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I am finally making our wedding photoalbum. If E can look at it this weekend I can order it and it will be done! It only took me eight months *ahem* and I have a ton of video material that I need to edit too.

Curse my squirrel brain, hoarding photo's and video's all the time.

It is nice to flip through the pictures and video, it was a wonderful experience and I still feel blessed. The newlywed happiness is scientifically proven to wear off after a year so I am going to bask in it while I still can.
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E. and I are doing an improvised Argentin Tango at our wedding next week, and I have searched everywhere for a suitable white dress. I turn out to be a bit hung up on it being white, on account of being the bride. The first thought was 'there are so many white summer dresses, I surely don't need to make my own'.

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This is coming along nicely, I hope to add more pictures tomorrow when it is done. 
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[ profile] ikaiya came over yesterday, which was awesome! We made a start with the ribbon brooch thingies for the guests and talked about life. Funny how things turn out so different then  I imagined it would be as a teenager. For example, E. is totally not the type of guy I liked when I was 16 and settling down sounded so boring then. It also makes me wonder how I will feel about us in another 16 years, I believe that we will be together for quite some time.

Tonight the public servant that will marry us is coming over to talk through the ceremony. My mum will be there too, I get to see her a lot these days! This is a good thing in general. remember that we went shopping for my wedding jewelry a couple of weeks ago? She called me a couple of days later that it didn't feel right. I returned the jewelry we bought because if there is one thing I understand, it's that if something doesn't feel right for her, I don't want to wear it on my wedding day. On Saturday we visited a local goldsmith who helped us pick out a similar set that he is going to make but with different pearls and in white gold. It is more expensive then the other set but I am very happy with this set as is my mum. It truly is prettier and more delicate then what we bought before.

With only eleven days to go, things start to pile up. I need to make a summer dress from the white tricot that I bought for our first dance (Argentinian Tango). Watching youtube video's with tango wedding dances, it really strikes me how much better tango looks in high heels and short skirt. The legwork is so intense and staccato sometimes, I want to show it off! So that's two nights planned with creating the pattern and making a white halter dress, princess seams and godets below the widest parts of the hips. It wil be mid thigh length, that somehow always ends up as 'just below the butt' length on me. I've tried on every white summerdress I could find in the past three months but nothing worked and now I am doing a last minute sewing project because there is a bridezilla in me wanting to come out.

Wednesday we'll visit the brass quartet to run through the songs during the ceremony. I have no clue what they are going to play but it will no doubt be beautiful and thoughtful as E. played with them as a reserve. I find it amusing that the dixieland band wants to play more then one set, but they can't because the brass quartet, the salsa band and the dalla dream dancers are performing too. A little bird told me that my dad wants to show a 14 minute video compilation of me, it sounds a bit on the long side but the masters of ceremony can handle this perfectly.

That leaves me with poking people on facebook that haven't RSVP'd yet *couch* my nieces and all my belly dance friends *cough*.
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E. And I chose to get pre-nuptials. We expect to spend the rest of our lives together but in case things go wrong (divorce, debt, bankrupcy) we got things covered. We visited the notari who also did the deed of our house and he talked us throug the options. I short, we are both making a list of items that belong to us personally. During our marriage we are a financial unit, meaning everything we earn is equally divided. In case one of us dies, the items are inherited by the other without having to pay the taxes that other people would if they inherited. If we divorce, we have a clear list of how things should be divided.

I am not upset about not owning part of the house, though I was upset in the beginning. We agreed that in the future, we might use some of my savings for investment in the house and that would make me part owner. We can always change the prenupts after we get married and if we have kids, we need to get our testaments done too.

On to the fun things! I have an appointment at a local hairsalon for a try out session on Friday. I have a good feeling about this and it was one of the last things that I needed to arrange. Yesterday my mum and went shopping, looking for jewelry to match my wedding dress. We found a lovely teardrop shaped pearl on a silver chain and matching earrings, much like these:

Hanging out with my mother is always good, we returned from the city to our house where E had already fired up the barbecue and made us a delicious dinner. After dinner we talked with my mother about the wedding ceremony. She will do the personal part of the ceremony, we talked about what being together meant to us and how we handle disagreements.

Four weeks to go for the wedding!

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After doing henparties for over seven years now, it was finally time for my own bachelorette party! With lots of effort from [ profile] ikaiya on organizing the whole thing and getting everyone together, I drove my bike to her house around 13.00.

I knew nothing about the activities and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the place, with a lot of jewelry supplies set out. We made bracelets and talked, I made a wedding bracelet (pearl, green and purple) and one to match my outfit (red and black with key and heart charms). Afterwards we went to a nearby park where everyone brought out their homemade goodness and we had a picknick. It was enjoyable and a lot of fun and most importantly, within budget of all attending. The homemade hummus and homemade guacamole were absolutely divine, I have to start making those myself!

It was an alround good day, as I started with running 6,47km and for the first time since I started running in 2009, I did a couple of sprints. Sprinting feels really good, like trying to take off and fly away. I have no idea how fast my sprint is in reality but it felt wonderful.
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I did many, many things in the past couple of days so I am going to make it as short as possible.

1. Thursday: Open stage finale
Fakyma performed at the open stage finale and we didn't win because all the other acts were awesome too. A stretchy dancer with a hoop dance act took away the audience's vote. However, it was good practice for us to be on such a big stage and we had fun doing this.

2. Friday: beer festival
I usually don't drink beer but my coworker send an open invitation to our department for anyone who was willing to join. Out of sixty people, him and me went. It was fun and way more tasty than I expected. He is sort of my mentor/coach at work and we were later joined by his wife and adult son who were good fun to hang out with. We scored some awesome Mexican for at Popocatepetl which is bad if you want to lose weight. It tasted SO GOOD.

