Oct. 25th, 2015 11:50 am
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I have all these plans for stuff I want to do, but I think I'll just lounge around the house for most of the time. Sooooo tired, and I have done just a couple of tiny things like put one laundry in the closet and hang one batch of baby laundry. I'm so happy that we have a dryer, though I try not to use it. Bad for our utilities bill and bad for the clothes.

Which brings me to my recent addiction, which is reading up on Dutch blogs on saving money. It is no suprise that the Dutch have raised saving money to an artform, ranging on full blown crazy sometimes. Like the guy who sounds totally reasonable with blogposts on mortgage, taxes, his vegetable garden... and his insect farm, as he is vegetarian and against eating meat but he has no qualms about eating insects. Riiiiiiight. I'm not going there.

Suprisingly, a lot of the blogs about saving money are from people with a relative high income. Subjects range from 'how to dissovle your mortgage ás fast as possible so you can stop working (if you like)', to 'buying vegetables and fruit in season'. My favorite is Teunie, a mother of ten children (the oldest ia married and has a family, the youngest is 6 or 7). Despite her obvious religious beliefs, her blogs are very sensible and fun to read and are mostly about managing such a big household. It comes down to getting up at 5 AM and having all the kids do their household chores. I'm not going to get up at 5 am, but it'll probably be 6.30-7 am once we have kids and we do plan on giving the children small chores like putting away toys, decking the table and taking the organic garbage out to the compost heap. I can relate to her, plus she is super practical and an upbeat person.

There is ofcourse more stuff to be done around the house, like decluttering, giving items a place where they belong and can be put away. My craft room is the biggest warzone right now, let's see if I can tackle it this week and bring some order into the room. E. has taken Noushka to the shooting range, to see if he can calm her nerves aorund loud noises. If she is at ease, he will enroll in the winter hunting training for dogs meaning he 'll be eight saturdays doing the course. I was feeling kind of negative about it, as I have very little planned up until March when I get back to work.  It irritates me that he makes plans like nothing is going to change, and not taking into account the strain it will put on me. I am a bit daunted because every outing that I plan has to be more meticiously planned and take into account breastpumping and such. The third reason is that due to maternity leave, I'll be sort of isolated in the house and alone with our daughter all day. It feels like I'll be in social isolation and not being able to have much adult company or conversation for the next five months. Except when E. is home, if he is not working or playing the trumpet or teaching horn.

Instead of sitting around moping, I decided that if he plans stuff, I'd better get on cracking and plan some for myself too! I have a bellydance hafla at the end on January, at the start of april and some festival stuff going on inbetween that is in need of planned practice with my friends. I want to get back in shape (maybe go for a weekly swim?), prepare my classes (start in february) and have some more fun with my sewing machine (workshops, courses?). All that and an adorable baby girl :-) I feel so lucky to be where I am now, with our dog and E and a nice place to live.
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The vet suspected a urinary track infection or a uaterus infection. The dog is on antibiotics and we have to keep a close eye on her. The last couple of days E has been busy with finishing the rooms in the attic. We have friends coming over this Thursday for a barbecue and he wants to proudly show our house and how organized *cough* we are. Meaning we want to put the stuff we don't use back in th attic and close the door. He also wants our guests to have a decent seat, which I agree with. We looked into lounge sets but those things are expensive, plus they take up a lot of space all year round. I suggested getting four expensive folding chairs (for comfort and to make sure our heavier guests can sit without fear of falling through) and four cheaper folding chairs. It's a difference of, say, 1000 euro. Because we don't have 1000 euro to spend on a loungeset that, albeit comfortable and pretty, is not something that we'll be using for the rest of the year.

Think I talked some sense into him. Probably because I listed the expenses we have to make to finish the attic, like curtains window decoration, light fixtures, the laminate flooring and paint for the walls and woodwork. I even talked some sense into myself and I am sorting through stuff and trying to downsize a bit while I can. Ugh. I did this four and a half years ago as break up therapy and I thought I had most bases covered, but ugh. 


May. 12th, 2015 03:15 pm
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I got a notice for my public transportation subscription and I severly downsized. I expect to have three months of maternity leave plus I'll work less hours. With my new subscription, my travel expenses will be down to 204 euro's per month (it was 318) and during the months that I won't travel I'll just pay 20 euro per month. Changing my subscription will save me roughly 1600 euros next year, which is good as childcare is expensive.
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In an attempt to unclutter my administration, I have deleted two savingsaccount (who knew that I had three?) and I have billed my BD classes from last season. BUT! I found out that I haven't billed my bd classes for the semester from feb-jun 2012. In the contract it states that I should have send in the bill in june 2012, but I somehow didn't :-( I made a bill and asked the administrations office of the university politely if I can still send in my bill, since I did teach those classes.

