appartment for seven years after we moved in together before she finally let go'

me:'your wife and I are very different people. I am from the generation that wants it all. I don't see why I can't be a strong independent woman while being in a loving relationship.'
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I was writing the title and thought:'no wonder I am tired after the weekend'. I'll keep it short and to the point:

Ice skating: I took friday off and mr.R. and me went outdoor ice skating. It was harder with all the bumps and stuff, but also way more fun because we were outside :-) here's a picture:

We stayed in afterwards, drinking hot chocolate, watching 'Over the hedge' and cuddling underneath a fleece blanket.

Meeting the family: Saturday mr.R. remember that his niece turned fifteen. We visited his family, meaning that I met his parents and siblings. When I am with R. I don't notice the age gap, but the party was a reminder that we are a fair bit apart in age. His parents are seventy-ish and his siblings are closing in on fifty. It was nice though, seeing where he comes from.

Chinese light festival: we went to Rotterdam for the Chinese light festival afterwards, something I've been looking forward to because: colorful bright lights! Cute animals! It was all that and R. was also excited so we wandered around in winter wonderland until we got tired.

Student recital: yep, the biannual student recital with my students! I edited all the music and created seperate set lists, dragged a ton of costume items with me, rehearsed for a couple of hours and put on a good show. Only three beginners showed up for the recital, two are determinee to continue with the classes. Yay! It was the biggest recital so far, since we had four short choreo's per group made by me, my intermediates also made four coreo's with help from me. They rocked the place.

Bonus: R. came to watch the recital and had drinks with us afterwards. We left to pick up a second hand IKEA tv thing in Vleuten, meaning that we did some driving around looking for the house, tried to fit it into his car, carried it up my stairs and assembled it. All in a peaceful and relaxed fashion, afterwards I put some of my favorite series and movies on his mediaplayer (am I the only one who knows hoe to download stuff nowadays?), we had tea and he went home. Except that he still had my backpack with phone and wallet in his car, meaning he returned as soon as I whatsapped him from my ipad. I now have my tv on a nice white cupboard with glass door, looking all sophisticated. My tv looks bigger and different from it's new location.

I spent the rest of last night sliding the glass door open and close, making star trek sounds.

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