3. Saturday: Fakyma photoshoot
I had the pleasure of meeting my lovely dance friends for the third time that week for a photoshoot at the theatre. It was TFP and we brought way too many costume changes. The photographer (Tessa) is the graphic designer of the theater and she wanted to experiment with some other concepts. And I don't mean the usual 'picture with your top off' that a lot of male photographers like to suggest but rather the more artistic things like working with shadows and strange poses to create an estranging effect. We were willing to oblige and I will share the results when they are available. We have a couple of good shots for promo pictures, solo pictures and us having fun.

4. Sunday: Working in the garden and a visit to a retired goldsmith
Remember the jungle that was our garden and our selfimposed goal of finishing the pavement in the backyard before May 24th? The weather was warm and dry, we got up early on sunday (ugh) to first carry a lot of sand into the backyard to heighten and even it out. We started paving together but E. had to play a Schubert concert so I did a bit of paving on my own and totally took credit for it on facebook. When E. returned we had some fun about it as he did most of the work with carrying sand and evening things out. Also, he can pave three times as fast as I because he is much stronger. Curse my frail spaghetti arms!

In the evening we visited Albert and Vera, who are retired goldsmiths. Albert happens to be a hunter too and was a student of E. We sat in their backyard, talked, admired his garage-turned-into-goldsmith-workplace and in the end settled on plain golden wedding bands with a little diamond in mine. E.s wedding band is broader, and Albert is going to make them and stamp it with his masterstamp. Pretty cool all in all.

Bonus! Wedding invitations nightmare
The graphic designer that Eduard knows send us a proof and I hate it. Except that I didn't know how much I hated it until I had vivid nightmares about it on Saturday. See, it's a traditional card with a couple kissing underneath a willow and swans to the side. It is nothing like the examples that I send in. I was way too kind in my first reaction becase I want to send this thing our at the end of May and need to schedule a meeting so we can sit together and discuss/draw. I seem to be turning into a sort of bridezilla despite my best efforts not to.
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Ofcourse, other things happened too, but this was the most unexpected happening.

I went wedding dress shopping with Ikaya and my mother last Friday and we stryed at Covers, the biggest bridal store in Utrecht. It also happened to be the place where my mother bought her weddingdress forty years ago.

As we enterenthe world of bright light, taupe carpet and an infinite amount of white dresses it felt like we entered another world. A universe where every bride too be is extensively congratulated, ushered into booth and applauded for coming out wearing a wedding dress.

My budget was 1500 and I brought pictured of dresses that I liked and of the venue. The lady that helped me quickly ruled out all dresses over 1500 which is essentially everything I liked on the internet and picked three assymetrial one shoulder gowns.

Gown number one was assymetrical, satin and had ruching that didn't quite work for me. However, it is true that weddingdresses are engineered to pull you in in all the right places. Maybe it was the light. But damn, I lookes good in that dress! This appeared to be a general trait in weddingdresses.

Gown 2 was an assymetrical one shoulder chiffon dress that madr me look like a greek goddeas. It qas divine. But it wasn't THE dress, id you know what I mean.

Gown 3 was a symmetrical chiffon gown, with pleads in all the right places. It needed a bit more as it felt like an evening gown instead of a bridal gown. We paired it with a beaded belt (actually a satin ribbon with a beaded applique). Better, but not quite it.

In the meantime we were eyeing the other customers who were also trying out gorgeous dresses, probably in a different price range. Each with an entourage of friends and mothers.

Gown 4 was something completely different, as I asked if I could try something with lace. The shop assistent eyed me up and down before telling me in a low voice that the lace dresses are more expensive and start at 2000. 'All of the dresses that you liked on the internet are out of your pricerange but zi'll try to find something'. She returned with a roaring twenties type of dress that was surprisingly pretty. It had a bit too much going on though.

Gown 5 was a satin halterstrap with a slight mermaid like flair at the knee and a tiny train. I stoos in front of the mirror wearing a veil and holding a silk flower bouquet and I felt myself choking up, being happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I really want to marry E. I have no doubt that we belong together. And sad because it is the end of an era, somehow I alluded growing up in the past 33 years and it appears that I am catching up with this step.

I believe in my wedding vows. I believe that we will want to be together in 30 years. I believe that this is really happening. And this magical creation of white satin was what I was going to wear.

Yeah, we took a lunchbreak but I already knew that this was what I wanted. I ended up happily paying 1530 euro for my dress, shoes, corset, veil and fitting of the dress. I can't show it to you guys though, as the dress stayed in the store and I will see it again two days before my wedding in august for the final fitting.

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We received the offer from the location that we wanted and it is within our budget. yay! This is what it looks like from the outside:
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The official pictures from Ikaiya and Poohbear's wedding are released! It's a good photographer and made a pick and did a bit of photoshopping. The pictures are gorgeous, with Ikaiya and Poohbear looking happy and healthy. But! since this is my blog, I feel free to post pictures of me and Mr.R because now I can finally show him off :-)

This is what I look like in the morning without make-up:

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[ profile] ikaiya is getting married this friday!!!

The reason why I use many, many exclamationmarks in this post is because she is my best friend and I am one of her mistresses of ceremony. I am in the throes of wedding stress and have been running around doing all the stuff. One of my biggest concerns was getting some of her friends together for an informal get together as one cannot have a wedding without some sort of bachelorette party. In my eyes (and her friends agreed with this), the bride deserves a party where she is the center of attention without feeling awkward, a way to unwind inbetween the wedding stress and to talk with her friends because we all know that that will probably not happen during the wedding.

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*yes, they having the wedding at a manor. How awesome is that? check out this page with previous wedding pictures. The last one is of a same sex couple getting married in 2006. I love living in a progressive country.

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