That is 1300 euro that needs to go into my account for DBC.
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I have a talk with a mortgage person net week to see what my options are and in preparation I have reviewed my spending habits of 2012. I like t think off myself as pretty good in saving money, yet the facts are that I didn't save much in 2012.


Wait for it...

I enjoy doing fun stuff and I did a maximum amount of amazing things in 2012. Like learning how to dive, learning how to sail, going to Istanbul and meet up with Ozma, after twelve years of second and costume buying, getting me a custom made Bella and two Emans, learning horseback riding, going on a snow holiday for the frst time. And don't forget my braces, they are coming of in 2012 but are still costing me 500€ a year in consults. I went out with friends for dinner more often and am going to dance performances in a theatre, something I didn't do before by lack of resources. In short, 2012 was a decadent blast.

Come to think of it, I'm amazed that I managed to save money at all! The reason why I could afford all this? Because I sublet one room, making my house dirty cheap compared to the usual price for size and location. If I buy a house, my monthly payments will go up to about 1000€ a month, double of what I pay now. As much as I want my own place, I'm not sure if I am ready to leave the financal freedom that my current rented house is offering behind me. So many things I'd like to do, so little time...

The reason why I am looking into buying is because I hate the commute. However, the main reason is my new subletter as I figured out last weekend while I was complaining to my friends. I'm putting locks on the doors inside our house tomorrow, on request of my subletter (she requested for her door only, I don't think she'd think that I put locks on my doors too in response), meaning I'll get more privacy once all doors can be locked. The silent territorium fight that we have been in during the last couple of months is turning in my favor, due to me being home during the Christma holiday and thus putting my mark upon things, putting the locs up, adding the ikea table to the kitchen and last but not least, buying a new shower curtain for the bathroom that is Not Pink. That's right, our cold war consists out of me putting stuff in our house that is Not Pink and preferable Not White*. Hey, I paid my dues by living as a subletter in this house for over six years, living together with Cookiehunter for 4 years and doing some mayor home improvement over the last two years. I deserve to feel at home in my own house, screw this cold war, this is my place!**

The reason why I feel like she is trying to take over is because in the past three months, Barbie has asked me to:
Ask the landlord to redo our bathroom (uhm, no)
Demand a lock on her door through a whatsapp message (I agree because it is a reasonable request, though in a poor form)
Ask me for more cupboard space in the kitchen (I obliged)
She told me we could use her (pink) towels in the kitchen instead of my green/red/blue ones
Her wanting to put a laundrybasket in the bathroom (I agreed on condition that we both buy the same, closed laundry basket. Looking at each others dirty laundry every day is a bit TMI for me. She just updated me on how she is trying to find a white/pink one)
Her suggestion that I should buy a buy a new vacuumcleaner because she doesn't like the suction power of the current one(I did not agree with her request on account of me thinking my current vacuumcleaner works just fine. Also, it IS white)
Asked me if she could attach her laundry rack to the wall in the bathroom(request denied, on account of us having a shared foldable laundry rack that is blue)
Is hoping very much to replace the shower curtain by a white/pink one.
Her offering to help me with interior design choices in my space, becase she has an eye for it (sweet, but no thanks)
Is refusing all offers for shared plates/ cups/etc., and I suspect it is because she doesn't like my plain, practical crockery and cutlery

How to end this once and for all? Your suggestions are welcome and in reward I'll try to post some striking Cold War pictures from my house up here soon.

* my subletter loos like Barbie and everything she owns is pink and white, she tries to take over by putting moar pink and white stuff in the shared spaces. Go on, I'll put my tinfoil hat on and you can tell me I'm crazy

** ofcourse, Barbie deserves to feel at home in her room to. But shared spaces like the kitchen and bathroom should make us feel both at home.

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Things were looking good, until this week:

1. my old employer sent me a letter that I have to pay them 349 euro's that they overpaid me in january 2011. I asked them to provide proof that I overdrew my holidays, like they claim
2. landlord sent me the bill for garbage disposal. It's 300 euro for last year. crap
3. psychologist is going to close this year and sent out the annual bill. I have no clue how much I have to pay, insurance covers only part of the cost. I estimate around 500-700

1. send out bill for the first teaching semester
2. we don't do Sinterklaas or Christmas presents, I'm good for December money wise
3. do some financial planning for 2013. I have been looking into buying an appartment, think that I'm going to save up in 2013 and buy in 2014. sharing a house is financially comfortable, but I'd like to have a place that is completely my own. I never had a place that was completely my own, except for the six months that Cookiehunter and I were living apart. Anyway, house buying is some expensive and complicated business so I'd better prepare myself in 2013.
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I tried answering this through the poll, but it didn't work. 

None, the only time that I've been in debt was when I had a student loan. I paid it off in 2008 and have been debt free ever since. 

That being said, I'm making an excel sheet with my spending habits through 2011 and it seems I spend more then I earn, yet still manage to save up. I'm confused now.
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 I need to unclutter so I posted several items on the EU swapmeet. I tried selling them within the Netherlands before, but the Dutch don't care or offer me ridiculous low prices. I had a lady email me saying she'd offer me 5 euro for the book if it would include shipping. I'd rather put this on the EU belly dance market as it is more likely that someone might appreciate the book for what it is. I'm contemplating indexing my cd collection and putting those up for sale too: I'm using my iTunes for everything and rarely need the cd. What would be a fair price for those? I paid between 15-25 each, but they are second hand and are rapidly becoming less  valuable. What would you ask for second hand cds? I was thinking 5-8 euro each. 

Bhuz swapmeet is still overflowing, but mostly with costumes so dvd/cd might work as it is expensive to import dvds from the US to EU. Let me know if you want something from the list, special discounts apply to flisties!

Flawless Floorwork
By dancers for dancers 3
Belly by sandra 1: isolations
Secrets of the stage 2

Cd: Mezdeke 1-10, Hossam Ramzy (several) random other bd albums that I need to index.

*update: sold a couple dvds through bhuz, hoping will help taking more off my hands. I'm thinking of investing it in finally buying the laminate floor for the livingroom that I've wanted for the last 4 years, as it would greatly reduce the amount of effort neccesary to vacuum/clean the living area* 


Jun. 7th, 2011 10:46 pm
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 Thus one of my few attempts at lolcat speak. I've sold two no-name costumes this week, one to a fellow bhuzzer and one to a local dancer. I've put the money to good use:

1. fixed bike. front brake, back light and standard. It can now stand on it's own again, weehee!
2. fixed my laptop, that somehow stopped working suddenly last week. 't was a problem with the short term memory, computer guy put a new one in and now it's perfect again. Sweet.
3. bought a truckload of salmon and chicken breast and cut it into portions for the freezer. Saves a lot of time/money if you get it when they are marked down. 
4. bought the expensive but yummy Moroccan Tajine sauce and had a delicious couscous dinner with tzatziki and tons of vegetables
5. ...and finished it off by eating Ben & Jerry's Chocolate fudge ice cream. I know, lactose based, right? But it was taunting me and I didn't want to resist

Today is a good day, despite going to the ortho and receiving a chain looping all my upper front teeth together. Ugh.
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Found some great coupons and refunds online and went out to cash them in today. There are people who think using coupons and refunds are more trouble then they are worth, but if your income is low they are great opportunities to save money. The basic rules of coupons/refunds/daily groceries money saving:

1. it is only a good deal if you had to buy the item anyway
2. read the rules carefully. For refunds you often need to send in the bar code and/or the receipt. Ask for separate receipt or plan your shopping if you have several items for refund actions. As for coupons, there is usually a limit to the amount of items per coupon.
3. stocking up is good, but don't go overboard. There is really no need to buy 10 liters of milk if you live by yourself, no matter how cheap they are.

Just in case other Dutch readers are interested, I'll post a link to the coupon. 
1. try a free vegetarian product - bought Valess burgers, they sell for 3,19 (OMG expensive!)
2. coupon for 30% off from RiceDream. Saved 1,26, might buy two more next week
3 free toilet paper + donation to WWF. Will get the 3,19 back for the tp and WWF will receive a 3,19 donation from Page

Things I would try if I would eat products with lactose:
1 Philadelphia duo. mmmmm... free cheese!
2 free breakfast drink. I drank these a lot in the past years, they taste good.
3. more free cheese! Free cheese for everyone! I miss cheese :(

That saves me about 9 euro this week on groceries. I'm using a movie coupons tonight because I'm going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with [ profile] ikaiya  and her man. This weekend and next weekend I'll go to the birthday of two friends/ex-trainees and I found a book for one of them that I can pay for with a book coupon. Yay for coupons! If you are Dutch and probably just as crazy as I am about coupons, post your favorite coupon websites/blogs so we can share the fun.

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